Dinosaur Vietnam, WildAid and CHANGE urge people to protect rhinos, pangolins and elephants

WildAid.jpgOn the eve of Lunar New Year, WildAid, CHANGE, and several prominent Buddhist temples are urging Vietnamese citizens to make an auspicious start by protecting rhinos, pangolins, and elephants in a new campaign called, #BeTheirBodhisattva (be their savior).

Every year, over 1,000 rhinos, 33,000 elephants, and 100,000 pangolins are poached for their horns, tusks, scales, and meat due to unfounded rumors. Such practices have pushed these invaluable species to the brink of extinction.

WildAid 2.jpgFollowing the spirit of Life Release Day and Righteousness during the Lunar New Year, when most Vietnamese people would sincerely look up to and pray Buddha for protection and a peaceful life, Dinosaur Vietnam wants to give these endangered animals a chance to do the same.

Credits -
Board Director: Brandy Vu
Executive Creative Director: Sumesh Peringeth
Creative Director: Trong Nguyen
Copywriters: Thanh Ngo, Trang Ha
Art Director: Ly Le
Senior Designer: Chi Vo
Junior Designer: Thai Le
Junior Copywriter: Quynh Tran
Producer: Adrian Nguyen, Huyen Vo
Account Manager: Lam Nguyen
Account Executive: Tri Tran
CG: Quoc Le, Nguyen Tran
Photographer: Tien An
Video Production: Kiet Nguyen, Tien Lee
Artist: Phan Vu Linh - CineMagic Studio

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