Ogilvy & Mather Singapore show the tools of destruction in this anti-shark fin soup spot

FIN3.jpgMost people don't know that Chinese wedding dinners are one of the biggest causes of shark killings.

In this powerful spot, by painting on wedding banquet spoons that shark fin soup is served in, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore tells a story of how love often has a twisted and brutal end for sharks, and reminds everyone that they each had a part to play in stopping the shark fin industry.




Steve Elrick said:

rather nicely done, one has to say.

Wow said:

Love this. This is great work and excellent animation from the prod company.

Albert Scamus said:

This has to be done by Mr. Juggi and his sidekick Mr Copping...no one in the world loves sharks more.

marc said:

are those boys still at O&M Singapore?

Six Toes said:


Raman said:

Love it

Yoky said:

Its just lovely yet pain. I can feel the pain of this commercial

Steve Walls said:

Gorgeous execution of a really simple idea...

Drew me in, showed me something new and asked a simple question that brides to be might be swayed by "Do you want the sweetness of your wedding to be marred by the bitterness of cruelty"

Cruelty free weddings, cruelty free love... there's an idea here that can run and run

Robert said:

Theres a rather amateurish scam campaign on bus stops at the moment that also has some painting on plates....for a (HAHAHAHA wait for it....) retaurant that screens movies...Do y'all thickheads get it?

Is this some new category this year...best use of crockery illustration?

So so said:

Nice but way too long to get there.

Tim Fin. said:

One minute 45? No.

Come to think of it, hasn't Singapore already banned the sale of sharkfin?

Again! said:

Can we please move on from all this. Shark's fin has been done to death, and time and again by O&M Singapore themselves.

A more effective idea would maybe be for the newly weds to give out these lovely spoons as thank you gifts to their guests.

And then serve sharks fin during the dinner. You'd immediately tell if the idea was effective or not by the amount of sharks fin left.

Hey Again! said:

That is a horrible idea.

Knower said:

From a purely craft perspective, thumbs up.
Just food for thought, absolutely no pun intended, what about chickens, ducks, pigs or cows? Anyone seen what happens behind the closed doors of abattoirs and factory farms?
It's Man's all-out war on animals, in daily holocaust proportions.
Take the dare, go ahead and check out PETA's website.
Wouldn't cruelty free weddings mean more if we weren't species-specific? Spread the word, not the vitriol -- you can save a shark/cow/duck/chicken/pig/all-of-the-above.
Peace. Out.

Pass the sour vinegar said:

We all seemed so concerned and judgement about shark fining but are deafeningly silent about the cruel way we obtain goose liver.
Both are equaling wrong and should be equally rejected by civilized society.
Why damn just cultures who love shark fins?
Isn't stuffing a goose with grain poured down their necks just to fatten the liver, organ harvesting-pure and simple.
Yet, no agency has been affronted enough to act on this?
Hard communication challenge?
No award potential?
Or its just a case of culinary imperialism by the West.

Screw Sharks said:

I would eat the damn thing but it tastes just gross...

Sharks said:

It's because sharks are unique and of the sea and we like the sea.

And we like eating those simple animals that we're all familiar with...

We should all get used to the idea of us being hypocritical assholes as a species.

Nice work, O&M Singapore. In all honesty, it's a good piece.

Huh? said:

I think the ad is a cheap shot at awards, but some of the criticisms here are ridiculous.

How can you criticize this ad for NOT being about cows or goose liver?

It is always the way when someone tries to do something good. Some idiot asks 'Why THAT cause?'. Anti child-labour activists in the C19 were criticized for NOT campaigning against slavery. Anti-slavery campaigners were criticized for ignoring the plight of Cornish miners. Anti-apartheid campaigners were criticized for NOT protesting about Soviet concentration camps. Huh?

It just't follow that campaigning for one thing means you should really be campaigning for something else. If it did, no one should do anything. There's always another evil out there.

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