Early Salary India and Dentsu Webchutney launch the Month-End Collection product range

Month End.jpgEarlySalary, an innovative lending platform, has joined hands with Dentsu Webchutney to roll out 10 video films for their 'Month-End Collection' product range.
The Month-End Collection is a specially crafted product range meant for people who want to live their dreams and maintain their aspirational lifestyle even if their wallets can't afford it. For instance, if they can't enjoy biryani at the end of the month, they can simply buy EarlySalary's Biryani Perfume to make steamed rice smell like biryani. Can't have a vacation in Goa, buy the Wanderlust Vision binoculars with changeable lenses - to enjoy a view without moving an inch or spending precious bucks. If they don't have money to fund their drinks at a house party, the House Full Glass Full beer mug that always looks filled is there to save them from drowning in their sorrows. But the best solution to wish away the month end pain - downloading the EarlySalary app and getting instant cash in minutes.

For a working professional in India, the end of the month is synonymous with monetary crisis and conflict. Especially when millions of Indians working in corporate conglomerates earn an average of INR 20,000 per month. An elaborate 3 course meal in a Bandra restaurant, for example, lends to treating oneself to ready-to-eat noodles at the end of the month. Yet, only a handful of them do something about it. Most of them simply resign to being broke in the latter half of the month.
MONTH END 2.jpgMONTH END 4.jpgMONTH END3.jpgThat's exactly where EarlySalary helps you with instant cash in minutes. With their financial services, they decided to jolt these young professionals out of their plight with the refreshingly humorous and sarcastic 'Month-End Collection.'
Sudesh Shetty, Head - Marketing, EarlySalary said, "With Webchutney coming on board, the clear focus for both of us was to create engaging content that our TG can associate with. A lending product that caters to millennials and Gen Z can be fun and quirky. We are really excited about this project as both - content & the tonality is something that should work well with our audience."
Pravin Sutar, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney commented, "All brands in the financial service category are serious. We chose to be the opposite to stand out. We conceptualized each product keeping in mind the unfulfilled wishes of the consumer during month end to build a strong relevance with them."
Aalap Desai, Senior Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney added, "We deliberately chose humor and sarcasm to convey the message because that's what 25-somethings today are heavily into. We couldn't be preachy but we needed to tell them that if they want their wishes and dreams to be fulfilled, they either need to buy the hilarious Month-End Collection products or just download the EarlySalary app. The solution was as simple as that."
The EarlySalary app enables people to get instant cash in minutes. It has 1,25,000 proud customers so far and has successfully disbursed more than 750 crores, making it the country's largest consumer lending application and helping its customers tide over their month-end misery.
Credits -
EVP & Branch Head: Nishi Kant
Executive Creative Director: Pravin Sutar
Senior Creative Director: Aalap Desai
VP Client Servicing: Harsh Shah
Senior Brand Strategist: Pragati Rana
Associate Creative Director- Copy: Yash Kulshreshtha
Associate Creative Director- Art: Ananda Sen
Senior Art Director:  Aabhaas Shreshtha
Senior Visualiser: Soumya Ganesh
Account Manager: Shweta Bajirao
Senior Copywriter: Animesh Mathur
Copywriter: Sandipan Deb
Copywriter: Anirudh Venugopal
Account Executive: Yash Dugar
Client Team
Akshay Mehrotra
Sudesh Shetty
Production House: Silver Ivory

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