Cannes Contenders: ADK Taiwan

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

ADK Taiwan
In Taiwan, many corporates are used to operating the CSR programs by only publishing the press release directly which lacks creativity. As a result, it's hard to draw everyone's attention, not to mention to engage people and call-to-action. So we start thinking, how to create an unique and interesting experience for the CSR program for 7-ELEVEN which owns the most convenience stores in Taiwan to attract people? We found a strong reason to believe - convenience store are the easiest and common place for loose change to happen. 7-ELEVEN stands in great advantage with owning the most store locations all over Taiwan. We would like to utilize this to do our bit for charity group, figuring out a simple way to turn change into donations. Hence, we created the "Rhythm of Love Wall" donation box. In order to show our gratitude to donators, we worked very hard to develop every pair of hands, using the frame which is made of aluminum alloy and thick silicone, and over 200 thousand times tests to produce authentic clapping sound and motion.

Idea: Every coin donated with love deserves a loving encouragement. People will receive a different applause each time when they insert coins. This not only gives a direct gratitude for their good deeds, at the same time, people could feel the joy of being encouraged. It makes them want to give more!
Senior to Senior Care.jpgSenior to Senior Care
ADK Taiwan
There has been a complex problem existed in dementia care in Taiwan - there's more and more elderly family member has become their home caregivers, taking care for their dementia patient family member, and the average age of senior caregivers (senior to senior care) is up to 72 years old. And it's sad people are not familiar with it, neither notice it. So we want to raise more awareness to this issue and also try to give help to them. Taking care of people with dementia is a job that even young people will feel exhausted, not to mention elderly people taking care of the elderly. We appeal to everyone to donate money to help these families. Caregivers' busy and hard work were highlighted by one shot in this film.

ADK  Taiwan
Cherry blossom blooms in a very short time, so there is a famous saying called "Cherry blossoms only bloom for 7 days." In Taiwan, people like to call 7-ELEVEN as "7". We linked these two "7" together and came up the idea. We created a story happened for only 7 days, and used "7" to present every short but splendid moment during these 7 days, like 7 seconds, 7 minutes, 7 hours and so on. The film is also in 7 mins long, the trailer even released 7 days ago before the official film. The story and characters clearly reflect the spirit of cherry blossoms - "Savor while it lasts." And via the film, we make Taiwanese people feel that they've never been so close to the cherry blossom's spirits before.

God of Door.jpgGod of Door
ADK Taiwan
Culture Context: Gods of Door are divine guardians of doors and gates in Chinese folk religions, used to protect against evil influences from entering. They are often painted in pairs on the door. In Chinese, Doors and Goalposts sound the same. Door God who was supposed to guard the door at home, but why does he go to keep the goal in the football field? It is because the host installed Dierre Security Door. As a result, he has never been afraid of earthquakes, fire or the thieves. There's no one needs a Door God to help you guard the door of home after having Dierre Security Door, so the Door God becomes useless and looking for other things to do... and the interesting thing is they found another door (goal) to guard.

We are inviting agencies to showcase your agency's best chances at Cannes this year. Open to all Asian based agencies entering Cannes this year. Just email with a paragraph or two on each of your best chances at this year's festival. Include a link to the case study/TVC or supply jpegs if it is print.

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