Fabric that transforms from black into all colors of the rainbow used in latest AIG Japan anti-discrimination campaign via TBWA\Hakuhodo

AIG_Diversity1.jpgAIG_Diversity3.jpgTBWA\Hakuhodo Japan has developed a new campaign for AIG Japan that utilises a special black fabric which, when stretched, reveals the full spectrum of a rainbow's colors. The new campaign features players from the All Blacks, the New Zealand men's national rugby team, and the Black Ferns, the New Zealand women's national rugby team, and carries a message about diversity and inclusion.

The campaign spearheads a large-scale communication campaign being undertaken by AIG Japan to declare its stance against discrimination and prejudice in any form.

The campaign will foster charity programs that support its cause of building a community and network of people willing to stand together to fight against the injustice of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, physical and mental abilities, race and nationality. AIG Japan will continue to lead the charge in Japan, under the message and philosophy of "Diversity is Strength." Using the soon-to-be-iconic "United Black T-Shirt" as its symbol.
The TBWA\Hakuhodo creative team was inspired by the fact that mixing all the colors of the rainbow, creates black. A special dying technique was developed in which a fabric that would normally appear black, reveals the full spectrum of a rainbow's colors when stretched. Marking a world first, the "United Black Fabric" was born.


Matthew Walker, AIG Japan Holdings, Regional Chief Marketing Officer said: "Building on the success of our #TackleTheRisk film last year, we really wanted to work with TBWA\Hakuhodo and the All Blacks again to tackle the bigger social issues in Japan - starting with diversity. Our creative challenge to the agency was how do we combine AIG, the All Blacks/Black Ferns and diversity in a relevant and impactful way that reflected our common values and aspirations? From TBWA\Hakuhodo's initial organizing idea of 'If you combine all colors of the rainbow, you get black' through to their fabric innovation and film integration to achieve that promise, we knew it was a big idea."
This movie follows the success of the online movie" #TackleTheRisk" which was released in 2017 and featured the All Blacks. #TackleTheRisk has been viewed over 170 million times worldwide. 

Chief Creative Officer:Kazoo Sato(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Senior Creative Director:Takahiro Hosoda(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Creative Director:Shuhei Tsuji(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Senior Art Director:Keisuke Shimizu(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Art Director : Yosuke Sugioka(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Designer : Kana Takarada(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Copywriter : Peter Souter(TBWA\London)
Copywriter : Tomoko Kasugai(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Activation Planner : Kei Tominaga(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
PR Planner:Hideyuki Kobayashi(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Executive Planning Director : Masa Okazaki(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Strategic Planning Director : Keita Kawakatsu(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Strategic Planning Supervisor : Chigusa Ogasawara(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Strategic Planner : Yoku Ishida(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Film Director (Making movie) : Shinri Abe(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Senior Account Director : Kei Kaneko(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Account Director : Tatsuya Horikoshi(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Account Supervisor : Kasumi Shimada(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Account Supervisor : Keisuke Egami(TBWA\HAKUHODO)
Account Supervisor : Mami Konisho(TBWA\HAKUHODO)

Costume Designer and Producer : Toshihiko Sakurai(SAQULAI,inc)
Costume Director : Chika Sai(SAQULAI,inc)
Costume Technical Staff : Yuka Sato(SAQULAI,inc)
Costume Technical Staff : Nozomi Koike(SAQULAI,inc)
Costume Technical Staff : Toko Matsumoto(SAQULAI,inc)
Costume Technical Staff : Ai Mitsunaga(SAQULAI,inc)

Producer : Keisuke Mizusako(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Producer : Masahiro Kawaguchi(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Global Producer : Jun Yoshikawa(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Global Producer : Riki Sakai(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Global Coordinator : Sumire Matsumura(Freelance)
Production Manager : Taisuke Konaka(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Production Manager : Maki Komiya(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Production Manager : Koichiro Narita(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Global Production Manager : Wataru Ode(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Global Production Manager : Takehiro Yamada(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Director : Hisashi Eto(CluB_A)
DoP : Justin Brown(Lux Artists Ltd.)
2nd DoP : Gen Ito(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Gaffer : Keisuke Kamiyama(AOI Pro. Inc.)
Production Designer : Etsuko Akiba(ART LABO)
Stylist : Chika Yokote(Freelance)
Hair & Make up : Saori Hattori(Freelance)
Casting Director : Emiko Hyakutake(Freelance)
Location coordinator : Shogo Hirai(Freelance)
Location coordinator : Eriko Kawanabe(Freelance)
VFX Supervisor / Finishing : Yusaku Yasuda(Cutters Studios Tokyo)
Post Prodution Producer : Raichi Hara(Cutters Studios Tokyo)
Offline Editor : Aki Mizutani(Cutters Studios Tokyo)
Colorist : Pete Ritchie(Cutters Studios Tokyo)
Colorist : Toshiki Kamei(Cutters Studios Tokyo)
Sound Mixer / Sound Designer : Mike Regan(Cutters Studios)
Music Producer : Tommy Zee(HOLOGRAM SOUND+MAGIC)
CG Producer : Asami Konno(Tsumiki. Inc.)
CG Producer : Taiyo Sato(Cafegroup)

Producer : Wataru Ito(amana)
Producer : Yusuke Hino(amana)
Producer : Yohei Ando(amana)
Photo retoucher : Kaoru Kobata(unICoRn digital retouching)
Designer : Kazuya Yamazaki(NUSH Incorporated)
Motion Graphic Designer : Shinnosuke Arima(EDP graphic works Co.,Ltd.)



Honey can you pass the cheese? said:

Huge laughters broke out when this video was played at the office, even infront of clients. After all that set up, the reveal is just too funny not in a good way. Badly done.

m said:

Why does it need 2 minutes for the set up?

All very indulgent. All very cringe.

Guest said:

I guess it's diverse EXCEPT if you have Christian beliefs. Then no.

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