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Ashton_Pinnington.jpgCheil Worldwide has appointed Dean Pinnington and Luke Ashton to help lead Cheil's global creative as Global Creative Directors, based in Seoul. Ashton and Pinnington join from London where they worked as creative consultants.

The duo will report to Wain Choi, Global Vice-President Executive Creative Director of Cheil Worldwide. The appointments are part of Cheil's push to boost global creativity across the network.
Fight.jpgThe sport of Muay Thai is facing an image crisis in Thailand.

For Thai People, Muay Thai is a beautiful and noble sport with a long history. But for visitors to Thailand, Muay Thai became a cheap entertainment and a gambling destination. To correct their perception, travelers needed to spend enough time with the real, authentic Muay Thai.

Unilever.jpgUnilever and Lowe/Open Philippines constructed Surf Labahan, a filtration system that recycles grey water using debris left behind by typhoon Haiyan. Typhoon Haiyan destroyed entire communities in the central Philippine provinces of Samar and Leyte, and water supply in all affected areas was limited and sporadic.

Rexona.jpgLowe/Open Philippines and Rexona change an authentic teen coping behaviour of subtle moves to check underarms in a non-obvious, un-embarassing way, and transform these actions into a cool, fun and music-driven teen trend.


Share1.jpgThe world-famous 'Share a Coke' campaign has arrived in Singapore and includes an interactive showcase on Clear Channel's out-of-home medium.

The campaign features a 32-inch digital screen strategically placed within a boxed-up 6-sheet panel with a printed image of a Coke™ bottle and can. Staying true to the 'Share a Coke' objective of bringing people together, the public are encouraged to create special bonds and moments of happiness with a friend, family, colleague or even a stranger, by submitting his/her name through a simple SMS to 76677. Concise instructions will be shown on the poster. Within minutes, a personalised Coke bottle with the name will appear on the panel.
valyounglions.jpgFour creative young women from J. Walter Thompson Singapore have won the Film and Cyber categories at Mediacorp's Young Creatives Competition, winning a trip to Cannes and entry into the Young Lions competition in June.

MediaCorp, which is Singapore's official representative for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, organizes the Young Creatives Competition each year to pick the teams to represent the country in the Cannes Young Lions Competition. This year, MediaCorp partnered with Children's Society, giving contestants 48 hours to come up with a campaign to combat bullying in Singapore.

Cannes Contenders: BWMDentsu Sydney

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 7.58.57 am-thumb-400x218-158919.jpgREA: Australia Lives Here
BWMDentsu, Melbourne
realestate.com.au wanted to be known for "more than house listings". So BWM Dentsu repositioned the brand with the line 'Australia lives here'. Then brought it to life with the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger deciding to move back to Austria, and stumbling upon realestate.com.au - thinking it's an Austrian website. He goes on to discover a whole new world of products, tools and information. The story catapulted the brand's new line and the site's broader product offering into the national conversation.

Rakhis.jpgSave Aarey Community and TBWA\India have teamed up to launch a public awareness campaign to save the forests of Aarey by tapping into the emotional power of the Raksha Bandhan Festival.

Mumbai's Aarey Milk Colony is five times the size of Central Park in New York, and is often called the 'Last Lung of Mumbai'.

In February 2015, local authorities issued a draft of the Development Plan 2034 - an urbanisation plan that would result in the deforestation of 1,619 hectares of the Aarey Milk Colony reduced to a mere 232 hectares (14% of its present size) in order to make way for roads, malls and a business district.

On International Day of Forests (March 21), Save Aarey Community and TBWA\India launched the 'Rakhis From Aarey' campaign, drawing inspiration from the ancient Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan (Protect Relationship).

During the festival, men pledge to protect their sisters under any circumstances, and in return receive Rakhis - knots of protection tied by their sisters. This powerful symbol of love, duty and protection became the identity of the campaign.

Over 1,600 Rakhis, constructed from discarded tree parts from the Aarey Milk Colony, along with personalised letters in Hindi, English and Marathi, were sent out to key decision makers, including Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, and Devendra Fadnavis, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Prominent influencers in India also received Rakhis, including film actor, Amitabh Bachchan, and cricketing hero, Sachin Tendulkar.
Wunderman.jpgWunderman Shanghai has been appointed as integrated communications agency for travel app Tao On The Road. Wunderman's duties include leading strategy, creative and digital across all markets.

Hailed as the preferred app for free-and-easy travel, Tao On The Road has been named Best App of the Month in the travel category for several months running, and has earned itself the Outstanding New App title multiple times on the iTunes App Store.

Tao On The Road helps consumers explore places like a local, by providing for all their travel needs. Using the app's location-based "On-the-Go Booking" platform, users may reserve hotels, tickets, local tours and more as they travel, and discover special packages and discounts. This makes free-and-easy travel a cinch, aiding young Chinese globetrotters in breaking away from traditional tour groups.
AnnaTesta.jpgAnna Testa has been named the new Chief Executive Officer of Y&R Philippines, effective June 1, 2015. Testa takes the reins from Mary Buenaventura.

Testa (pictured) is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing communications. Prior to joining Y&R, she spent more than 11 years at Leo Burnett, mostly on global brand leadership for P&G business, covering various markets: Western Europe with key focus on France, Germany, UK; Central Eastern Europe focusing on Russia; Asia: Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines. Testa has been stationed in Singapore, London, and Tokyo, and has worked on SK-II and Whisper/Always.
Pru.jpgBBDO Guerrero has been appointed by the insurance giant, Pru Life UK to produce a campaign timed around the Pacquiao - Mayweather superfight this weekend, 3rd May 2015 (Philippines time).

BBDO has produced a campaign which builds on Pru Life UK's support of many of the areas affected at the end of 2013 by supertyphoon Yolanda (Haiyan) particularly the community on Bantayan Island, near Cebu.

PeterMiller.jpgY&R Singapore is set to strengthen its retail offering with the introduction of Labstore, Y&R's digitally-led retail and shopper marketing network.

Y&R Labstore Singapore will offer clients solutions in a range of disciplines spanning communications, activations, identity, merchandising, plus retail and store design. Clients can also now tap Labstore expertise and gain access to resources including shopper research and insights, and specialist teams to lead retail marketing strategy and execution.

Y&R Labstore Singapore has already begun working with clients such as Energizer, Nestle, 3M and Olam International.
Name tag.jpgSouth Korea is not alone in tackling school violence. According to one survey, about 50% of students responded that they had witnessed a friend being bullied, but had to ignore it for fear of being revenged. So Cheil Worldwide focused on the bystanders. They wanted to help students protect their bullied friends, instead of ignoring them.Name tag 2.jpg

Another survey revealed that 30% of all school violence occurred in March and April when the new semester begins and social hierarchy starts to form among students. (In Korea, the first semester starts at March every year.)

Therefore, the right time to solve this issue should be at the beginning of a new semester. To make students not become bystanders, Cheil created the "Friends Name Tag", a special name tag with two names on it: the owner's name, and a friend's name. With this name tag, students easily get closer to each other. The campaign was launched on March 9, 2015, when the "Friends Name Tags" were distributed to 298 first-graders at one middle high school in Seoul.

YDA.jpgThe Young Director's call for entries is now officially launched for this year's online competition which will be celebrated with a screening of winning highlights and an awards party at the Long Beach in Cannes on 25th June.

The closing date for entries is May 24th. The shortlist will be online during the week of June 15th and the winners the following week, leaving enough time for the winners to fly in for the party.

Building on its 17-year record of discovering new directing talent, YDA is revamping its formula into a bigger and better competition for 2016.
Reduce_Speed_Dial.jpgNew Zealand: In 2014, Volkswagen was the biggest R&D spending company in the world, investing US$13.5 billion. Much of this focus is on safety.

And while Volkswagens are undoubtedly getting safer and safer it is still driver behaviour, mainly speeding, that is the single biggest cause of road crashes and most significant factor in determining whether a crash will be fatal.

BBDO-RUSSIA-crash.jpgSpeeding is one of the main causes of traffic accidents. Every year in Russia, around 200 thousand people are injured or killed. The INTOUCH Insurance company, which stands for responsible driving, wanted to convey the dreadful consequences of speeding to drivers.
Some of the most viewed videos on the Internet among Russian users are crash videos captured on dash cams, which are popular across the country. Agency BBDO Russia decided to use the format of such videos as a channel of communication.

The agency figured that inserting frames from the alternative footage into the primary one at given intervals would cause the viewer watching the timeline thumbnails to see the animation from the alternative footage instead of the primary one.

Peh38ZaDF2UaP89NH_grg4729VE_UgM2FKFzbKuF3Lo.jpgThe Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has today launched the fifth Cannes Chimera Competition, an initiative to engage the global creative industry in building public awareness and support for solutions to critical global development problems.

This year, the brief for the Cannes Chimera Competition calls for the development of a one-time brand activation that will attract massive public attention to the growing Global Citizen platform, and result in a surge of sign ups to the campaign, through email capture and Facebook.
clio.jpgThe CLIO Awards, esteemed international advertising, design and communications competition, has today announced the addition of Holding Company of the Year and Agency of the Year X Country to its roster for the 2015 awards, set for September 30 at The American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The additional awards continue the establishment of a worldwide focus for the brand.
Holding Company of the Year and Agency of the Year X Country will be presented to those scoring the most statue points across all medium types. The new awards join the existing Network of the Year, Agency of the Year, Production Company of the Year and Advertiser of the Year.
Define 1.jpgNoble Development is a leading property developer in Thailand, well-known for its unique take on architecture. Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok were briefed to create gift sets to represent Noble's uncompromising approach in consistently applying its "be different" design philosophy over 20 projects and 25 years.

Each of the 8 gift set designs they created were inspired by one of Noble's condominiums. A prominent architectural design cue of the building - whether its architectonics, the interior design, or even the unique interplay of light and dark on tiling - was translated into unique designs for edible snacks and food. The Limited Edition Gift Set, be it chocolate, a stack of crackers, pasta, sugar cube, candy, granola bar or cookies, acts as a reminder that even the most familiar objects can be seen in a different light.
BBDO Malaysia_management.jpgBBDO Malaysia has hired Anirban Ganguly as Head of Innovation and Strategy and Adrian Cheah as Client Service Director. In a separate move John Teoh is promoted to General Manager, effective immediately.

Ganguly brings seventeen years of working experience to BBDO as an award-winning Idea Engineer who catalyzes growth for brands. He has worked with multinational agencies in Asia like DDB, Leo Burnett, Lowe, Omnicom Media Group, Havas Worldwide on brands including McDonald's, HSBC, Citibank, Sara Lee, Johnson & Johnson, and Standard Chartered Bank, just to name a few. Ganguly will lead his team in designing brand experiences based on idea-centric media neutral thinking, that fuels business growth and brand advocacy.
messenger_revised_april7_lowres.jpg"Blue Collar" is a series of illustration-based posters by DDB Philippines that aims to highlight the potency of Sting Energy Drink, and at the same time, pay tribute to the day-to-day heroics of blue collar laborers in the country.

Each piece is set against an exaggerated depiction of Manila's chaos.

BLACK.jpgBLACK 2.jpg"Axe Black: The Decision" is an online series of short films by CJ Worx Bangkok promoting an event called 'Axe Black Store: Men's Grooming Bar'.

At this grooming bar  customers can go and get much needed help and change their grooming styles to an 'understated' style with the help from stylists and barbers.

Burger King 1.jpgMany Koreans are busy and sleep-deprived. According to one OECD statistics, Koreans' average sleep time is 7 hours and 49 minutes, the shortest amongst its member states. Another OECD stat confirms Koreans' commute times are the longest. Not surprisingly, many people nod off on the subway while commuting, and end up missing their stop.

So Burger King worked with Cheil Worldwide South Korea to help these people sleep better in the subway as well as boost their sales in the early hours.
JWT Payco team.jpgNHN Entertainment has appointed J. Walter Thompson Korea as Agency of Record for the company's new mobile payment services brand, PAYCO.

NHN Entertainment, one of South Korea's largest online and mobile gaming publisher, is expanding quickly into the e-commerce and payments sector. The company, which is listed on KOSPI, took stakes in seven e-commerce and payment solution providers in Korea and abroad last year, including Korea Cyber Payment, an electronic payment service provider, Bee3Stars Co., a U.S.-based e-commerce venture, and Savaway Co., a Japanese shopping mall solution company.

Cannes Contenders: Post Visual Korea

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Hyundai.jpgHyundai: Brilliant Memories
Post Visual Seoul, Korea
A grey-haired taxi driver says a tearful goodbye to the trusty car that's been his livelihood, and helped put his kid through college. A theater actor scraps the bashed-up sedan of his youth, which he used to court his now-wife. These are two of four short films in "Brilliant Memories," a campaign by Hyundai Motor Company that leverages on the strong emotional connection Koreans have with the iconic car brand.

Catherine Barr Randall.jpgCatherine Barr Randall has joined Dragon Rouge Singapore to helm the innovation practice
for the region. Reporting to SEA CEO Zayn Khan, Barr Randall will further build the firm's innovation offer, working closely with counterparts in China, Europe and the Americas.

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Barr Randall has over 15 years experience in brand and innovation consulting in Asia and Europe. Her clients have included major players in packaged goods, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, technology and government.

"We are putting business innovation at the heart of how we work with brands" commented Zayn Khan. "The brand consultancy landscape has changed, and clients now need an innovation led approach that generates new ideas for services, products and ways to market. We are uniquely positioned in our ability to translate these ideas into effective design solutions, be they in the form of brand identities, packaging, retail formats or digital experiences."
warc logo.jpgWarc, the marketing intelligence service, has shortlisted 32 entries for the 2015 Warc Prize for Social Strategy, highlighting the smartest social and 'earned' media thinking from across the world.

BBDO India have received a shortlist for Gillette's "Soldier for Women" campaign, BBDO Guerrero for The Philippine Department of Tourism's "#PHThankYou" and DDB Group Hong Kong for Volkswagen's "Project Polo".

The Prize is a global case study competition for social ideas that drive business results. Campaigns from brands such as Chobani, adidas, Coca-Cola and Newcastle Brown made the shortlist, which represents the highest-scoring entries from the first round of judging.
s5 (2).jpgThe LED Lights product category has become too cluttered of late with a number of brands unveiling campaigns around the same. Brands like Philips, Syska, Eveready etc have outlined huge budgets to promote products and their associated advantages. Amidst the noise, Havells decided to advertise their LED range in a unique manner by keeping the focus on savings - a primary consumer benefit of LED lamps.

soho square-74.jpgSince the BJP's famous victory in the 2014 National Elections, many versions of how the campaign came about have done the rounds. That is why The Walk to the Capital was necessary.

The Walk to the Capital is a first-hand account of what went into the making of that historic campaign. Soho Square won the pitch for this account and as they began the work, the weight of the expectation and responsibility began to unfold. It was a mammoth task particularly with the fate of a nation riding on it.
Mary Buenaventura.jpgOmnicom Media Group has announced a change in leadership in one of their rapidly growing markets in Asia Pacific - The Philippines. Nicanor Gabunada Jr, has stepped down from his position as Omnicom Media Group's current CEO, to pursue another opportunity in the industry. He will be replaced by Mary Buenaventura effective May 1.

In her new role, Buenaventura (pictured) is charged with the leadership of all Omnicom Media Group assets in Philippines, working alongside the senior management team and leads for OMD, PHD and M2M.

Buenaventura will report to Jasmin Sohrabji, CEO for Omnicom Media Group, SEA and India. Commenting on the appointment Sohrabji said, "Mary brings a wealth of experience to our network. She is a stellar talent with strengths and accomplishments in a wide range of disciplines. Mary's comprehensive knowledge of the local market coupled with her knack of delivering effective results will help in strengthening Omnicom Media Group's capabilities and ensure that our momentum in this market is accelerated. I am delighted to welcome her to the network."
Music has no enemies1.jpgMusic has no enemies.jpgTwo powerful spots from LatinWorks in Austin, USA for Music Has No Enemies, an organisation focused on creating meaningful music and film content for socially responsible companies and non-profit organisations around the world.

The campaign features the story of Willie and Jack - two people who used music to save their lives.

Dean LeePreferredShot2013.jpgEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium - which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week's guest judge is Dean Lee, executive creative director at DDB Canada, based in Vancouver.

Video game trailers often try to immerse you in the storyline of the game with real world footage only to have the emotional rug pulled out from them when they showcase the actual game footage. This week's best ad, Call of Duty: Ember teaser, resists that temptation and instead uses the power of our imaginations to keep us locked into the plot of the game. This very convincing portrayal of what the future may be like had me wanting to dust off my PS3 in anticipation. READ MORE...
Jetta_Chameleon_1.jpgJetta_Chameleon.jpgDDB Mudra West India has rolled out a new integrated campaign for the New Volkswagen Jetta. The objective of the campaign is to improve awareness and consideration for the New Jetta by heightening the desirability for the car & making it aspirational in nature. The media rollout is headed by a clutter-breaking 45-second TV commercial, along with print innovations in leading Indian dailies. This is supplemented by OOH, digital & other interactive initiatives.
The sharply executed TVC is a tale of obsession. The key protagonist; in this case the chameleon develops an obsession for the new Jetta upon spotting it drive by. The narrative portrays how the chameleon changes his colours to match the contours of the car; much to the amazement of his peers.

Face of Litter.jpgLittering and excess waste is an ongoing problem that needs to be faced, once and for all. Taking this statement literally, the Hong Kong Cleanup used DNA phenotyping to put a face to litterbugs.

The campaign can be seen around the city, warning people not to litter, at the risk of becoming the next face of the campaign. Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong.

Message from the lungs 1.jpgMessage from the lungs 2.jpgIn Thailand, every day 142 people die from smoking. Research also shows that 90% of smokers, at least once, thought of quitting, but most of them never get a chance to because harmful effects only stay inside the body. And when they start to show up, it would be already too late.

Thai Health Promotion Foundation wanted to tackle the insight and launch a anti-smoking campaign that change smokers' perception and raise an awareness to give them more understanding about the harm of smoking and provoked them to quit.


By bringing the message from inside body to the outside for smokers to see. 'The Message from the Lungs' introduced the world's first ink made from smokers' donated lungs.
NZTA-CRINGE.jpgNZTA, via Clemenger BBDO, Wellington, has launched its new drink driving campaign warning New Zealand drivers to understand the new blood alcohol limits.

Directed by Adam Stevens at Robber's Dog, this spot aims to change old drinking habits that are engrained in middle-age behaviour, by telling the story of Emma driving home with her family unaware she is over the limit.


Cannes Contenders: GPY&R Sydney

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.44.24 am.jpgWaterAid Australia: Ice Bucket Challenge
GPY&R Sydney
In September 2014, WaterAid Australia and George Patterson Y&R, Sydney piggybacked on the social media phenomenon called The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by creating a web-film that highlighted how many people don't have access to healthy, clean water.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.52.34 pm-thumb-400x224-165045.jpgClimate Reality Project: Why Not?
GPY&R Sydney
GPY&R Sydney's global climate change campaign climaxed at the UN Climate Summit, when its video composition of auditions received from 87 countries, was watched by the business, political and religious leaders and representatives from all UN member countries gathered at the Summit's Opening Ceremony. This is the first time that the voice on climate from the world's youth was presented at such a summit in this way.

Want to showcase your agency's best chances at Cannes this year? Open to all Asian based agencies planning on entering Cannes. Just email kim@campaignbrief.com with a paragraph or two on each of your best chances. No more than 6 per agency. Include a link to the case study/TVC or supply jpegs if it is print.

Beijing Subway_2_Paramedics.jpgBeijing Subway has launched a new print campaign to promote its service is the most convenient option to get you to your destination in the shortest time. The work By Grey Beijing demonstrates how public transportation is the best choice to get you to your desired location faster, by featuring even emergency and express services such as firemen, paramedics and pizza deliverymen relying on the Beijing Subway to respond to their urgent call of duty.

Credits - Executive Creative Director: Alvin Lim. Creative Directors: Marx Zhu, He Jun. Art Directors: Marx Zhu, Yang Jianfeng. Copywriter: Alvin Lim. Creative Service Director: Kevin Bi. Traffic Manager: Jane Li. Managing Director: Oliver Xu. Account Manager: Afra Hou. Production House: Mulberry. Photographer: Matjaz Tancic. Retouchers: Hei Zi, Xu Yuanming.
75c823586683788e5ff085be_280x280.jpgLIA has announced Lizie Gower (left), managing director and founder of Academy Films, London as the 2015 jury president of Production & Post Production and Music Video.

Gower launched Academy Films in 1985. The company has been listed as one of the top five companies worldwide making Commercials and Music Videos. Academy has picked up all of the industry's biggest awards along the way including four Black Pencils at the D&AD Awards, MTV Best Music Video of the Year, Campaign Magazine Production Company of the Year, Commercial of the Decade by the Sunday Times, Televisuals Top UK Production Company and Most Successful Production Company in the UK by the British Arrows.
Swaddles.jpgTBWA/India target new parents in a direct marketing campaign for IDFC Mutual Fund, where parents can secure their child's future from birth.

KnowYourEnglish.jpgGrey Singapore has picked up two Webby Awards at this year's prestigious Webby Awards. Also winning a Webby are BBDO Proximity Singapore and Ogilvy & Mather China. BBH Singapore picked up a People's Choice Webby.

With nearly 13,000 entries from all 50 US states and over 60 countries worldwide, it was the biggest year in the awards' history.

Grey Singapore's wins were in the Display & Banner Advertising category and Business Products and Services category. Both were for their British Council "Know Your English" web banners.
hi res 2015 Signing ceremony (2).jpgThe city of Yeoju, South Korea will host a creative showcase featuring New York Festivals International Advertising Awards trophy-winning work on July 1st-3rd at New York Festivals Asia. The three-day New York Festivals event will feature a creative showcase of the 2015 competition, workshops, exhibits, keynote speakers, and a special recognition ceremony honoring NYF's 2015 award-winners from Korea and Asia.

Over 13,000 people are expected to attend the event, in addition to advertising and creative professionals from Asia-Pacific; festival organizers expect attendees from Greater China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Russia.
Turning packaging.jpgAsia has picked up two silvers and one bronze at the 2015 International ANDY Awards. Red Fuse Communications Hong Kong's two silver awards were for Colgate Palmolive's "Turning Packaging into Education" for illustration and Leo Burnett Hong Kong picked up a bronze for The Salvation Army's and Crown Locations "Gift Box" for package design. 

The ANDY Awards gives its most prestigious honor, The GRANDY, to the agency that defines what it takes to be a bold leader without limitations. This year's GRANDY has been awarded to Marcel for the Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables campaign in the Sustainability category.

Jury chair Colleen DeCourcy, partner/global executive creative director of Wieden + Kennedy, led the global jury in evaluating and recognizing the bravest creative work from around the world.

The 2015 ANDY Awards Show and Party took place on April 22nd at Marquee in NYC to honor each award recipient. Sponsors of this year's show include: Amazon Media Group, Columbia Records, Post Factory NY, and Wieden + Kennedy.
Bastikar.jpgIPG Mediabrands Singapore has appointed Sandeep Bastikar as the head of performance marketing for APAC. In this position, Bastikar will oversee IPG Mediabrands' programmatic offering - Cadreon, while integrating search, paid social and data strategy to deliver business results for global clients across APAC, as well as accelerate performance marketing for World Markets Asia local clients.
Bastikar (pictured left) has worked in the digital space for over 20 years. Previously, as the managing director of Singapore-based Brandneu Consulting, Bastikar ran the digital marketing and e-commerce consulting agency across the region, servicing global and regional brands. Prior to this, Bastikar set up Leo Burnett's digital interactive arm in Singapore, responsible for business development and project delivery of its local and regional servicing clients such as P&G, Prudential Asia, Singapore Tourism Board in the region.
NY.jpgGozoop, a digital services and products company headquartered in Mumbai is all set to conquer the American dream with its newly launched operations in New York City. After expanding its presence to the UAE in 2011 and Singapore in 2013, Gozoop opens its third international office in the USA. The New York operations are geared to tap into the growing potential of the digital market as well as cater to the agency's global roster of clients which includes brands such as Dell, Lipton Ice Tea, Mashreq Bank, Xpress Money, Ferrari, Cold Stone Creamery and Kate Spade NY.

At the helm of operations in New York are Chief of Operations, Leon Rose and Chief of Strategic Development, Mike Moskovits. Both Rose and Moskovits come from successful entrepreneurial backgrounds with immense experience in the online industry.

While a string of Indian digital marketing agencies are being acquired by big multinational advertising agencies, Gozoop has stayed independent and focused on enhancing its global footprint. The agency also acquired social media agency Red Digital in 2013 and tech start up iThink Infotech in 2014.
Andy_DiLallo_MCSaatchi-web.jpgM&C Saatchi Australia has pulled off the creative coup of the year, snaring Andy DiLallo from the chief creative officer gig at Leo Burnett to the newly created role of chief creative officer.

DiLallo, one of the most awarded creative directors in the region, has been at Leo Burnett for eight years, joining as joint ECD (together with Jay Benjamin, his creative partner at the time) in April 2008 from Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand.

DiLallo is one of Australia's most celebrated Creative Directors. After arriving in Australia only 11 years ago, his volume of awarded work can only be described as extraordinary and has him ranked the fifth 'Top Chief Creative Officer' in the world.
The appointment will enable Tom McFarlane, who remains as M&C Saatchi Regional Creative Director, to focus on key business within the agency's global network which has undergone significant recent growth.
Ben Welsh will continue as Executive Creative Director across the expanding M&C Saatchi Group in Sydney while Paul Taylor will continue as ECD of the growing Melbourne office.
2015 LongXi.jpgThe Longxi NOVA Award embraces new blood of the industry, giving them a platform to showcase their creativity.

Now that Southeast Asia NOVA Awards has ended. The North China NOVA Awards is just around the corner. The 2015 NOVA North China Awards will be taking place from May 29 to June 1st at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

The annual LongXi NOVA Area Competitions are divided into seven regions including Taipei, Hong Kong, North China (Beijing), South China (Guangzhou), East China (Shanghai), Southwest China (Chongqing), and the newly-added Southeast Asia (Kuala Lumpur). The top 3 teams in each area competition will have the chance to represent that region to take part in the year-end LongXi NOVA Grand Final Competition. The top 2 winning teams in the Grand Final competition will be sent to 2016 AdFest in Thailand together with Peter Soh, founder of LongXi.

Any ad people under 30 years of age consisting of a two person team are invited to step on the stage of creativity. A maximum of 18 teams will be admitted in each region. The entry deadline is 25th of May for NOVA North China Area Competition.
DirectAsia.jpgDirectAsia.com Hong Kong has unveiled a new ad campaign by featuring three real customer testimonials, showcasing the superior services delivered.

Created by Lowe Hong Kong, the campaign aims to ease consumers' uncertainty about online insurance company's service level.  By having three different real customer stories and their experience with DirectAsia.com, the campaign demonstrated various aspects on the great services in terms of fast process, one to one dedicated staff follow up, great claim experience etc.

2374d0c.jpgThe nine members of the first Glass Lion: The Lion for Change jury have today been announced by Cannes Lions.

The award, launched with the support of Leanin.Org, recognises work that breaks through unconscious gender bias and shatters stereotypical portrayals of men and women. It will be judged by an accomplished, diverse group who will bring a broad cross-section of cultural perspectives, insights and experience to the table.

Tista Sen, national creative director and senior vice president, J. Walter Thompson India has been named as one of nine jury members.
Juggi Ramakrishnan_2014.jpgOgilvy & Mather China has appointed two new Executive Creative Directors at Ogilvy Shanghai. Thomas Zhu has been promoted from the Group Creative Director role and will form a new partnership with Jagdish Ramakrishnan, who moves out of Oglivy Beijing, where he had the same position, to transfer to Shanghai. In another appointment Chong Kin joins Ogilvy Beijing to fill the Executive Creative Director void left by Ramakrishnan.

Both Zhu and Ramakrishnan (pictured left) will run the Shanghai creative department under Graham Fink, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather China.

Zhu will both broaden and deepen Ogilvy's creative capabilities in the social and digital space. With more than 15 years of industry experience, he is not only one of the top Chinese writers in the market, but is one of the few local Chinese professionals in the industry to hold such a senior position. He has unrivalled knowledge of Chinese culture, as well as a large following on Weibo. His new role is effective immediately.

Cannes Contenders: Whybin\TBWA Sydney

How will Asia-Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

5X1NZ_1_PR_BRIDGE2_logo.jpgTourism New Zealand: 5x1NZ
Whybin\TBWA Sydney
To show young travellers just how much they can do in New Zealand in one day, Whybin\TBWA Sydney and Tourism NZ partnered with STA Travel and created a unique product that could only be experienced in New Zealand. The 5X1NZ adventure pass allows travellers to do 5 adventure sports in just one day. To launch it Whybin TBWA\ Sydney got a Red Bull athlete to complete the 5 adventure sports in just a single hour and in one continuous move.
D&AD_Pencils.jpgAgencies in Asia Pacific have performed extremely well at D&AD this year with a haul of 171 Pencils of the 848 Pencils awarded. Japan and Australia are the best performing countries from Asia Pacific with 44 and 39 Pencils each. New Zealand has 22 Pencils followed by China (20), India (19), Hong Kong (14), Malaysia (6), Singapore and Thailand (5 each), Pakistan and The Philippines (3 each) and Sri Lanka (1).

The UK and the USA are the top awarded countries with a total of 240 pencils and 145 Pencils respectively.

Asian agencies have picked up 110 Pencils with the winners having to wait until the London awards ceremony on 21st May to find out which colour Pencil (Wood, Graphite, Yellow, White or Black) they've won. The "Wood Pencil" was introduced this year and it is equal to the previous "In-Book" D&AD level.
DREW-FIN-VFX.jpgLeading Sydney and Shanghai based VFX and design boutique Fin Design+Effects has progressed its VFX team with the appointment of the highly respected and awarded Drew Downes as VFX supervisor.

Australian born Downes started his career at Mesh22 and Postmodern in Australia, before moving onto MPC London and more recently in the position of creative director at MassMarket NY. It was here that he picked up an Emmy for his work on NBC's "Sunday Night Football".

"We've been keeping a close eye on Drew's career over the years and when we had the opportunity to bring him on board we did not hesitate," says Emma Daines, owner/managing director of Fin Design+Effects.

Downes comes to Fin with a wide range of experience in production spanning live action to visual effects.
CDB8AFCUEAAs3pt.jpgThis year the D&AD judging took place in Shoreditch, London's hottest suburb. And when I say hot, I actually mean it.

Unlike Sydney, the April weather in the UK was far balmier than usual. Which made the locals bare-armier and distinctly barmier than usual.

With the knock-on effect that checking in to the uber-trendy Ace Hotel reception - which appears to provide the entire local hipster community with free wi-fi as well as a place to park their rears and their fixed gears - was a virtual impossibility.

But that said, I can testify from experience that it was easier to get into your room at the hotel than into this year's D&AD annual.

Davidson promoted to CCO of IPG Mediabrands

Reg Davidson.jpgIPG Mediabrands Australia executive chairman and incoming global CEO Henry Tajer has announced the promotion of Reg Davidson to chief operating officer of the Australian operations.
Currently chief financial officer of IPG Mediabrands Australia, Davidson has worked with Tajer for the past 10 years on the development of the national business. In that time the group has grown from traditional media services to encompass the full suite of media communications skills and remains the fastest growing group of its type in Australia.
BOOKING-APRIL-2015.jpgGlobal accommodation site Booking.com has revealed four new films as part of its recent integrated brand campaign 'Booking Right' via agency Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam.

Celebrating the power of how a perfectly chosen accommodation can make anyone feel like a Booking Hero, the four 30-second TVCs see a man abandoning the shackles of city life, losing fans enjoying losing, a jet-lagged business nomad coming back to life and kids surrendering technology in favor of old-fashioned fun. Life can be like that when you get accommodation booking right with Booking.com.

Risk-Reward.gifThe attitude that we have towards risk in our industry is embarrassingly amateur.

And I'm pointing the finger at both agencies and clients here, who tend to fall into opposite but equally naive traps.

The agency view, most commonly (but not exclusively) heard from creatives, is that "safe advertising is actually more risky than risky advertising." The theory here is that if advertising is 'vanilla' it "won't cut through" and is therefore likely to be useless. They rail against clients' "conservatism", and wish their clients would have 'more vision' or, moving further down the body, 'more balls.' READ ON...

A kiss from nudeJEH Bangkok and Grey Thailand

TicTac_Be Prepared.jpgTic Tac reminds us to be prepared for when the moment comes.

The ad created by nudeJEH Bangkok and Grey Thailand will be launched in various outdoor and print media across Singapore and Thailand.
Credits - Agency - nudeJEH Bangkok. Creative Chairwoman: Jureeporn Thaidumrong. Executive Creative Director: Asawin Phanichwatana. Creative Director: Andrew Chu. Art Directors: Arnon Kantawang, Watjanakorn Mollprasittiporn. Copywriters: Pat Deesawat, Worrawan Chailert. Planner: Jongkoch Dusittanakarin. Account Service: Kanaporn Hutcheson, Konthamas Ratanasuvan, Kodchakorn Walaphon. Agency: Grey Thailand - Chief Creative Officer:,Ali Shahbaz. Account Director: Gaurav Arora. Account Manager: Marie Tan. Assistant Production Manager: Wong Cheng Wah.
Lego 4.jpgThe Art Direction category at this year's D&AD awards judging saw only 12 Pencils awarded. Asia has performed very well with a haul of 7 Pencils.

These Pencils go to Geometry Global Hong Kong's "Magritte, Van Gogh, Wood" campaign for Lego/Hamleys;

Lowe China's "Human Traffic Sign" for Shanghai General Motors;

Y&R Beijing for Penguin Audiobooks "MIC" campaign;

Colgate-Palmolive's "Turning Packaging into Education" campaign by Y&R Hong Kong;

McCann Erickson India's Big Babol "Fruits" for Perfetti Van Melle;

Ogilvy & Mather India's "Sufi Rock - Horns" for Pernod Ricard;

and Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok picks up an Art Direction Pencil for "A/B/P" for the Accident Prevention Network.

848 Pencils have been awarded in total. Winners will have to wait until the awards ceremony in London on 21st May to find out which colour Pencil (Wood, Graphite, Yellow, White or Black) they've won.
Dogs Don't Judge[BUSH].jpgColenso BBDO, Auckland, has has launched a new campaign for Pedigree.

The new work is an extension of the Pedigree 'Found' campaign which launched last week.

It's believed to be a part of a new global positioning that will be launched soon that has been a co-creation of Colenso BBDO and sister shop BBDO New York.

The campaign features print and radio - three of which have been released today with more to be unveiled over the upcoming weekend.

Turning packaging.jpgAsia has picked up 8 Pencils in the Outdoor category on the final day of D&AD judging in London. Hong Kong has collected two Pencils, one for Red Fuse for their "Turning Packaging into Education - Cavities Attack At Night/Good Food vs Bad Food" campaign for Colgate Palmolive and the other to Ogilvy & Mather for Faber Castell's "Just Add Water" campaign.

With one a piece, Y&R Beijing for Penguin Audiobooks "MIC" campaign, BBDO Malaysia for KFC's "So Good", McCann Worldgroup Mumbai for their Perfetti Van Melle/Big Babol "Fruits" print campaign, Lowe Bangkok for Unilever's "Layers", Impact BBDO Lahore Pakistan for "Not a Bug Splat" and I&S BBDO Japan for Myamoto Glasses Shop's "Only The People Who Need Glasses Can See!?"

848 Pencils have been awarded in total, but winners will have to wait until the awards ceremony in London on 21st May to find out which colour Pencil (Wood, Graphite, Yellow, White or Black) they've won.
Mums & Maids.jpgIn the run up to International Worker's Day, or Labour Day, on May 1, Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving conditions for low-wage migrant workers, has partnered with Ogilvy & Mather Singaporevto launch a film and behavior change campaign created by the agency that calls attention to the plight of domestic workers or 'maids' that work for months or years on end with no rest days. The latest figures from the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) estimate that approximately 40 percent of Singapore's 222,500 domestic workers do not have a weekly day off, despite a law coming into effect in January 2013 making it mandatory.

Tejali & Ajay.jpgDDB Mudra South & East has appointed Tejali Shete and Ajay Menon as Senior Creative Directors, based out of the agency's Bengaluru office.

With over a decade of experience in the creative communications industry, Shete (pictured left) joins DDB Mudra from Grey Worldwide and a short stint at Leo Burnett, Kuala Lumpur. Shete has worked with leading advertising agencies including Contract, Lowe Lintas, Ogilvy & Mather, Creativeland Asia, and Percept/H. She's worked on an array of world-renowned brands including Coca-Cola regional, Samsung regional, Pantene, AmbiPur, Wella, Downy, Godrej Cinthol, Godrej Aer, Godrej Expert Hair Color, Asian Paints, Samsonite, HSBC, Tata Indicom and Photon, Louis Phillip, Vladivar Vodka, Johnson's Baby, Femina, Ceat, and Brooke Bond Red Label to name a few.
Viveca Chan & Kitty Lun.jpgThe HK4As (The Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong) is again presenting the International Effie Awards, into its 12th year in Hong Kong in 2015. Under the global theme "Awarding ideas that work", the HK Effie Awards continues to recognize outstanding campaigns which have been brilliantly executed and proven results in meeting challenging strategic objectives.
Two reputable persons in the advertising industry will be Jury Chairmen this year leading the judging committee to ensure a fair and balance judging process and select winners of the year. They are Viveca Chan, Chairman & CEO, WE Marketing Group (pictured left) and Kitty Lun - Chairman/Chief Executive Officer , Lowe China (pictured right).
Top APAC2_Square.jpgEffie Worldwide has announced the most effective marketers, brands, agency holding groups, agency networks, agency offices and independent agencies in Asia Pacific according to results of the 2015 Effie Effectiveness Index.

Now in its fifth year, the Effie Index recognizes the architects of the most effective marketing communications ideas from around the world, determined by their success in more than forty national & regional Effie Award competitions.

Companies ranked highest in Asia Pacific in 2015 include Ogilvy & Mather (agency network), Lowe Lintas Mumbai (individual agency office), Unilever (marketer) and Coca- Cola (brand), WPP (agency holding group),  and New Zealand's Barnes, Catmur & Friends (independent agency).
Asanka Ilamperuma.jpgAsanka Ilamperuma, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Sri Lanka, has been selected to serve on the 2015 International Grand Jury of the Film Craft category for the reputed New York Festivals International Advertising Awards.

The NYFA has celebrated the "World's Best Advertising" across all media since 1957. The festival brings together the world's most talented chief creative officers, creative directors, film producers, marketing executives and designers to serve on an international Grand Jury which works together through a rigorous online judging process. Last year's Grand Jury consisted of creative professionals from 60 countries.

Over the past decade, Ilamperuma has not only created some of Sri Lanka's most loved advertising campaigns but also directed short films such as The Johnny Mine, which follows the journey of an illiterate child soldier. He is currently the only South Asian serving within the Film Craft category of this year's NYFA Grand Jury.
Go Cheeze World.jpgParag Milk Foods, India's largest private dairy with a portfolio of popular brands - Gowardhan, Go, Pride of Cows and Topp Up has assigned FoxyMoron as digital agency for its popular brand Go Cheese. The mandate is to create innovative digital and social marketing engagements through social media platforms and a dedicated microsite to further enrich the brand. The account was won in a multi-agency pitch.

On this collaboration, Mahesh Israni, Chief Marketing Officer, Parag Milk Foods said, "In tandem with the rapidly changing media habits of our young consumers, we found that it's the need of the hour to extend our brand's presence on the digital platform. Since our brand Go Cheese has a target audience belonging to the digital generation, we have taken baby steps into this digital space with the launch of 'Go Cheese World'. By concentrating our media efforts to an affluent audience, we plan to do a digital campaign like no dairy company has ever done before.
Screencap 1.jpgDDB Group Hong Kong has launched a new thematic campaign for Hong Kong's leading super market chain, ParknShop, under its newly launched brand platform of 'Eat Fresh, Buy Smart'. Featuring classic local cartoon characters McDull and Madam Mak, the campaign aims to connect with modern Hong Kong mums by recognising that being a mother is not an easy job.

FairPrice.jpgIn conjunction with Singapore's 50th birthday, homegrown retailer NTUC FairPrice has tapped on Havas Village's group expertise to conceptualise and launch their latest campaign that aims to celebrate the everyday heroes in our lives.

To kick off the campaign, FairPrice has collaborated with four Singaporean personalities in a video series showcasing how their heroes have inspired and helped them through their lives.
warc logo.jpgWarc has launched the 2015 Warc Prize for Asian Strategy, a cash prize for the smartest marketing strategy in the region. The Prize returns for its fifth year with a Prize fund of US$10,000.

The best overall paper will win the $5,000 Grand Prix. In addition, Warc will award five $1,000 Special Awards for excellence in specific areas.

Warc will award Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to the best examples of strategic thinking in marketing in four categories: 1. East Asia, 2. South Asia, 3. Southeast Asia and 4. Multi-Market (campaigns running in three or more markets).
Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.49.56 am.jpgThe world's number one job site Indeed.com via Mullen, is set to launch a new cinema domination across The Avengers.

A version with a voiceover will be shown on TV later in the year.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 8.07.54 am.jpgDroga5 New York has just released a new online video 'Fueled by Bullsh*t' for Toyota USA which introduces the new hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai. The campaign features Scott Blanchett, an engineer who tests whether the Toyota Mirai can run on bullshit.

The creative directors on this campaign are Aussie expats and Droga5 New York creative directors David Gibson and Nathan Lennon.

Pandora-kid.jpgHer scent, her touch, her smile. If we close our eyes, chances are we could recall every little detail of the first woman in our lives: Mum.

This Mother's Day, international Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer Pandora is celebrating that unique bond between mother and child with an emotional, life-affirming new short film created by Danish agency Malling Publications.

The film shows the answer to a single question: could children recognise their own mother without actually seeing her? Six women and their children decided to put that to the test. No actors, no staging, no spin. One by one, each child was blindfolded and asked to pick their mother out of a group of women - using senses other than sight. Each mum waited anxiously, watching her child tentatively feel their way, carefully searching for something familiar in a room of strangers.

Since being released a few days ago, it has attracted over 7.4 million Youtube and 13.8 million Facebook views and half a million Facebook shares.


Midea Air-Con appoints DDB Group Shanghai

Midea.jpgDDB Group Shanghai has won the creative business of Midea Air Conditioninng.

The engagement starts with Midea Air Conditioning Unit, a widely recognized leading air conditioning manufacturer and marketer in China.
Emoji.jpgLook at me_logo3_using the app.jpgBoth Ogilvy & Mather and Cheil Worldwide Korea have been awarded a Pencil in D&AD's Mobile Marketing category, with eleven Pencils awarded overall.

Ogilvy & Mather's Pencil is for Singtel's "Movie Emoji" and Cheil Worldwide's is for Samsung Electronic's "Look at Me".

The D&AD Awards will be held in London on May 21 where the colour of each D&AD Pencil will be revealed.

JUDAS.jpgFollowing the first day of judging at the D&AD awards 43 Pencils have been awarded in the Crafts for Design category, including thirteen to Asia. Japan leads the way with 5, followed by China with 3, Hong Kong and India with two each and Singapore one. Agencies have to wait until the D&AD Awards on 21 May to find out which colour Pencil they have been awarded.

Hakuhodo leads Japan's tally with INFAS Publications' "City Scape" and "Makoto Azuma: Botanist/Flower Artist." Other Pencils awarded to Japan are Dentsu's "Get Back, Tohoku" for East Japan Railway Company, Shirokuro's "Unsigned" for TaitoCity and Tymote's "Message: for Issey Miyake Inc.

London International Awards Call for Entries

LIA-2015-jury-presidents.jpgThe London International Awards (LIA) is accepting entries for the 2015 Awards and has announced a number of category changes.

A New Director category has been added to TV/Cinema/Online Film - Production and Post-Production; a Multimedia Campaign category has been added to Integration and The NEW has been redefined for 2015. Entries into the New Director category can be submitted by production companies or any company or individual involved in the project. The requirement for this category is that the Director has directed no more than 6 client-approved and released pieces of work.
Big Babol_TANGERINE.jpgMcCann Mumbai, Lowe China, Y&R Beijing and Y&R Malaysia are all Pencil winners following the announcement of results at D&AD's Crafts for Advertising category judging. The D&AD Awards will be held in London on May 21 where the colour of each D&AD Pencil will be revealed.

McCann Mumbai, Y&R Beijing and Y&R Malaysia were all awarded in the Illustration for Advertising category for Perfetti Van Melle Big Babol, Penguin Audiobooks "Mic" and Colgate "Turning Packaging into Education" respectively.

Lowe China's Human Traffic Signs for Shanghai General Motors has won a Pencil in Photography.

ReedCollins.jpgOgilvy & Mather Group Hong Kong has been awarded two Pencils in the Radio category at the D&AD Awards following the first day of judging in London.

A total of 20 Pencils were awarded in Radio. Ogilvy Hong Kong's were for "Blogger" and "Made For You" for Birdland Hong Kong.

The D&AD Awards will be held in London on May 21 where the colour of each D&AD Pencil will be revealed.

MIC - Alice.jpgFollowing the first day of judging at the D&AD awards 28 Pencils have been awarded in the Press Advertising category, including three to Asia. Agencies have to wait until the D&AD Awards on 21 May to find out which colour Pencil they have been awarded.

Y&R leads the way with both their Beijing and Malaysian offices being awarded a Pencil for Penguin Audiobooks "MIC" campaign and "Cans of Positivity" for Campbell Soup for Southeast Asia respectively.

The third Pencil winner for Asia is to Lowe China for "Human Traffic Sign" for Shanghai General Motors.

Gawen Rudder: A salute to Stan Freberg

stan-Freberg.gifBy Gawen Rudder
The Knowledge Consultancy, Sydney

Those of you who might remember the crystal set, steam radio, or recall the name and influence of Street Remley will be saddened but smiling at the passing of Stan Freberg.

The advertising copywriter was often referred to as "the father of the funny commercial" and one of Ad Age's top 100 advertising people of the last century.

Freberg had already made a name for himself when adman Howard Luck Gossage persuaded him to start writing commercials in 1956, and a year later became a third partner in the fabled Weiner & Gossage agency, San Francisco.
Get straight to the source.jpgOgilvy & Mather China will once again partner with ADC to host the annual Portfolio Night on May 20, 2015 in both Beijing and Shanghai. Their sixth round in seven years, O&M China will gather nearly 40 Creative and Executive Creative Directors from some of China's most powerful agencies (list below), with the goal to both mentor and discover the finest young talent each city has to offer.

Into its 13th year worldwide, ADC Portfolio Night is a high-energy evening of advice, networking and recruitment. International in scope, 24 cities across the world will be hosting a group of aspiring, young, local advertising copywriters, art directors and designers as they meet with renowned advertising creative directors.

At each event, local creatives present their advertising portfolio to these leading creative directors and receive constructive feedback on their work. The candidate with the very best work in each city will be named a Portfolio Night All-Star and invited to travel to New York City to collaborate with other All-Stars from around the world on a global brand brief. This year, China will send two All-Stars to New York, based on the ECD assessment in each city.
Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.24.11 am.jpgAirbnb, via TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles, has launched its first TVC in Australia today, as part of the 'Never A Stranger' theme.

It's apparent the world is getting used to staying in strangers' homes. It took four years for Airbnb to get to one million guests and now, in the past two years alone, Airbnb has seen roughly 30 million guests and has over one million listings globally. At the heart of this campaign is Ellie, who in a letter to her Airbnb host lays out the emotional journey of her travels, from addressing her friends' concerns about her staying with strangers, to the delight she experienced throughout her travels across the globe, making friends and embracing the local culture along the way - feeling a true sense of belonging no matter where she goes.

Husband-wife.jpgThe background of the 2015 McDonald's brand campaign is to communicate with consumers, "A hub of togetherness", back to the role of restaurant. To this end Leo Burnett Taiwan have launched the "husband & wife" video.
The campaign has had over 1,230,000 views, 36,000 Likes, 5,430 shares and 1,300 comments on Facebook and also 385,000 views on Youtube within the first five days.

Sooperfly.jpgIn a move that promises to redefine digital video creation and distribution, India's The 120 Media Collective and UK based Diagonal View, have launched their joint venture, Sooperfly.

The partnership is the first of its kind in the rapidly growing digital video space, where two companies with diverse skill sets have come together to create a proposition for talent and publishers to enter the world of video creation, distribution and monetization. The 120 Media Collective will package professional content and substantial audiences to drive premium ad sales and brand integrations.

Clear Channel launches The Wrap in Singapore

The Wrap.jpgClear Channel Singapore introduces The Wrap, an all-in-one bus shelter vinyl wrap that unites the 6-sheet, Display Sheet and 12-sheet in one exceptional campaign with a 90-degree domination that allows total brand immersion.

Impressive in size, the dimension of this newly introduced format promises to deliver high impact, reach, prestige and alluring presence for brands. The Wrap is a mini billboard at street and eye level with maximum visibility and is positioned in prime and high-traffic locations.

The Wrap is offered in two packages; City Wraps and Key Wraps. The City Wrap includes 10 shelters located in the city, reaching out to the desirable high income consumers who live, work and play in the city. While the Key Wraps includes 15 taxi shelters in key regional towns, reaching out to the general public during their daily commutes.

"We use our inventory smartly; always looking for ways to enliven the audience experience, to get consumers talking and to create advocacy for brands." - Kelly Khoo, CEO of Clear Channel Singapore.
jeans.jpgIs It OK to wear jeans when exercising, dancing or jogging, well, many people doubt that.

When picturing a jogger, it's quite obvious people have a specific mental image in mind - fit, sweaty, wearing running bottoms and a tank top, jeans are definitely not on the list of "what to wear for sport."

TOMJULES-thumb-400x298-136353.jpgEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium - which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week's guest judges are Tom Martin and Julian Schreiber, executive creative directors and partners at Cummins&Partners, Sydney.

Winner: Volkswagen Das Welt Auto. This was the stand out for us. Forget big budgets and special effects, this ad wins simply for its keen universal insight about the parents and the millions of innocent (and frankly obvious) white lies they tell their kids throughout childhood. It then beautifully uses that truth to make an unexpected point about those same parents selling their second hand car to those kids. Both of us remember the oh-so-shady dealings our own parents did. For shame. READ MORE...
liaradio.jpgTom Eymundson (left), CEO of Pirate Group, has been named as jury president for the 2015 London International Awards (LIA). Eymundson will preside over the Radio & Audio jury.

Alongside Eymundson, on this year's Radio & Audio jury will be Simon Blaxland, Jill Cheris, Jill Kershaw, Chris Smith and Paul Wauters.

Says Eymundson: "As this year's president, I'm looking forward to presiding over an esteemed jury, engaging in discussion on ideation, craft and innovation.  It's my responsibility to help mine to celebrate great radio and audio that not only resonates now, but shapes where we as an industry are heading in the future.
Assured.jpgDelay is something which nobody likes. Especially when the delay is with the project completion, it proves to be extremely frustrating for the consumer who often feels let down, given that he/she has invested time & money finalizing a home that suits all his/her requirements . The most common excuses given are pending statutory approvals, material sourcing delays & other pending requisite paperwork. With no effective grievance redressal mechanism, consumers are left feeling helpless with no solution in sight.
Richard Curtis.jpgFutureBrand has strengthened its regional growth plan and leadership, promoting Richard Curtis to the role of Chief Executive Officer South East Asia and Australia.

Adding to his responsibility for FutureBrand's growth in Australia and his leadership of its Sydney and Melbourne teams, Curtis (pictured) will now also lead the company's growth in South East Asia, supporting a range of key client relationships, including General Motors, Lend Lease, Nestlé and Unilever.

Susie Hunt, Asia Pacific Chairman, commented, 'I am delighted to see Richard's continued progress at FutureBrand. He and his teams are creating world-class partnerships with our clients in Australia. I look forward to their further collaboration with our Singapore-based regional team to support our key clients throughout South East Asia.'
BCA-UD-700x420.jpgThe Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has appointed Addiction Advertising as its integrated marketing communications agency for the conceptualisation and management of Project BUILD, a competition aimed at enhancing the appreciation for Universal Design (UD) in the built environment.

Project BUILD seeks to educate and promote greater awareness for UD among families and students. Participants will be invited to form groups to submit entries on their dream UD space using LEGO bricks. The Competition is expected to be launched in June, to coincide with the school holidays.
Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.14.38 am.jpgAfter being deemed having a name too vulgar for the American market, the maker of superbly comfortable underwear for men Comfyballs, has made a short commercial to show that balls can be epic and majestic and not really vulgar at all.

That went well with UK, US and Norwegian media (some questioned, however, whether this was the most daring male underwear ad ever), until YouTube took it down, due to nudity, over the weekend.


Sam Cable: Cutwater, San Francisco Diary #1

SAM_CABLE.jpgSam Cable is a copywriting student at Miami Ad School Sydney, currently going to 'school' at top US creative ad agency Cutwater, San Francisco as part of her portfolio course.

I made it to San Francisco. It is the city of people who are passionate about issues. They are willing to go out on a limb over things they care about. People who have a purpose.
They live in a city that has preserved its buildings and kept its soul, own houses with wide windows and skylights.
They are open. They will make room on the train for a stranger, even when it's a discomfort for them. They will share life lessons, because they know it will help someone, somewhere at sometime.
They are gracious. The hard working grocery shops employees who have helped me find the frozen puff pastry, even when they have never heard of the product; the dedicated information person at the Embarcadero Station who I ask everyday for directions (and never sighs); the housemates who checks in everyday and asks: "Do you still like America?".
NAVY.jpgQuiksilver Japan and TBWA\Hakuhodo have launched a revolutionary new product that enables Japan's over-working businessmen to regain their work/surf balance.

Japanese businessmen, known as 'salary-men', are notoriously over-working. As students with flexible schedules, they were able to enjoy surf time, but once their careers took off, they no longer had the time to hit the waves.

Su-Hyun Park.jpgAccelerate Advertising Singapore has been appointed for marketing communications for Porsche Asia Pacific.

Since its establishment in 2011, Accelerate Advertising is creating and implementing communication measures for the 13 markets of Porsche Asia Pacific.

Su-Hyun Park, General Manager of Accelerate Advertising (pictured), said, "Porsche is one of the most renowned premium automotive brands in the world. We are very honored to be given Porsche's re-assurance to remain their trusted agency for the Asia Pacific region. It is a privilege to partner with such an iconic and for sure exciting brand."
Girish Nalavade.jpgWidening its relationship with the iconic watch brand, Cheil Gurgaon has won the complete retail expansion and visual merchandising mandate for Timex Group India. The mandate, consisting of retail rollout initiatives and visual merchandising, was awarded to Cheil India based on the effective and award-winning work they have delivered over the past year.
Recently, Cheil India and Timex created a splash at the retail industry's In-Store Asia Awards by winning a Gold OMA (for Outstanding Merchandising Achievement).

Helping Timex highlight its patented Indiglo night-light technology, Cheil India's Retail & Visual Merchandising team used its capabilities with cutting-edge technology and modern materials to create a complete package of branded windows and shelf displays.

Nonna Nanagas.jpgNonna Nanagas, President of Dentsu Philippines will be retiring as of April 30. She will be replaced on an ad-interim basis by Titus Arce, General Manager at Dentsu Philippines. The network is currently looking for a long-term replacement for Nanagas.

With the announcement of her retirement, Nanagas (pictured) is ending a thirty-nine year advertising career which has seen her move up the ranks from copy writer to creative director, to eventually becoming an agency leader. She has been with Dentsu Philippines since its incubation in 2001 overseeing the agencies growth into the Philippine powerhouse that it is today.  

Nanagas said, "Even though I still enjoy every moment of this work, it is time to take a step back and let a new generation take over. Waving off is always a little sad, but Dentsu Philippines is in better shape than ever. We have a great team in place and the future for this agency is looking bright, which gives me a great sense of satisfaction and makes leaving somewhat easier for me."

Publicis India picks up MakeMyTrip business

Hemant Misra- CEO Publicis Capital.jpgIndia's leading travel portal, MakeMyTrip has awarded its creative business to Publicis Communications.

Welcoming Publicis on board, Saujanya Shrivastava, Chief Marketing Officer of MakeMyTrip said, "We are delighted to partner with Publicis to take the brand agenda forward and unlock growth opportunities in the online travel category. I am confident that Publicis, with the planning and creative horsepower it possesses will deliver on this exciting mandate. We look forward to the association which will kick-start with our new brand campaign to be launched shortly."

Hemant Misra, CEO Publicis Capital (pictured) added, "We unlocked some very interesting spaces that helped us win the pitch. This is one of those rare instances where the pitch work is also the final creative. The team at MMT has infectious passion that seems to have caught my entire team. We are looking forward to the travel ahead".
deadline_animation_gif2.jpgIt is the final week for agencies to enter their work into Cannes Lions, Lions Health and Lions Innovation. All entries must be completed online by Friday 24 April to be considered.

If you want help with your submissions, or need to discuss an extension, please contact Cannes Lions.

Stand.jpgFurther elevating Vitasoy's 'Stand By Me' positioning, DDB Group Hong Kong has developed a new thematic campaign for Hong Kong's iconic soybean milk.

The new campaign speaks directly to the idea of relationships that the Vitasoy brand is built on, showing that by simply gifting a pack of Vitasoy, you can show your loved ones that you care and that you are 'Standing By Them'. 

Poortfolio Night.jpgBates CHI&Partners is hosting the Art Director's Club (ADC) Portfolio Night, the world's largest advertising portfolio review, in Singapore on Wednesday 20 May, 2015. This is a one-night-only event, which will be held simultaneously in 24 countries globally on the same date.

Scale vs Influence: Scale is no longer enough

BenCunnington.jpgBen Cunnington, Regional Strategic Director at Vizeum APAC, shares his views on whether scale is no longer enough.

Elon Musk, entrepreneur and investor, sent out one simple tweet a week ago which sent his companies (Tesla) share price up around 4% or around US$900 million in value.

CEO announcements that shift stock price is by no means a revelation but it does highlight a shift in what it takes to have influence in business today. Musk was able to very quickly influence the stock price with just a single social media communication; but why?

Musk has influence not from the fact he has scale (which he has - wealth, share price, followers on Twitter) like many other CEOs, but his influence comes from the fact he is shaping the world we live in and people want to be part of  and buy into his vision.
RINGER-studio shot.jpgFormer ECD in London and Hong Kong, Mark Ringer - who returned to Australia back in February - has launched Truth and Magic, a new agency that specialises only in commercial creativity for brands that exist in the boutique, premium and luxury realm.

Said Ringer: "When I arrived back in Australia I decided to not pursue approaches and reflect a little, and it seems that now, in this region of great prosperity and opportunity, is the right time for an agency that understands both beauty and elegance and the unique set of business problems faced by aspiring and established luxury brands."

The structure is what Ringer describes as a 'global agency': "I have an understanding in place with heavy-hitting, worldly, clever professionals in London, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore. All of these people I have worked with and I trust to produce magic.
Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.01.18 am.jpgAustralia: Toyota has launched the latest iteration of its long-running Legendary Moments campaign with yet another comic recreation of a memorable moment from AFL's rich history via Gemba.

Joining the likes of Alex Jesaulenko and Tony 'Plugger' Lockett as legends immortalised in the series is Essendon speedster Michael Long and his epic dash down the wing in the 1993 Grand Final against Carlton.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.19.20 am.jpgEntries for the prestigious PANPA Advertising & Marketing Awards are open from today for member publishers from around the Asia-Pacific region.

Last year, The Newspaper Works combined its highly successful annual Ad Awards with the Marketing category of the Newspaper of the Year awards, and category segmentation now occurs by readership, as defined by emma.

Surfboard.jpgExtra baggage allowance is every travelers dream. So now, with 15 kg extra allowance on findmyfare.com, you can take things you normally would leave behind as shown in this print campaign created by Leo Burnett Solutions Sri Lanka.

Credits - Director: Shivanthi Jayasinghe. Chief Creative Officer: Trevor Kennedy. Associate CD/Art Director: Prasad Kulkarni. Associate CD/Copywriter: Juneston Mathana. Production Company: MMJ Studio. Agency Producer: Mehnaz Ilhamdeen. Retoucher: Dennis Mather. Illustrator: Chathuranga Gamage. Account Manager: Wasim Akram. Senior Media Manager: Nilusha Wanasinghe. Media Manager: Chandani Abeyeratna. Media Director: Neelanie Goonetilleke. Director PR: Caryll Van Dort.
Subbaraju Alluri.jpgGrey Group Singapore has promoted Subbaraju Alluri to Area Director & CEO of Grey Group Singapore & Grey Group Thailand. Alluri (pictured) began his career in advertising as a management trainee in DDB Chennai. After stints at JWT and Rapp Collins, he joined Grey Group Indonesia. During his tenure, Alluri was instrumental in expanding the workforce and clinching big name accounts such as BMW, Indosat, Daihatsu and Wyeth.

His leadership qualities and stellar performance prompted a move to head Grey Group Singapore's local operations in 2005, transforming the agency into the country's fastest-growing creative outfit within a year. He boosted the agency's profitability by leading the team to win major accounts such as Sentosa, Ministry of Manpower, Contact Singapore, LASALLE College of the Arts, GlaxoSmithKline, Norton, Vitagen, Wyeth, British Council, Al-Maha Airways (Regional) and Qatar Airways (global). He also made strategic senior hires and increased the local team size by five times - making it one of the largest integrated agencies in Singapore.
IKEA_book2.jpgBBH Asia Pacific has swept MediaCorp's People's Choice Awards - The Laurels in an award ceremony held last night.

BBH picked up the most awards for the night as Singapore audiences voted IKEA BookBook 'Best of Show' and UOB Bank's 'Carousel' and 'Vase' for Best Homegrown campaigns. The Best of Show award is the overall winning award with the highest accumulation of votes across all finalists.
Michaela Lyon.jpgMichaela Lyon has been appointed Global Brand Agency Leader for Procter & Gamble haircare brand, Rejoice. Lyon's appointment, which will see her based out of Leo Burnett Hong Kong, is a strategic decision to reinforce the Global Hub for Rejoice in the office.

Speaking about the appointment of Lyon, Jarek Ziebinski, Chairman and CEO, Leo Burnett Asia Pacific, said," With her extensive background in leading global businesses and strong track record of delivering marketing successes, Michaela is the kind of world-class talent we seek to lead the Rejoice business. In recognition of the importance of the China market for the Rejoice brand, consolidating the brand leadership role in Hong Kong is a strategic call to ensure our team's proximity to marketing opportunities on the ground. This, coupled with the strength of our team's work for the brand out of Hong Kong, will ensure that we have our Ateam in the right place to maximise the potential of the Rejoice brand in China and globally."
Spikes Asia 2015.jpgReturning to Singapore as the region's most prestigious award for excellence in creative communications, Spikes Asia has opened delegate registrations for this year's Festival of Creativity.

Running from 9-11 September, the three-day Festival will include seminars, tech talks and forums from both international and local industry leaders across a wide variety of topics reflecting the issues faced by professionals in the region.
Member Day Campaign - Pakho Holding Card_Final.jpgDDB Group Hong Kong has launched a new branding campaign for watsons, Asia's largest international health and beauty retailer, starring Canto-pop idol PakHo Chau as its brand spokesperson.

The campaign brings to life watsons' brand positioning of "look good. feel great." as a provider of personalised advice and counselling in health, wellness and beauty.

Diane Cheung, General Manager of watsons Hong Kong said, "DDB Group Hong Kong has a deep understanding of the watsons' brand. As our chosen creative agency they helped us use a different perspective and marketing touch points to bring to life our 'look good feel great' positioning. PakHo is a celebrity who represents a healthy image and positive characteristics, which echoes the watsons' brand image. His beliefs coincide with watsons' pursuit of building one's healthy body from inside out."

Spark logo.jpgVizeum has launched Spark@Vizeum in the Philippines - a search for the hottest start-ups in Asia Pacific building on the success of the Spark@Vizeum initiative in the UK. Spark@Vizeum will set a client brief and work with tech acceleration hubs in key markets across the region to search for the best new start-ups.

The successful start-ups will be tasked to work on live briefs with some of Vizeum's top clients with the aim of solving real business challenges. The Spark@Vizeum initiative will launch in the Philippines in partnership with IdeaSpace, and will launch in Singapore and Australia later in 2015.
Show me.jpgOrchard Advertising, part of The Leo Group, has created a film highlighting Amazon's enormous range of product. Amazon India recently launched a new campaign highlighting its tremendous strength in product offering of more than 2 crore products online. With this campaign, Amazon India takes the joy of online shopping to another level.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.43.44 am.jpgAustralia: Showcasing the magic of the Internet and the ability to access an entire world using only your fingertips, Optus' epic new spot, directed by the award winning Paul Middleditch via M&C Saatchi Sydney, shows a typical Australian family accessing an amazing world of sport, travel, communication, gaming and music.


Spotify launches playlist targeting for brands

Spotify Playlist Targeting.jpgSpotify for Brands--the platform that unlocks audience insights  to connect brands with the streaming generation--is launching Playlist Targeting, an industry-first targeting solution that enables brands to tap into Spotify first-party data to reach the audiences that matter most.

 When users hit play on one of the billions of playlists on Spotify, they often signal a common activity or mood - like workout or chill. Starting May 1, brands will be able to target unique audience segments based on streams from Spotify's 1.5 billion-plus playlists, from workout enthusiasts and commuters to millennials, parents and more. All targeted campaigns are delivered with 100% share of voice to a highly engaged audience cross-device - 148 minutes per user per day (Source: Spotify internal data).
Nima Namchu.jpgThe man who gave Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid his famous nickname that stuck - The Wall, Nima Namchu is to join Havas Worldwide India from Cheil Worldwide, where he is currently serving as Chief Creative Officer, South West Asia. He is also a part of Cheil's first ever-Global Creative Council instituted early this year.

Prior to Cheil, in his career spanning 22 years, Nima (left) has worked with Contract Advertising, McCann Erickson, Publicis India, Capital Advertising, TBWA Anthem and Sista's. And has worked on brands such as Domino's Pizza, MasterCard, Nescafe, NIIT, Thums Up, LG, Sony, Samsung, HP, XBOX, Dabur, Perfetti, Halonix, Teacher's Whiskey, Del Monte Juice, Reebok among many others.
Mums.jpgDDB Group Hong Kong and Fonterra have developed a digitally-led advertising campaign entitled "Mama Tell B Why" for Anmum pediatric milk powder that better prepares parents for the curious nature of their kids.

"Kids have a lot of questions, which are not always easy for parents to respond to. Just as important as the questioning itself, is how parents answer their kids and encourage them to explore the world - this affects their development and how they connect to the world. In partnership with DDB Group Hong Kong, we developed a campaign that helps parents to answer their kids' questions in an appropriate manner, while also educating about the benefits of GA contained in Anmum pediatric milk formula," said Brucemond Chan, Senior Marketing Manager.

VIEW THE SPOT (In Cantonese)
Breeze.jpgTo promote Sinarmas Land's latest premium mall development in Jakarta, Seven Sundays Films and director Ivan Handoyo have created a very uplifting property commercial.

"Breeze" sees the viewer transported to the Breeze BSD City, a mall without walls, where the inhabitants are literally lifted off their feet as they explore the surrounds.

HSBC-TRAM.jpgHSBC-BOAT.jpgTop Singaporean photographer Edward Loh has recently completed a major campaign for HSBC, via their ad agency J Walter Thompson Hong Kong.

Loh started the project in the last quarter of 2014 and it required a complex process to combine different eras into one image by carefully merging past historic images to the present. 

The selection of the vintage photos was difficult as they needed to be ultra high resolution as the final application was to appear as huge media print outs. Once the vintage images were selected and approved by HSBC and lawyers, Loh started work.
Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.02.03 am.jpgAward-winning commercial director John S. Park has teamed up with Hyundai and Innocean Worldwide to deliver this inspiring film that helped a 13-year old girl from Houston send a message to her astronaut father who is hovering high above earth in the International Space Station.

Fiona Gordon, Effie Singapore 2015 Chairman.jpgThe Singapore Effie Awards organising committee and the Institute of Advertising Singapore (IAS) has announced that 25 entries have been shortlisted by judges as finalists in the 2015 Singapore Effie Awards. Winners will be announced at a gala dinner on 21 May 2015 at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore.

The mission of the Effie Awards is to honor the marketing communications industry's most effective work and to celebrate the great ideas, insightful strategies and outstanding creative that achieve real results. The competition is open to all forms of consumer engagement - whether mainstream or alternative; digital or print; design or advertising; paid or unpaid.

The finalists and winners are decided through a two round judging process headed by 2015 Jury Chairperson Fiona Gordon (pictured), Group Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore, and a jury comprising 37 of Singapore's most accomplished advertising and marketing professionals.

View the full finalist list here.
Outdoor 1.jpgGEMS World Academy (GWA), part of the world's largest private school operator GEMS Education, has appointed Leo Burnett to lead its creative communications in Singapore. Following its appointment earlier this year, the agency also recently kicked off an integrated campaign to support GWA's enrollment drive.
Speaking about the appointment of Leo Burnett Singapore, Dino Varkey, Group Executive Director and Board Member of GEMS Education said," Prior to the appointment in Singapore, GEMS has been working with Leo Burnett in Dubai. We are happy to have extended the partnership to Singapore in launching our school locally. The agency has demonstrated clarity in thinking from strategy to creative. Its strong belief in a brand's need for an anchor in a purpose is what differentiates the agency, generating work that is thought-provoking and engaging."
Anomaly.jpgAnomaly Shanghai has expanded its senior team following a number of new business wins as well as substantial organic growth. In recent months, the agency has been awarded Infiniti and Johnnie Walker. Meanwhile, Anomaly continues to invest in its own IP projects, Mighty Jaxx and The Unreasonable.

Antonius Chen  and Clarence Chiew have been appointed as Executive Creative Directors.

Taiwan-born, Australia-raised Chen worked in Hong Kong for 13 years before moving to Shanghai in 2006. Prior to joining Anomaly, Chen worked at DMB&B, JWT, and most recently Bates, where he was Creative Partner. Chen has been instrumental in building successful brands across Greater China, from Nike to Nestle, Pizza Hut to Remy Martin.
Stephen Li.jpgOMD has appointed Stephen Li to lead the Asia Pacific region as its CEO. Li will replace Steve Blakeman, OMD's current regional CEO who will be relocating to OMD in London in a senior, global role. Li's appointment will be effective from October 2015.

Li (pictured left) will be joining OMD from MEC where he is currently the regional CEO for Asia Pacific. Li has over two decades of experience in advertising, media and marketing communications. After holding senior roles with Batey and Lowe, and a role heading up WPP's team HSBC in the region, Li moved to the media side of the business with MEC in 2005, where he quickly established a reputation of delivering profitability, efficiency and building a culture of positive change.

Commenting on the leadership change, Cheuk Chiang, CEO Asia Pacific, Omnicom Media Group said, "We conducted an extensive and intensive search across the region to find OMD's next leader, someone who is not only experienced, but capable of taking the OMD brand to the next level. Stephen's proven track record in building strong client partnerships, driving digital growth, evangelizing creativity and inspiring teams is the perfect combination needed to ensure that a powerful brand like OMD stays at the forefront."
MOJ iVideo static shot.jpgThis month, Grey Group Malaysia launches 'Moments of Joy', a fully integrated campaign that explores the relationship between working mothers and their children. Created for Joy (P&G) dishwashing liquid, the work focuses around the brand equity of 'surprisingly small, surprisingly powerful".

Gods.jpgHindu Gods have their own distinctive vehicles. The elephant-headed Lord Ganesha's vehicle is a mouse, Ma Durga's is a lion and the venerable Vishnu rides an eagle. What is common to them is that they all wear headgear before they ride. Ogilvy Mumbai have created a new spot for the Indian Head Injury Foundation to portray this message,

pledge.jpgOn April 15, 2014, India's supreme court granted the country's transsexual and transgender individuals the right to self-identify their gender. A landmark event that made India the first country in the world to formally recognize transgender and transsexuals as the third gender.

Marking the one-year anniversary of this historic event, Lenskart and the transgender and transsexual community, gathered at Jantar Mantar and along with the support of the community from across the nation, and decided to pledge their eyes, en masse, as a thank you gesture to Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.K. Sikri and Hon'ble Mr. Justice K.S. Radhakrishnan who passed the judgment.

The number of pledges that were received has already crossed over 16,000 and the community has vowed to bring this number up to 2lakh, making it the single largest pledge of the country.
slide1.jpgNew York Festivals Torch Awards has announced the 2015 finalist teams who will compete in the 60-Second Spot Challenge taking place in New York City on May 20th, including three Asian teams from Philippines, Vietnam and Japan.

The finalist teams, comprised of 18-25-year old creatives from around the world, will start the day with a mentoring session with 2015 executive jury members who will help them polish their pitch. Finalist teams will present their 60-Second Spot campaign before a panel of jury members, including representatives from The Project Solution and prominent judges recruited from the 2015 executive jury. The 2015 Grand Winning Team will be announced live at the New York Show gala on May 21st.
Mini.jpgThe Subaru minicar avoids an accident because of the eye sight ver3 system which is a unique driving assist technology Subaru has.

In this web film via Base/ADK Japan the road appears to be a belt conveyor of a sushi restaurant.

Not a bug splat.jpgLook at me_logo3_using the app.jpgVietnam and Pakistan have scored five shortlists each going through to the next round at One Show.

All five of Pakistan's finalists are for BBDO's Reprieve/ Foundation for Fundamental Rights' "Not a Bug Splat" campaign.

Three of Vietnam's finalists are for the Lien Foundation print campaign by Ogilvy & Mather.

In terms of other countries around Asia, Korea goes through to the next round with 4 finalists, three of which are for Cheil Worldwide's "Look at Me" campaign for Samsung Electronics.

Malaysia's 3 finalists are all from BBDO Proximity Malaysia for their KFC print campaign. Taiwan also has 3 finalists, all for Leo Burnett Taiwan for the Creation Foods "Bitter?" tvc and Heineken "The Self-less Mirror".

In Indonesia, Dentsu and Leo Burnett have 1 finalist each for Project Dia "Diabetes Test" and Palang Merah Indonesia "Bloodbook" respectively.
Sunlight Pig.jpgThailand has 9 shortlists through to the next round at One Show.

Both Creative Juice Bangkok and Lowe Bangkok have 3 finalists each going through to the next round and Ogilvy Group
Thailand has two finalists.

All Creative Juice Bangkok's shortlists are for Emro Asia's "Effective Microorganisms Calendar" and Lowe's 3 are for Unilever's "Clingy Animals" print campaign.

Dentsu Plus also has a single finalist.

Gold Pencil winners across all disciplines will be announced at The One Show, the single most important day in advertising, at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on May 8th, 2015.
Nike_1.jpgBig Babol_MANGO.jpgIndia scored Asia's second highest shortlist tally with 37 through to the next round.

J Walter Thompson Bangalore and McCann Worldgroup Mumbai both have 11 shortlists each.

All of J Walter Thompson Bangalore's shortlists are for Nike India's already highly-awarded "Make Every Yard Count" campaign and all of McCann Worldgroup Mumbai's 11 shortlists are for Perfetti Van Melle/Big Babol "Fruits" print campaign.

Ogilvy & Mather India also fared very well with 7 shortlists going forward. "Sufi Rock" was their best performer.

Cheil Worldwide and BBDO India have 3 shortlists each for "The Light Bag" and "Visa Saree" respecively and Havas has 1 for "No Child Brides".

Gold Pencil winners across all disciplines will be announced at The One Show, the single most important day in advertising, at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on May 8th, 2015.
Donation Bottle.jpgAsia's highest shortlist haul at this year's One Show goes to Japan with 90 through to the next round.

Of the total tally, Dentsu Tokyo has 22 shortlists and Hakuhodo 10. A wide variety of work from both giant agencies was shorlisted.

To see a list of all of Japan's 90 shortlists, and the complete list of Asia Pacific shortlists, at the 2015 One Show click here: APAC 2015 Finalists.xlsx
Eyes on the Road.jpgWords can be Weapons_Weapons Case_resized.jpgIn a strong overall performance China has 32 shortlists going through to the medal round at this year's One Show.

Ogilvy Beijing has nine shortlists, four of which have been nominated for Volkswagen's already highly awarded "Eyes on the Road" campaign. Ogilvy's campaign for the Centre of Psychological Research in Shenyang "Words can be Weapons" has scored 3 shortlists and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation "Making Clothing Donations Instantly Rewarding" campaign picked up one nomination as did Coca Cola's "Coke 2nd Life Caps".

Baidu Online Network Technology has three finalists; Y&R Beijing and Lowe China have both got four shortlists for their Peuguin "Mic" and "Stages" work and Human Traffic Signs, respectively. Publicis China, Yanrong Pan and Cheil China have two shortlists and Saatchi & Saatchi has one.
Lego1.jpgHong Kong has been 22 shortlists at this year's One Show with the Ogilvy Group collecting 15 divided between Geometry Global with 8 and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising collecting 7.

Of Geometry Global's 8 shortlists 7 were for their Hamley's "Lego - Little Masters" campaign in the Print and Outdoor category.

All seven of Ogilvy & Mather's finalists were for their print campaign for A.W Faber-Castell "Boat, Duck, Iceberg" in the Print and Outdoor category.

Red Fuse Communications Hong Kong picked 3 shortlists for their highly awarded Colgate-Palmolive "Turning Packing into Education" educational campaign that ran in Myanmar.

Leo Burnett Hong Kong also has two finalists. BLOW and One Plus Partnership have one finalist each.

Gold Pencil winners across all disciplines will be announced at The One Show, the single most important day in advertising, at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on May 8th, 2015.
Living grass.jpgThe One Club has released their shortlist for the 42nd Annual One Show Awards and TBWA Santiago Mangada Puno leads the way in The Philippines.

TBWA SMP has 5 of The Philippines 7 shortlists at The One Show - all for Peerless Lion Corporation's "Water Billboard".

Ace Saatchi & Saatchi Manila and DDB Group Philippines picked up the other two shortlists for TV5 "Jasmine" branded content and DDB's "Paperback" design.

Gold Pencil winners across all disciplines will be announced at The One Show, the single most important day in advertising, at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on May 8th, 2015.
Nike,com.jpgIf you think the greatest shots have been shot or the fastest times have been run, it's time to think again. There's more out there and NIKE.COM is where it all begins.

NIKE Japan has launched a new NIKE.COM campaign "Sport Starts Here" with a 15-second TV spot "LOOP", created by Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo.

Astronaut.jpgWorld Under Water 1.jpgOgilvy & Mather has 6 of Singapore's total of 18 shortlists at this year's One Show. Other agencies to do well were BBDO Proximity Singapore and Kinetic Singapore.

For Ogilvy their Unilever "The Day I Visited My Son - A True Story" campaign was their best performer with 3 shortlists. Coke "Share A White Christmas" is shortlisted twice and "Movie Emoji" for SingTel is shortlisted once.

all 4 of BBDO Proximity's shortlists are for the interactive CarbonStory LLP "World Under Water" campaign. Kinetic's 3 shortlists are for "Rubbish Famzine. Till Death Do Us Part".

BBH, J. Walter Thompson, Grey Group, &Larry and H55 also have 1 shortlist each.

Overall, The One Show received more than 20,000 entries from agencies in 65 countries.

Octographer-and-camera.jpgOctopuses have long been known as creatures of the deep, mythical and mysterious beings found in the darkest oceans... Who knew all they wanted you to do was say cheese?
Sony, Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium, animal trainer Mark Vette and FCB New Zealand have come together to give the world its first Octographer - an octopus that has been taught to take photos on a Sony TX30 underwater camera in New Zealand.

McDonaldsIndia.jpgLeo Burnett India has launched a brand new campaign inviting people to share some offline moments at McDonald's. The campaign urges people to take a break from the online world and share "quality offline moments" at McDonald's over its newly launched sharing packs for two, three and more, across stores in India.

Adam Lee.jpgAustralia: On the back of two years of record annual growth for McCann Sydney, McCann Australia has announced the appointment of Adam Lee (left) to the newly created role of managing director of McCann Sydney.

Lee's appointment follows an unprecedented run of new business wins for McCann Sydney over the past two years, including Lion Nathan Foods, Google, Sprite, Microsoft, Hollard, Defence Housing Australia and Solaris Paper. The move comes just one month after McCann also boosted its planning capability with senior appointments in both Melbourne and Sydney, and after the agency was named Australia's top-ranked creative effectiveness agency in the global WARC 100.

Says Ash Farr, CEO, McCann Australia: "After two years of solid growth, it's time for McCann Sydney to gain its own managing director. With Adam on board, backed by a first-rate management team and our growing multi-disciplinary services, we can get more serious about aggressive business growth as we continue to steer the agency towards our vision to be Australia's best creative agency and a true partner for our clients.
Glass.jpgOgilvy & Mather and Geometry Global Japan, together with distinguished Japanese concert space Suntory Hall, have curated the world's first 'Glassical Concert' which depicts the purity of musical instruments made entirely of glass.

Shabu_logo_0414-02.jpgCheil China has won the account for China's leading operator of casual, hotpot restaurant chain, Xiabuxiabu which as of December 2014 owns 452 restaurants in 26 cities over six provinces. Cheil China was selected based on its clear understanding of the company's needs and IMC capabilities to help enhance the Group's brand recognition.

Established in 1998, Xiabuxiabu's is the leading restaurant group which focuses on new-style, hot pot cuisine. In Beijing, there are 246 branches, Shanghai (58), Tianjin (42) and other regions 106 (Hebei, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanxi and Henan.) The group's restaurant operating profit was 2.2 billion RMB as of December 2014. Xiabuxiabu Catering Management (China) Holdings Co. Ltd was listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 520) at the end of 2014
eduardo.jpgEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium - which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week's guest judge is Eduardo Perez, creative director, Inbrax, Santiago, Chile.

Winner: Volkswagen, The Choice. No need to say that Volkswagen has no trouble to reinvent itself. After seeing many Volkswagen commercials, they always surprised me with something new. Although, they are saying the same old thing, the resource used to show that the main character prefers the car is different. In this particular case I highlight the script, a key element to create the perfect atmosphere for the story to work. READ MORE...
Levis.jpgLevi's and FCB West and Shanghai have launched the "Cool" campaign for its summer collection. Derived from the "Live in Levi's" brand concept, the commercial captures the authentic moments of brand ambassadors Shawn Yue, a Hong Kong actor and singer, and Ai Fei (Ivy), a Chinese pop singer, having fun wearing their denim at summer parties.

Strip.jpgStrip's latest campaign, Dirty Little Secrets Exposed, captures the attention of its target audience through a bold showcase of shavers on Clear Channel's out of home medium.

The objective of the campaign is to expose the other salons' dirty little secrets of unhygienic hair removal practices. A bus shelter along the heavily traveled Orchard Road (B04, outside Plaza Singapura) has been strategically handpicked for this execution. With a Strip outlet located (The Cathay) within walking distance from this shelter, this executive creates a path to purchase as it reaches out to its target audience of females aged between 21 and 40 years old, who frequent other salons.
AF Payments Logo.jpgBBDO Guerrero Philippines has been awarded the communications project for AF payments Inc. The agency is tasked to develop and launch the branding campaign for its modern ticketing system for riders of the LRT and MRT, with the aim of making the public appreciate its benefits and slowly shape the people's payment habits and attitudes towards cashless transactions.
World Under Water 1.jpgThe One Club has released the third round of finalists - Direct, Interactive, Mobile and Radio - for the 42nd Annual One Show Awards. Overall, The One Show received more than 20,000 entries from agencies in 65 countries.

Asia has performed well, scoring 20 entries making the cut, led by BBDO Proximity Singapore with three finalists all for CarbonStory's "World Under Water".

Overall Japan takes the lead with 8 finalists, followed by Singapore with 5 and China with 4.

Direct Hakuhodo/Tokyo for Tsutaya "Panicoupon", BBDO Proximity Singapore CarbonStory "World Under Water", Cheil Worldwide/Seoul Samsung Electronics "Look At Me", Dentsu/Tokyo Japan Sport Council "Future Ticket", OgilvyOne/ Beijing Volkswagen "Eyes on the Road",
Shelf Guru New.jpgA happy home starts with a happy private life. Recently BBH Asia Pacific introduced the shelf guru. Now, in this real time contest by BBH Asia Pacific for Ikea Singapore and Malaysia, the shelf help guru offers advise to Ikea fans on how to improve their private bedroom and bathroom areas.


Credits -
Associate Account Director: Manavi Sharma
Project Director & Producer: Lesley Chelvan
Social Strategist: Josie Khng
Community Managers: Nurul Maideen & Aainaa Yahya
Senior Art Director: Janson Choo
Senior Copywriter: Khairul Mondzi
Art Director: Bae Soo Yeon
Production House: BlackSheep Live
Photographer: Jason Denning

John Stampfel 1.jpgbeacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo has appointed John Stampfel as Digital and Media Director. In his new role, Stampfel (pictured left) will lead the agency's digital and media strategy functions, which will include digital data strategy, online strategy as well as on and off-line media strategy (with Dentsu's support in terms of media buying).

Nicolas Menat, President, Representative Director, beacon/Leo Burnett Tokyo said, "As we continue to drive integration within our group, John's well-rounded experience across media agency, creative agency and on the brand-side where he was the lead on media and digital activities, will enable him to bring a perspective and unique leadership to the structure that we need to take the agency forward. Not to mention that John has worked in the USA as well as spent the last 12 years working in Japan, which is a very strong asset for helping us deliver on our commitment to bring the best of the East and West to our clients in Japan. I am thrilled to have him on board with us, and looking forward to working together to open new doors of opportunities for beacon."

Moth Projects signs director Luke Shanahan

LukeMoth.jpgCB Exclusive - Moth Projects has announced the signing of director Luke Shanahan.
Says Jeff Darling, Moth Projects: "Luke's perception of character and cast placed against his narrative approach brings a unique edge to any storyline he touches. Having Luke as part of Moth for me brings a collaboration of true worth."
Nike_1.jpgNike_2.jpgJ. Walter Thompson has had a dominant performance at India's premier Advertising Awards Festival - Goafest 2015. Between J. Walter Thompson India and sister agency Contract Advertising the group won 57 metals. 

J. Walter Thompson India bagged 35 awards, while Contract Advertising won 22 awards.

In third place at Goafest was Taproot Dentsu with 15 awards made up of 1 Gold, 7 Silver and 7 Bronze. Ideas@work, Publicis and Scarecrow Communications came equal 4th with 13 awards each. DDB Mudra Group also had a good Goafest winning 10 awards, including 3 Gold trophies.

Linen Lintas won the only Grand Prix of the Festival, along with 3 Golds. They won the Grand Prix in the Direct category for Dabur Vatika premium natural shampoo 'Brave & Beautiful'.
Portfolio night.jpgADC Portfolio Night, the world's largest advertising portfolio review taking place on May 20, 2015, has announced that tickets go on sale tomorrow, April 14, at 12 PM local time for all 24 participating cities.
Last year 11 of the 24 cities sold out, and Toronto sold out in just 32 hours.
ADC Portfolio Night is a fast-paced evening of advice, networking and recruitment, where aspiring young advertising copywriters, art directors and designers meet with renowned advertising creative directors in creative hubs across the world.
Child Brides.jpgGrand Prix_Havas.jpgThis year's APAC Effie Awards 2015 saw a total of 61 Awards handed out, comprising 1 Grand Effie, 17 Golds, 19 Silvers and 24 Bronzes. The Grand Effie was awarded to Havas Worldwide and Child Survival India for their campaign "No Child Brides".


The Agency Network of the Year gong went Ogilvy & Mather and the Agency of the Year was awarded to Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai who picked up 8 awards - 2 Golds, 4 Silvers and 2 Bronzes. Lowe & Partners Worldwide Mumbai and DDB Auckland came in second and third respectively.

As a country India was the biggest winner walking away with 18 awards, including the Grand Effie followed by Australia and New Zealand with 15 and 11 awards respectively.
Pauline_chu 1.jpgDentsu Aegis Network has promoted Pauline Chu, former Managing Director of Carat Hong Kong, to country CEO Dentsu Aegis Network Hong Kong effective immediately. Chu's appointment will see her manage all brands under Dentsu Aegis Network in Hong Kong and drive business growth for the company.
Chu (pictured left) has over 20 years' experience in the media and advertising world in both Hong Kong and China, managing some of the world's best known regional and local clients across banking, telecom, hotel and travel, retail and FMCG.
Rob Hughes CEO Dentsu Aegis Network North Asia said, "In the last 18 months we've seen rapid acceleration in the scope of engagements to support our clients. Pauline is well-known in our network, in the local industry and is the right leader to ensure that we continue to support our clients' business successes."
"I'm really looking forward to working with the team here to develop and grow the business further over the coming years. To do this we need to maintain digital leadership as well as providing clients with high standard integrated services from across the network," said Chu.
Chu will report to Rob Hughes.
Pump.jpgHumans were naturally born to move for survival. Constant movement is what brings physical fitness and activation. Convenience is the core reason that allows people do various activities while seated. This brought Innored Korea to the conclusion that it is necessary to inspire these people and give them a reason to escape from the daily convenience. Reebok ZPump provided motivation to people in correcting their attitude towards movement. This campaign was organized with the purpose of providing ordinary people with more healthy and enjoyable movements in their everyday life.

Valli_2.jpgIPG Mediabrands has appointed Valli Lakshmanan as the head of digital for APAC. In this capacity, Lakshmanan will work with Mediabrands' regional clients to drive digital innovation as well as lead the Ingenuity hub in Singapore. Ingenuity is Mediabrands' e-commerce practice for the region.
A firm believer of building design experiences that advance human life, Lakshmanan (pictured) will seek to partner with technology service providers while at the same time, leverage Mediabrands' three core offerings of Ensemble, Rally and Ingenuity, to deliver new and innovative products and services that will take the agency beyond the scope of traditional buying and planning of media.
Lowe Table.jpgThe 2015 Global Effie Index was released last week and Lowe Lintas + Partners, India was declared the Most Effective Agency in India and in Asia Pacific and #3 in the world! The agency was #1 in India and Asia Pacific in 2014 too.

Infact, Lowe and Partners too, for the first time ever broke into the Top 5 in the Network Ranking. It was ranked # 4 globally.

Simon Veksner: Let's get classical

cute-musical-dog-1374833180-article-0.jpegHaving the right music makes a huge difference to the success of a TV ad. Trouble is, it can come at a huge cost.

I reckon we're ignoring an infinite supply of amazing yet affordable music - classical.  READ ON...
CHRIS ANNEN.jpgChristopher Annen has relocated from Leo Burnett Chicago to join Leo Burnett in China as Creative Director on McDonald's.

For the past seven years in Chicago, Annen (pictured) has been working on the McDonald's account, focusing mainly on brand development and retail marketing. He has been the creative lead behind many product launches, retail promotions and consumer engagements, as well as a key contributor to the ever-evolving McDonald's retail identity. He brings an understanding of the consumer journey through the retail environment and even though he is trained on the art-side of creative, his early years of journalism studies gives him a respectable writing skill set as well.
Carter Chow.jpgMcCann Worldgroup has promoted Carter Chow (pictured left), previously managing director McCann Shanghai, to chief marketing officer, McCann Worldgroup Greater China, in addition to his responsibilities as regional business lead for Cigna and State Street.

In line with McCann's mission to remain the fastest growing network across Asia, this newly created role is designed to bring further focus on business growth across the McCann Worldgroup marketing operations in Greater China.
Replacing Chow as managing director, McCann Shanghai is Castro Tian with immediate effect. Tian will be responsible for driving collaboration between the McCann Worldgroup operating units, implementing strategies that result in effective integrated business solutions for our clients' long-term success. He will be based in Shanghai and report to Ellen Hou, group managing director of McCann Worldgroup Shanghai.
Jeffrey Yu  photo.jpgJeffrey Yu has been appointed as Managing Director of J. Walter Thompson Beijing. Yu brings a strategic mix of client-side and agency experience, spanning brand consulting, marketing strategy, public relations and digital PR to the role. He succeeds Tammy Sheu, who is moving to a new position with a Chinese technology company.

"Jeffrey is a that rare leader who will help us reinvent our creative product for a "bottom up" digital age without abandoning the timeless and fundamental power of brand ideas and  creative breakthrough.  What's more, his empathy, respect for Chinese culture and natural ebullience will energize our operations and client relationships," said J. Walter Thompson Asia Pacific CEO Tom Doctoroff.

Yu (pictured) spent four years as Managing Director of Pegasus Communications China, a Daniel J Edelman Company, where he oversaw offices in Shanghai and Beijing, and served as an integrated marketing brand consultant providing digital, experiential and PR campaigns for domestic and multinational clients.
Mango.jpgThe One Club has released the second round of finalists including social media, UX/UI and print & outdoor shortlists for the 42nd Annual One Show Awards. There are 345 finalists from 37 countries. Overall, The One Show received more than 20,000 entries from agencies in 65 countries.

Asia has picked up 49 finalists with India leading the pack with 12 followed closely by Hong Kong with 11. From India's tally McCann World Group Mumbai scored 9 nominations for their "Fruits" campaign for Big Babol and Ogilvy & Mather picked up 7 nominations from the Hong Kong tally - all for their A.W Faber-Castell (HK) print campaign. The other 4 finalists from Hong Kong were from Geometry Global for the Hamleys "Little Masters" print campaign.
Weerapong High Res.jpgBPN, a division of IPG Mediabrands, has appointed Weerapong Tengprathip as Chief Executive Officer for its operations in Thailand. Tengprathip will aim to build and develop BPN in the market by driving business for growth-obsessed brands across multiple pillars, including social, data-led marketing and digital innovation.
With more than 25 years' experience in the media business, Tengprathip's career has spanned across multiple agencies, servicing clients such as Coca-Cola, P&G, Nestle, L'Oreal, J&J, Caltex and Intel. Most recently, she served as the head of P&G at Mediacom Thailand.
Tengprathip (pictured left) said, "BPN will be our agency of the future as we strive to drive the industry forward be it by implementing IPG Mediabrands' pay-for-performance remuneration model and tying our compensation closely with our clients' business results; or through our "hybrid" approach where our team will bring integrated marketing solutions by seamlessly moving between online and offline planning and buying."
She added, "We are confident that our clients will benefit from our integrated thinking and our performance-driven mindset. We look forward to spearheading inspiring work for them."
MB A3 Poster.jpgEvery year, come April 01, numerous brands across the world try to humor their consumers with bone-tickling campaigns.

This year, Mathrubhumi, Kerala's most popular newspaper, through their classified pages apprehended that, the people of Kerala (like all Indians) aren't made fools of only on April 1. It happens, every day, of every month and often for years.

When Mathrubhumi did a check, they concluded that every year, the State Government of Kerala announces numerous projects and public benefit programs with great fanfare. Yet, apart from an announcement, the projects never take off and get wasted away for years and decades. One can easily find such projects in plenty across the length and breadth of Kerala.

This apathy by the government made Mathrubhumi Classifieds turn the tables and celebrate April fool's Day, with a powerful message to the people and the Government. The brand along with the Kochi office of DDB Mudra South and East launched an interactive print campaign- Goodbye foolish stones starting 19th March 2015.
Via.com.jpgVia.com Indonesia, a leading online travel portal in Indonesia has selected The Thinking Machine Asia, Jakarta to lead its new brand communication duties. The agency has been tasked with generating local work that demonstrates a strong appreciation of consumer needs in the local market.

The Thinking Machine Asia is mandated with through-the-line integrated campaign for Via.com across all media channels.

AMES Awards 2015 confirms first set of speakers

AMES 2015.jpgA line-up of top brand strategists from across Asia Pacific will take to the stage at the AMES Conference & Awards 2015, on Wednesday 3 June 2015 at Grand Hyatt Singapore.

The AMES jury presidents comprising James Thompson from Diageo, Jayant Murty from Intel, Rahul Welde from Unilever and Dr Elaine Rodrigo from Mondelez, all senior marketers in the region who champion the effectiveness agenda, will share insights into current trends, and how their brands are rethinking the way they engage with consumers as part of their President's addresses.

Vale Richie Benaud

1054863.jpgAustralians and cricket lovers everywhere will be sad to hear of the news that legendary cricket icon Richie Benaud has passed away at the age of 84.

Benaud featured in five marvellous spots for Tourism Australia, Milo, Smoothex, Gillette and was most recently named the new Lambassador for MLA and starred in the spot earlier this year.

Walls 2.jpgRecently, Wall's as the ice cream brand of PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk completed a digital campaign collaborating with Facebook Indonesia themed "Wall's Taste Joy Video". This campaign created by Arcade Indonesia reached more than 25 million Facebook users throughout Indonesia by the end of the campaign. Other than giving out various giveaways, the campaign also succesfully inspired Indonesians to appreciate special moments that makes them smile happily, and share it with their closest relatives.
RADIO.jpgFortune Indonesia has created a series of radio commercials for Tupperware Indonesia that stand out from the crowd on local radio stations.


Credits - Creative Director: Aldy Dewandhana. Copywriters: Aldy Dewandhana, Ludwina Vidyaninggar. Account Director: Jessica Carla. Agency Producer: Hany Nurahmawati.

Mirum Malaysia appoints Jordan Chua as MD

Jordan Chua.jpgDigital marketing agency Mirum Asia Pacific has appointed Jordan Chua as Managing Director of Mirum Malaysia.

Chua (pictured left) joins Mirum from TBWA Group Kuala Lumpur, where was the Digital Planning Director, and prior to that, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Digital. He also worked at Tequila-Myalo Malaysia where he held the position of General Manager. With over 20 years' experience in the integrated marketing industry, Chua has worked with a wide array of clients across multiple categories, including telecommunications, financial services, tourism, FMCG and retail. He replaces Rueben Anthony, who moved into the regional role of Managing Director of Mirum Asia's Digital Transformation and Consulting unit in January. Anthony served as MD of the Malaysia office for seven years.
YousufRangoonwala.jpgY&R Singapore has appointed Yousuf Rangoonwala as Director of Strategy. Rangoonwala (pictured) has 10 years experience in advertising, 7 as a strategist, spanning agencies like BBH, W+K and McCann in India and Indonesia, on brands such as Axe, Nescafe, Nokia, Activia, Danone, Powerade and Acer.

He has picked up numerous recognition awards in the last few years: 2 Appies strategy Golds in 2014 - for the only brand in Asia to win Gold in two consecutive years - and named Best Presenter at Appies 2012 and 2013.

Since 2011, he has also won 7 Effies and a Warc Highly Commended, making him one of India's most awarded advertising strategists.

Commenting on the appointment, Melvin Kuek said, "I am delighted to welcome Yousuf into our family. We've had a quiet yet steady start to the year and ramping up our strategic planning function is just the start point of interesting and exciting things to come at Y&R Singapore".  
apple.jpg3D on the Rocks by Suntory is an innovative way to enjoy Whisky. Savor your Whisky with a beautiful ice creation in your favorite shape, forged with the latest 3D technology in this print campaign created by TBWA Hakuhodo Japan. Whisky produced with the finest craftsmanship together with ice made with fresh spring water. Come, delight yourself in the art of Japanese Whisky.


Credits -
Director: Eiji Tanigawa. Executive Creative Director: Kazoo Sato. Creative Director: Kazoo Sato. Copywriters: Takahiro Hosoda, Nobuhiro Ara.i Art Directors: Yo Kimura, Yuki Tokuno. Producers: Kaoru Otani, Toshiyuki Takei. Creative Technologist: Masashi Matsukura. Assistant Producer: Fusae Yoshikawa. Public Relations: Kayoko Asano, Miwako Fujiwara. Production: Tokyo, Mount inc., Amana. Camera: Senzo Ueno, Tokyo. Lighting: Masachio Nishida. Art: Midoriko Nemoto, Taiyo Kikaku. Ice: Motoharu Kato, Yamane Ice. Sizzle: Noriko Saotome, Grand. Video Engenner: Satoshi Igarashi. Assistant Producer: Masayoshi Takayanagi, Tokyo. Production Manager: Makoto Takahashi, Tokyo. Production Manager Assistant: Rintaro Kozasa, Taiyo Kikakuã. Offline Editor: Ryuichi Hasegawa (puzzle). Online Editor: Akira Nishibu, Image Studio 109. Multi Audio: Yuta Sato, Image Studio 109. Sound Effects: Norio Kobayashi, ONPa.
v-eFEecf5yQOue6IidbT1i2JSKQLrTh_3XQsQeVvTiM.jpgThe Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has announced that Bob Greenberg, founder, chairman and CEO, R/GA, will be honoured with the Lion of St. Mark at the 2015 Festival.

Says Terry Savage, chairman, Lions Festivals: "The Lion of St. Mark is an award that recognises an outstanding individual, a person whose devotion and vision has helped shape the way forward for the industry."

Under Greenberg's leadership, R/GA has taken home close to 60 Lions and become one of the most successful integrated marketing services companies, creating everything from new products and digital services to social, mobile, and broadcast campaigns.

Says Savage: "This is a man that reinvents his agency business model every nine years to ensure that they are in line with technology shifts. He's created ground-breaking visual effects and is behind the Titanium Grand Prix winning Nike+ Fuelband campaigns. It's an honour to be able to celebrate Bob's talent and unstoppable drive."
KEVIN-MARY-ON-CLUB.jpgThe One Club, the New York based non-profit organization recognizing creative excellence in advertising, design and marketing communications, has promoted Kevin Swanepoel to the role of chief executive officer.  Swanepoel (far left) joined The One Club in 1998 and previously served as president.

Swanepoel - who joined The One Club in 1998 and previously served as president - succeeds Mary Warlick (above), who joined The One Club in 1989 as executive director and served as chief executive officer since 2006. A two-time Emmy Award winner, for the film Art & Copy and PBS special The Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue, Warlick will transition into her new position as president of A&C Film Distribution, a division of The One Club devoted to documentary films, television and other content.  Ms. Warlick will report to The One Club Board of Directors.
Cummins Canada.jpgCummins & Partners, the fastest growing advertising and marketing agency in Australia, has opened up shop in Toronto, looking to shake things up in the Canadian market.  

Growing a global presence is Cummins & Partners' ultimate goal. On May 1 last year it launched in the U.S., opening an office in New York City, and seeing an opportunity for further growth, it's now out to conquer the Canadian market.

However, for agency founder and Global CEO Sean Cummins, the move to Toronto is just as nostalgic as it is strategic. It's a homecoming for Cummins, who was born and lived in Toronto until moving to Australia with his family at the age of 10.
Hiar growth.jpgIn Japan, men suffer from various stresses in everyday life, and more and more men are going bald, but it's difficult for Japanese men to decide start hair-growth treatment. Usually, Japanese couples have 9 months to prepare for a wedding after a groom proposes marriage. And 9 months is an adequate time for bald men to have hair-growth treatment. This movie by Dentsu Tokyo is a documentary film that follows a groom who tried a treatment and succeeded in starting a new life.

Tollbooth.jpgTollbooths in Manila's two major expressways were transformed into McDonald's Drive-Thru booths during morning peak hour. Motorists had their toll fees waived and they even got free breakfast to boot.

The campaign in Manila by Leo Burnett is part of the global initiative, known as "imlovinit24", which saw 24 gifts of joy, over a 24 hour period, on March 24, in 24 cities around the world.

Roy & Nora 2.jpgHavas Adwork Indonesia has appointed Maulana Sagala (Roy) and Norashikin Manjit as Executive Creative Directors. Both Sagala and Manjit will report to Matt Wiggers, who was recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of Havas Adwork.

Sagala (pictured left) joins the agency with more than a decade's worth of experience in the industry, starting out as a strategic planner for two years before moving on to be a copywriter at agencies such as Lowe, Ogilvy and Publicis. His background in planning has helped him to constantly generate creative ideas that answer to client's business challenges and objectives.

Underdog India wins T Bhimjyani Realty business

vikram gaikwad.jpgT Bhimjyani Realty, earlier part of Neelkanth Group, has been in the business for over 40 years and has successfully executed over 550 residential and commercial buildings. After parting with the Neelkanth Group, Tulsi Bhimjyani along with his family commenced a rebranding exercise and launched a new identity under the umbrella of T Bhimjyani Group.

Underdog will initially commence with the communication for Neelkanth Woods, a flagship luxury project in Thane. Underdog will also work on all the upcoming projects of the company.

For Vistasp Hodiwala and Vikram Gaikwad (pictured), the co-founders of Underdog, this news has been a particular pleasing affair coming in the wake of the agency's first anniversary early last month.

Razorfish's Jonny Stark to speak @ Goafest 2015

Jonny Stark, SVP, Asia Pacific head of brand and real time marketing.jpgJonny Stark, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific head of brand and real time marketing with Razorfish will be speaking at the Goafest on April 10, 2015 on how creativity in real time is important with the changing face of digital.

An experienced speaker and commentator, Stark (pictured) has contributed articles to various industry publications including PR Week (UK) and AdNews (Australia), as well as appearing on panels, like AVCAL, delivering keynotes, most recently at the Informa Social Media Conference and running workshop sessions, such as on driving true engagement at this year's Adobe Symposium.
BBDO Guerrero Awards 2015.jpgAt this year's Adobo Design Awards, BBDO Guerrero Philippines ended a successful night with the much-coveted Best in Show Award, along with the Lucille Tenezas Special Award. The agency also won two Golds, two Silvers and five Bronzes.

The agency won five Bronzes in several categories for the DOT "Manila" TV commercial, Crap Ideas book and Noli Me Tangere illustration. Two Silvers were won for its work on DOT "Clouds" TV commercial and for the Noli Me Tangere outdoor activation and two Golds for its "Keep The Story Alive" campaign for National Union of Journalists (NUJP). This NUJP campaign was later judged as Best in Show, and also earned the Lucille Tenazas Special Award.
Cardekho.jpgApart from being a much-loved sport in the country, a common thread that binds cricket to its many die-hard fans is the endless leeway it gives them to decide on what could be the next best thing that the team could pick up from in order to better its stakes in the competition. As if out of habit - apart from it being a futile exercise too - Indians love to form opinions and pass judgements in a jiffy, especially around a sport as popular as cricket. While there's nothing concrete that comes out of such conversations, it does help build interest around the players and the tournament being played.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.18.28 am.jpgAussie director Steve Rogers has recently directed a new spot for Nike Golf through his production company in the US, Biscuit Filmworks entitled 'Ripple' via Wieden+Kennedy Portland.

Extraordinary athletes serve as idols to the next generation. Their greatness inspires, and in turn, the inspired become role models themselves. Tiger Woods idolized Jack Nicklaus. Rory McIlroy looked up to Tiger Woods. And now, Woods and McIlroy compete side by side as they fuel the dreams of sport's future greats. It's a ripple effect.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.14.07 am.jpgThe Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne have launched a new campaign emphasizing a simple fact: How a parent drives now can strongly influence how their children drive later.

Titled 'Strings', the campaign is based on research that shows that children start taking in their parents' driving behaviours at an earlier age than most people would expect.

Alvin Portrait.jpgEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium - which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week's guest judge is Alvin Lim, former executive creative director at Grey Beijing.

Winner: Victoria Bitter: Raise a Glass Appeal 2015. Simple. Contagious. Clever. READ MORE...
TJ_CP.jpgAustralia: Julian Schreiber (left) and Tom Martin (centre) are set to return to Sydney as two of the founding partners and ECDs of Cummins&Partners Sydney.
​Schreiber and Martin are returning home after over a year in New York, where they ​played a pivotal role as ECDs of Johannes Leonardo, helping grow the agency significantly with global wins such as TripAdvisor, Sony PlayStation and the entire Adidas Originals business - leading with this year's global 'Superstar' campaign featuring Pharrell Williams and David Beckham.
24f89f6.jpgEmily Isovitsch is now the executive director of the CLIO Awards, the esteemed international advertising, design and communications competition. Isovitsch will report to CLIO president Nicole Purcell.

Prior to CLIO, Isovitsch spent nine years at The One Club as managing director, where she produced the annual One Show Awards Ceremony held at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center. She also headed the development of popular industry programs including Creative Week NYC, The Creative Women's Leadership Series and the Here Are All the Black People career fair series.

Additionally, Isovitsch hosted regular industry luncheons, exhibitions and screenings throughout the country to help bolster the creative community and raise awareness of The One Club mission.
Study.jpgIKEA_book2.jpgAsia has been awarded 9 finalist nominations in the Cross Platform category released by The One Show.

China, Singapore, India and Japan have all received two nominations each with Taiwan receiving 1 finalist nomination.

JWT Bangalore's "Make every Yard Count" and Cheil Gurgaon's "The Light Bag" were India's finalists, while China's finalists were for AKQA Shanghai's Nike "House of Mamba" and Ogilvy Beijing's "Words can be Weapons". Ogilvy & Mather and Geometry Tokyo received finalist status for Yaocho Bars' "Sleeping Drunks Billboard" and Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo for ADOT.com's "Lights".
Eyes on the Road.jpgTNike_1.jpghe One Club has today announced the film, cross-platform and intellectual property & products finalists for the 42nd Annual One Show Awards. There are 291 finalists from 145 agencies in 26 countries. Overall, The One Show received more than 20,000 entries from 1,300 agencies in 65 countries.

Asia has scored 16  shortlists in the Film category with JWT India taking the lead with four shortlisted nominations for Nike India's "Make Every Yard Count". Ogilvy Beijing is just behind with three finalists for Volkswagen's "Eyes on the Road", Ogilvy & Mather Singapore for "The Day I Visited My Son", Lowe China for "Human Traffic Signs", Leo Burnett Taiwan have been shortlisted twice for Creation Food Co's "Bitter?". Ogilvy Group Thailand, Dentsu Bangkok, Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam, , JWT Singapore and Mori Tokyo/Drill/Dentsu/ Tokyo have scored one finalist each.
Autism.jpgAutism is a brain-based developmental disorder with no scientifically-proven cause or cure. It is a spectrum disorder, ranging from mild to moderate to severe. Many Singaporeans know little, if anything at all, about autism. For its 10th Anniversary, St. Andrew's Autism Centre, a non-profit, integrated centre for the education, training, and care of persons with autism and their families, has partnered with Grey Group Singapore's newly formed philanthropic arm, Grey for Good, to educate people about this condition.

Tiger kallang wave - pic 2.jpgNothing unites the people of a nation like a football game, and nothing unites the people of a football game like the Kallang Wave. But who was the man behind the Wave?

Thanks to a mysterious crate found in an abandoned bunker, Tiger Beer has uncovered his incredible story. The man's name is Chu Beng Huat, and his meteoric rise forged a football-loving nation. Tiger Beer has an exclusive interview with him sharing his incredible rags-to-riches story.

Fullpage_BT-Cover_week 1.jpgMumbai-based real estate behemoth, Nahar Group has launched a new campaign that is getting a fair bit of attention.

Based on an acronym, LSF for Life Style Factor, the campaign features luxury and lifestyle images but features kids instead of adults. The copy completes the message - Upgrade your child's LSF.

One of the reasons the campaign has stuck a chord is probably because Mumbai has seen a drastic decline in the amount open spaces in the past few years, owing to the construction boom. As a result, children in Mumbai often struggle to find a place to play.

The campaign communicates at several levels. It gives a message that the kid's definition of lifestyle is very different from that of an adult's. Also, it underlines the message that kids don't need fancy cars or clothes to be happy. What they need is - lots of place to play and lots of friends - something they can get at Nahar Amrit Shakti.

According to Manju Yagnik, Vice-Chairperson, Nahar Group, "The LSF campaign talks to the parents from the perspective of their children. We make them aware how important it is to give their children the best of lifestyle. We back the concept by offering an array of amenities that raise the LSF of children at our Nahar's Amrit Shakti project at Chandivali. Starting from a 5 lakh sq. ft. podium garden, swimming pool for kids, life-sized chess and snakes & ladders and more."
Alfred Wee_TMW Asia.jpgThe Methodology Works Asia (TMW Asia) has made two senior management hires, beefing up its existing creative and business development teams respectively. Alfred Wee will work alongside Creative Director Simon Jenkins while Sabrina Tan will work with Business Development Director Sean Badlishah.

Sabrina Tan_TMW Asia.jpgWee (pictured left) and Tan (right) will report to TMW Asia's Group Managing Director, Alfred Pang.

Wee previously worked at McCann WorldGroup Singapore as creative director since 2011 and has over 16 years' experience in the industry, having started his career at Batey Ads as Art Director. He later worked for the McDonald's business in Asia Pacific for Leo Burnett Singapore; and on Sony Ericsson at Havas Worldwide Singapore.

Tan is a sales leader armed with more than 14 years of media sales experience across mass media (TV, bus shelter, cinema, billboards) to premium outdoor platforms (Changi Airport, ION Orchard). Previously she was Head of Sales at JCDecaux Singapore where she was instrumental in building the Changi Airport advertising business after the win in 2011.
Crutchchair.jpgThe Crutch Chair by Handicap International (a non-government organisation) can be found in lecture halls and classrooms to engage a generation of youth distanced from danger. Each chair represents a child landmine victim who does not have the ability or luxury of being present in a normal classroom. It is both a reminder of an old (but ongoing) threat and also a symbol of hope - creating awareness, rallying support and ultimately, serving as a means to help landmine survivors get back on their feet, and back to school.

Peter de Kretser (Chief Operating Officer) GO Communications.jpgFollowing a heavy weight pitch, GO Communications has been appointed on a two year retainer contract by the Malaysian Timber Council.

The Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) was established to promote the development and growth of the Malaysian timber industry. MTC was formed on the initiative of the timber industry and governed by the board of trustees whose members are appointed by the Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities.

GO Communications, COO, Peter de Kretser said, "We are excited by the challenge to promote the Malaysian Timber Trade and develop market for timber products globally."  De Kretser (pictured) added, "One of our key challenges is to improve the Malaysian Timber Industry image."
Battery.jpgK Raheja Corp, India's premier real estate and hospitality group, has teamed up with Grey Group Singapore's new philanthropic arm, Grey for Good, and RC&M, Grey's rural communications arm, for a new campaign - The Escalator Project.

Using 50 lamps supplied with rechargeable batteries, the campaign is aimed at lighting up homes and was tested in Chandori village near Nashik, Maharashtra (India). These batteries are charged in dynamos fixed at the base of the escalators in InOrbit Mall. The dynamo converts mechanical into electrical energy which is then stored in the batteries for use in the lamps. The charged batteries are swapped weekly with the existing ones in order to keep the lamps lit for a week at a time - the logistics are managed by RC&M.
WWF- TheVanishingTree-Main.jpgOn 21st March students from Grade 10 Shanghai High School, International Division, led by Ann Tang, Saku, Sarie and Anya took on an art project with a difference.

Identifying trees on the school's campus the students painted a strip around the trunk of the tree to give the illusion that you could see through the tree, and that part of the trunk had vanished and was missing.

This is part of the new marketing campaign entitled "Save The Vanishing Tree" developed by Grey Group Shanghai for WWF China where these students are part of the growing green movement in China. The idea uses ambient media in a really clever way to disrupt and draw people's attention, give them a dose of reality to a serious environmental problem. This is because as the country continues to prosper, we live under the illusion that everything is just fine.
ss.jpgIn a move to meet growing international demands, global content company The Sweet Shop has brought on executive producer Craig Sloane to service, manage and drive projects in the Asian markets.
Boasting more than 20 years experience in marketing and film production, Sloane had his start working as a television producer at advertising agencies such as Bates, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann Erickson, The Campaign Palace, and George Patterson Y&R where, from 2003 to 2009, he worked as head of broadcast for the Australian and New York branches.
Says Claire Davidson, managing director and executive producer of The Sweet Shop Asia/MENA: "Craig's talents and abilities are well established. His broad range of experience makes him a great fit for our international team. He is the ideal person to have on the ground servicing Singapore and its surrounding territories."

New York Festivals announces Torch Awards jury

2150441421099141636-thumb-300x297-173512.jpgNew York Festivals Torch Awards has announced the 2015 jury.

The 2015 Torch Award jury:

  • Tara Bracco, The Project Solution - USA
  • Vida Cornelious, EVP, chief creative officer, Walton Isaacson - USA
  • Matt Eastwood, worldwide chief creative officer, JWT - USA
  • Lisa Fedysyzn, former creative director, WHYBIN/TBWA - New Zealand
  • Joe Gonzalez, The Project Solution - USA
  • Graham Lang, chief creative officer, Y&R - South Africa
  • Gaston Legorburu, worldwide chief creative officer, SapientNitro  - USA
  • Jose Miguel Sokoloff, president, Lowe Global Creative Council & co chairman and CCO Lowe SSP3 Colombia, Lowe and Partners - Colombia

How long does it really take to crack a brief?

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 4.04.51 pm.jpgBy Simon Veksner
Creative Partner, DDB Sydney

We need to talk about time.

Self-evidently, we are being given less and less time to crack briefs nowadays.

And I doubt that's going to change.

So we're going to need to work quicker, smarter... all of that. READ ON...
H&S WeChat.jpgHead & Shoulders has become the first personal hair care brand to showcase advertising on WeChat in March 2015, joining other advertisers from industries like automotive, e-commerce, and mobile on the popular Chinese social media platform. The brand launched its "BU XIE" (Dare to Ignore) WeChat campaign from its official account "H&S ShiLiPai".

The campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi China, replaces one-sided messaging with an interactive component that enables people to participate and express themselves.
Divya.jpgRazorfish India has added another senior team member with Divya Uttam joining as Director Strategy.
Uttam (left), listed by Impact study 2014 as "Top 30 Under 30 and a future leader of Creative and media agencies" has a stellar track record of over 9 years transforming and building brands in B2C, B2B and government enterprises. She joins Razorfish from Cheil Worldwide.
She has driven digital transformation journeys for Samsung, Dettol, Jaquar, Aviva, Nicorette, 7UP, DHL, Johnson's Baby, Wrigley, Dell, Nissan, Volkswagen, Delhi Dare Devils and RCB amongst others. A recent campaign that she worked on for Dettol for Global Hand Wash Day was executed in 32 countries and recognized as the best campaign 2014 across Reckitt brands by CDO (Reckitt Global Mktg HQ). She has won 5 awards (Spikes and DMAi) in her previous stint.
SharonChen.jpgSharon Chen has joined Leo Burnett China as Chief Strategy Officer. In her new role, Chen will be based out of Shanghai and has been tasked to lead the agency's strategy function, working closely with Leo Burnett China CEO Danny Mok to instill the humankind planning culture across Leo Burnett offices in China.  

Chen (left) began her career in advertising as an account executive at Saatchi & Saatchi in Taiwan in 1994. Two years later, she moved over to the strategy and planning function at JWT and never looked back. In her career that spanned slightly over 20 years across Taiwan and China, Chen had worked on clients across most categories and on brands including Nike, TaoBao, BP, China Merchants Bank, IKEA, Mazda, Mercedes, Suntory, De Beers amongst others. In addition to Saatchi & Saatchi and JWT, she has also worked at Ogilvy and Havas Group (previously known as EURO RSCG). Outside of work, Chen is also a regular columnist for Elle, Marie Claire, Angel, ICB, Both and Roodo.
Kan Khajura Tesan.jpgAsia has picked up 35 shortlist nominations at the finalist round of the 2015 Festival of Media Global Awards which celebrates the best in media thinking from around the world.

India leads the pack with 11 nominations followed by China with 10, Hong Kong with 5, Singapore with 4 and Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia have all collected one nomination each.
just Outdoor - WWF and Leo Burnett.jpgAustralia: WWF Australia has launched 'just' via Leo Burnett Sydney, an initiative that shows how simple it is to make small changes that help make a difference for the planet - 'just' by replacing mass-produced and often wastefully-packaged household products with simple and natural alternatives.
The just range of alternatives feature natural ingredients packaged in earth-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable materials.
Twinings.jpgTwinings of London has appointed TBWA\Shanghai to lead their brand communication in China and key markets across Asia Pacific.

Twinings has provided exceptional tasting teas since 1706 when it opened its first shop on the Strand in London. Today, Twinings sell more than 200 teas in more than 100 countries throughout the world and has had the honour of supplying tea to every British Monarch since Queen Victoria in 1837.

No worries print campaign via TBWA Thailand

adcare adult diapers-car.jpgNow adults can go anywhere without worrying, knowing they have extra protection with Adcare adult diapers in print campaign from TBWA Thailand.

Credits - Executive Creative Directors: Prakit Kobkijwattana, Veradis Vinyarath. Art Directors: Wasawad Panichpairoj, Sasitorn Khamchoo. Copywriter: Vasinee Poungngern. Creative Group Head: Ditdanai Nopparat. Agency Producer: Werawat Rangruktham. Photographers: Anuchai Secharunputong, Nok Pipattungkul. Account Team: Kewalee Charoenjit.
Bindi.jpgMillions of women across rural India suffer from breast cancer, fibrocystic breast disease and complications during pregnancy. In most of these cases, it is linked to iodine deficiency. How do we ensure the women in these rural areas get the required dosage of iodine?

Dooremi_App_icon_Large.jpgYears ago when the idea of putting more doors on the MINI hatch was first proposed, there were certainly some who thought it a joke. However, the MINI 5 Door is now well and truly a reality, and is poised to become as iconic as its 3 Door brother.

Naturally as the first of its kind, the MINI 5 Door takes some getting used to. In Kinetic Singapore's communications, theyed want to tell consumers about the extra doors but in a more engaging manner. MINI DOOR-RE-MI was thus conceived. In this game, they use the doors of the MINI 5 Door to test your memory; so while you have some fun, you're also made very aware of the 5 doors of this new MINI hatch.

MINI DOOR-RE-MI was launched just ahead of April Fool's Day, a time when consumers are on the lookout for tricks and pranks, and are hence more likely to click on interesting posts.
Project Joy 1st April 31.03.jpgHave you ever wondered what would happen if something that sounded too good to be true actually turned out to be real - especially on April 1? For one New Zealander, daring to dream big on April Fools' Day paid off handsomely this morning, when Tiaana Marsh swapped her 15-year old Nissan Avenir for a brand new BMW 1 Series worth almost $50,000.

"BMW is world-renowned as being the maker of the Ultimate Driving Machine, but also as the creator of many memorable April Fool's Day pranks," said the Managing Director of BMW Group New Zealand, Nina Englert.
Fish.jpgAustralia: DDB Group Asia Pacific's Regional Creative Director, Andy Fackrell, has launched a regional initiative with Greenpeace Australia to draw attention to the lack of fish labeling laws in Australia. ­­

Shot at Coogee Beach in Sydney, the viral film entitled 'Meal of Fortune' stars a games show presenter who invites unknowing passers-by enjoying fish and chips to take a spin at the wheel. The results highlight the lottery of buying fish without knowing what you're eating, where it's from, and how it's caught.

Mei Cheong_Rupen Desai_LoweSG2.jpgLowe Singapore has hired Mei Cheong as a Regional Business Director. With ten years of business director experience already behind her, Cheong (pictured left) will be responsible for leading the Unilever brand Knorr across South East Asian markets, as well a playing a key role in the agency's new business advancement across the region.
Cheong's 20-plus years' career experience has been gained worldwide in Hong Kong, London, Kuala Lumpur and San Francisco, with roles on both agency- and client-side.
She joins Lowe after four years as Head of Brand at Maxis, Malaysia's largest integrated mobile services provider, where among other things, she successfully transformed the social media marketing to target a new youth audience. She also led the recent Maxis brand transformation from strategy to its implementation. Prior to Maxis, Cheong worked for Dragon Rouge in London as Global Client Director. Her experience has also spanned roles with Ogilvy, JWT and FCB, handling top-tier brands across multiple sectors. She has shown consistent business successes based on relationship building and brand leadership.
Dell.jpgDell India kicks off the Back to School season with a brand new tvc conceptualized and crafted in sync with the theme for 2015 - to transform the process of learning with intuitive technology. Launched on March 27, across leading English and Hindi entertainment and movie channels, and regional language channels, the television commercial is a reiteration of Dell's belief that a student's education can be more engaging and interesting by leveraging on the potential of technology.

MCD HK Party.jpgDDB Group Hong Kong and McDonald's have developed an activation campaign, which kicked McDonald's Hong Kong's 40th anniversary off to a perfect start by throwing one of its customers a surprise birthday party of a lifetime. Under the banner of "Party Up", McDonald's showed its different side and took the fun that sits at the heart of the brand to a whole new level.


The idea was simple: When one lucky March birthday girl showed up at her local McDonald's for what was to be a regular party get-together, she was told there was a mix up. She was comically whisked away and what followed was a ride in a mini-bus full of strange occurrences, which DDB Group Hong Kong pre-arranged and filmed with secret cameras.
KAMONWAN.jpgMcCann Worldgroup Thailand has appointed Kamonwan Saenissara as head of strategy effective immediately. In this position, she will lead the Bangkok planning team and the agency's major strategic initiatives in addition to championing Truth Central, McCann Worldgroup's global thought leadership unit. She will report to Monica White, CEO of McCann Worldgroup Thailand.

"We are looking forward to utilizing Kamonwan's diverse strategic planning experience for our clients," said White. "She will guide our strong strategic planning unit toward insights that will deliver results - not just for existing projects, but new and innovative ways to look at the client's business. At McCann Worldgroup, we are dedicated to uncovering truths that drive business, and bringing Kamonwan into the Truth Central unit will lead us to discover consumer insights that inspire new ideas and inspiration."
mark Hadfield[2].jpgIris has announced the latest addition to its senior team in Singapore with the appointment of Mark Hadfield as regional planning director.

Hadfield (pictured left) joins from iris' London HQ where as Planning Director he has spent the last 12 months leading planning and strategic output on clients including Shell, working to launch the UK's first mobile payment technology for fuel, and Philips, leading digital projects for hue, its connected lighting product.

His move will build on the global growth and success of key iris clients across the network, and is the latest in a string of investments iris has been making in expanding its creative innovation proposition in APAC.
Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 8.23.39 am.jpgUnilever Foundry and Lions Innovation are partnering to launch "Foundry 50 at Cannes" - a search for the world's top 50 marketing technology startups that are innovating to help brands better connect, engage and relate with people.

The Foundry 50 will be chosen by a panel of experts, including Brent Hoberman - serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Founders Forum, Rose Lewis - co-founder of startup accelerator Collider, Rob Dembitz, head of Lions Innovation, Caitlin Ryan, group executive creative director from Karmarama, Olivier Garel, head of Unilever Ventures and Marc Mathieu, senior VP of global marketing Unilever.
1.jpgRoughly 6,500 languages are spoken globally, but today OPI introduces the only one anyone will ever need. For the first time, the ancient dream of a common language becomes reality. The brand that has delivered color inspiration for over 30 years, has now launched the first universal colour language through a new mobile app, OPI ColorChat via DAN/Paris.

The OPI color experts know that color is understood at a glance, transcending language and cultural barriers to bind the world together in understanding.

drogatutssel.jpgCannes Lions has launched a new training programme that will help talent working in the creative communications industry make the transition into senior management. Masters of Creativity will offer a five day professional qualification and will be led by eight world-class 'masters' including David Droga, PJ Pereria and Mark Tutssel.

Delegates enrolled in the programme will work on a real brief from Mondelez International to reinvigorate its Bubblicious gum brand.
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