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LIA extends entry deadline to Wed, July 15

LIA-TROPHIES-thumb-200x316-146688.jpgLIA has extended its entry deadline to the new date of Wednesday, July 15.

For Entrants that have already completed the entry process, there is still time to enter newly released work.

All companies and/or individuals involved in the creative process are eligible to enter.

Entries submitted must be broadcast, published or released in a commercial environment with client approval between 1st July 2014 and 31st July 2015.


My Cannes highlights: Ali Shabaz

AliShabaz_inCannes.jpgCampaign Brief Asia asked Cannes Lions delegates to nominate their highlights of the week, from both the work and personal experiences, at this year's Festival. Here's Grey Group's Chief Creative Officer, Ali Shabaz, who was Singapore's representative on the Outdoor jury.

Wish I'd done these.

Making a shortlist in Cannes these days is as good as winning a Lion a few years ago. Every single category, and I've lost count of how many there are, was packed with great work. But Outdoor in many ways was probably the most complicated.

Here's the thing, no one seems to know anymore what really is "outdoor". And the Jury, of which I was a part of, rightly concluded that everything is. Or at least, can be.

My Cannes highlights: Karen See

KarenSee_Keith Reinhard.jpgCampaign Brief Asia asked Cannes Lions delegates to nominate their highlights of the week. As Chief Communications officer for DDB Group Asia Pacific, Karen See is responsible for developing the communications and public relations strategy for the network. With a role that spans 33 agencies across 14 countries, she also manages DDB's regional creative council. Here's her highlights of the Festival this year.
To begin, I will start at the end. On the last night of the festival, I had dinner with the BackPacker intern, Mark van der Heijden. It was a rare opportunity of quiet following a jam-packed week of inspiring Cannes moments. We talked about his life, serendipity, and how it's all led to Wanderbrief. Just hours before, Mark was interviewed by the legendary Keith Reinhard, DDB Worldwide's Chairman Emeritus, a true gentleman and one of the last Mad Men of our times (see pic above).

HCL-Avitas appoints ITSA India following pitch

harish-natarajan.jpgITSA Mumbai has has been chosen to work with HCL-Avitas, the foray into healthcare of the $ 6.5 billion HCL enterprise. The win came at after a competitive pitch against several other Indian agencies including the incumbent FCB Ulka, JWT and Equus.

HCL-Avitas has entered the market as a "Networked Multi-specialty clinic" that offers World class healthcare driven by patient-centricity. With 8 multi-specialty networked clinics across Delhi-NCR and more to come, it is already NCR's largest chain of clinics to begin with and are coming up with more in the near future.
titanium jury pic.jpgThe Cannes Lions 2015 Titanium & Integrated jury had a star-studded field sitting on the jury. China's representative was one of the world's most awarded creatives, Ogilvy & Mather's Chief Creative Officer, Graham Fink. Campaign Brief Asia asked Fink to nominate the 5 best ideas he saw whilst judging and then his 5 best experiences from his week long time spent at the Festival.

The best idea I saw whilst judging, in fact the best idea I saw anywhere in the world this year, is the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge.

If I had one idea as good as this in my whole life, I'd die happy.

Our jury unanimously awarded it the Grand Prix for Good and it was very moving when the entire audience rose to their feet on the final night to give it a 5-minute standing ovation.
Eveready Presentation Board.jpgTBWA\Kuala Lumpur and Eveready have given a new lease on life to a long-forgotten household item, the torchlight. Inspired by the traditional Malaysian form of storytelling, Wayang Kulit (Shadow Play), the concept features a charming children's bedtime book - one that turns pre-bedtime into a magical, bonding experience for parents and kids.

The 'Eveready Book of Play', is anything but ordinary. At the flick of a flashlight button, each page comes alive. Intricately crafted cutouts work together with a simple beam of light to create projected illustrations on any wall.

Last week it won a Silver Lion in the Branded Content and Entertainment category at Cannes Lions 2015.

KittyLun_TerrySavage.jpgKitty Lun (left, with Cannes chairman Terry Savage) was China's representative on this year's Cannes Lions Press Jury. There was great debate over the final decision on the Grand Prix winner. Here Lowe China's Chairman and CEO takes us into the jury room and explains the extremely close final decision making process.

All the Cannes gold-silver-bronze and grand prix results are out. Everyone has gone home. The sun, sand, sea and the inconvenience of taxi strike in France is now a distant memory. Suddenly I remember I promised to send my Cannes diary to Campaign Brief Asia.
Instead of reporting who has won what, or brilliant speeches I heard in the Grand Audi, which everyone can check on the Cannes Lion website, I thought I owe everyone an explanation of what happened in the Press Jury Room when we voted on the controversial Press Grand Prix.
First of all, we had the best jury room among all categories. All press entries were in hard copy and there's no videos to view, our room is a sunny space with a huge wrap around balcony overlooking Le Croisette. 

My Cannes highlights: Juhi Kalia

JuhiKalia.jpgCampaign Brief Asia asked Cannes Lions delegates to nominate their highlights of the week, from both the work and personal experiences, at this year's Festival. Here's J Walter Thompson's Global Brands ECD - Lux and Friso, Juhi Kalia.

I realise they are all cause-related pieces but big brand or not, the heart likes what the heart likes. These are my three most favourite pieces.

1.) Water for Africa, Marathon Walker won big in a few categories. It's like a punch to the stomach. Swift, simple and with the power to double you over in awe. What an amazing use of an existing platform.

Amidst 54,000 runners, at the Paris Marathon, a Gambian mother by the name of Siabatou Sanneh, also walked wearing her race number. But she walked with a 20 kg container of water on her head, while wearing her traditional dress and a sign that said ' this is how far women walk in Africa just to get water'. The dramatic visual contrast between the first world runners running for sport and a third world woman walking for life...
Michael Canning_72andSunny (1).jpgMichael Canning from 72andSunny LA served as a juror on this year's prestigious Cannes Lions Titanium and Integrated Jury. Campaign Brief caught up with Canning for an inside perspective on the work.

How were the Titanium Lions defined as a category this year?
When the Titanium Lion began it was defined as 'the way forward'. This year the jury hoped to find a few gems of work that hadn't been awarded too much or maybe even at all across other categories because they weren't easy to 'categorize'. We awarded five Titanium Lions and the Grand Prix was awarded to the piece of work that the jury thought was the most forward looking example of communication by a brand right now. The Titanium and Integrated jury also awards the 'Grand Prix for Good' from work across the festival that is created for a charitable purpose, and this was the easiest thing for the jury to select - It deservedly went to ALS Association for 'Ice Bucket Challenge'.

New digital hires at MEC Singapore

MEC Singapore.jpgMEC has announced a series of new digital hires in Singapore to fuel the agency's digital and data acceleration. Amy Dabbs joins MEC Singapore as its new Head of Digital, adding to a string of senior and specialist hires that started earlier this year with Kunal Robert joining as Digital Director and Joshua Campanella joining as Associate Digital Director.
Vento.jpgDDB Mudra West has launched a new campaign to showcase the New Vento premium sedan.

The tvc is a tale of the love received from the car being radiated. The key protagonist; in this case, the young guy is seen seemingly grooving inside his beautiful New Vento much to the amusement of passersby. What the viewers realize later is that all his funny gestures were to charm and amuse his cute chuckling toddler safely tucked out of view in the backseat.


My Cannes highlights: SheungYan Lo

Mayan_Cannes_1.jpgCampaign Brief Asia asked Cannes Lions delegates to nominate their highlights of the week, from both the work and personal experiences, at this year's Festival. Here's J Walter Thompson China's SheungYan Lo.

It's a very inspiring week. Surrounded by so many good seminars, forums, workshops, and most importantly great work, it's a rewarding week. This year, we see lots of soul searching from marketers, agencies, start-up, media, activists, entertainers and celebrities trying to become purposeful in this new era, and of course people have not stopped exploring the future scene of our industry will look like.  
No matter how rich the content of the week is, it's still about celebrating the best work from around the world.

My Cannes highlights: CK Tan

CK Tan_Cannes1.jpgCampaign Brief Asia asked Cannes Lions delegates to nominate their highlights of the week, from both the work and personal experiences, at this year's Festival. First up is BBDO Malaysia's Chee Keong Tan.

These are the three campaigns I hate most:

Marc Dorcel - Hands Off

Nivea - Doll

Fundacion Favalord - The Salt You Can See

These three campaigns have one thing in common. Brutally simple answers to a problem. They demonstrate a brilliant understanding of the audience and manage to address complicated issues with powerful and simple solutions.

Yes. They're so good I hate them.

Sean Boyle: Meditations in an Emergency

Sean Boyle.jpgby Sean Boyle
BrainJuicer Group, UK

Having stepped away from Cannes for a year, after a decade spent gurgling pink wine on the beach every June, it has been interesting to return as an observer rather than a jousting participant. I not only stepped away from Cannes. I stepped away from the entire ad industry: jaded, disillusioned, failed, fired, over-tired and over-emotional.

For all that, it was a surprisingly refreshing sojourn.

The 'key finding' was this enormous sense of just how unimportant and largely unnoticed the things we make are to the average Joe and Josie in the street. My last major gig before New York kicked me to touch, was with Gillette (but it could have been any big FMCG brand from Nestle, Kraft, Unilever, et al). Hundreds of people, all over the world, every hour, of every day, on long, long, conference calls, arguing, debating nuance, worrying about 'top right' and 'bottom left' ...cramming as much in the messaging as possible, as if that somehow will force the ad to sell more (hint: it won't!); lining the pockets of sportsmen and then not using them particularly well; following rules to the nth degree (never breaking them); never zagging while all the others zigged; making sure that every single time we spoke to a man with a piece of communication, we showed him (once again!) how to shave (just in case he hadn't quite grasped it the first bajillion times)...basically doing things the way they've always been done. Again and again. Over and over. Selectively ignoring the plaintive cries from consumers when they bellowed that the work was dull, garish, boring, uninteresting, uninspiring, sexist, plain stupid. Thinking...believing...that 'highly creative' advertising - yes, the sort of stuff that wins at Cannes - was not what REAL, PROPER, GROWN-UP marketing was all about but rather some sort of masturbatory exercise for agency creatives to keep them on side.
Scotchbrite.jpgScotch-Brite, a 3M brand, has been in India for over 26 years creating products that solve genuine consumer needs in the homecare space. Their diverse range of offerings include scrubbers, mops, wipes, sponges, brushes and more. Scotch-Brite has truly become synonymous with the home care category for scrubbers and is trusted by millions of households across the length and breadth of the country.

This new campaign, via Grey Group Bangalore, is to re-launch Scotch-Brite scrub pad, a unique wave-shaped scrubber with the power of stain cutters. In a low involvement category with very little perceived differentiation and where many small players with similar looking green pads exist, it was important to communicate the superiority of the Scotch-Brite scrub pad. Hence the agency's starting point was to identify the one singular benefit and elevate it - its long life.

AQUA_Ramadan 2015.jpgDanone has released new work to educate consumers on the importance of healthy hydration while fasting for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which started on 18 July 2015. The 2-4-2 campaign for AQUA was developed by Y&R Group Indonesia.

The TV and print campaign features local celebrity Ferdi Hassan, whose name is jokingly changed to Feri Hausan (meaning 'Always Thirsty' in Bahasa Indonesia) for on-line videos as part of a major digital component.

Veksner: Hidden gems of Cannes 2015

Screen+Shot+2015-06-23+at+6.11.38+pm.jpgBy Simon Veksner
Creative Partner, DDB Sydney

While the Grand Prix and Golds get most of the attention, I like to pick through the Silver and Bronze pile, to find the hidden gems.

These are the ads that won't change the world, and didn't get huge coverage (if any) in the trade press, but are nevertheless excellent. In my opinion, obvs. READ ON...

Musonda Katongo's Cannes Diary: Days 5 - 9

IMG_0525.jpgMusonda Katongo, head of design at Y&R NZ, is sitting on the Design Lions jury. Katongo, along with many other jurors is reporting exclusively for Campaign Brief.

After the long day before, in which we settled the short list, I was optimistic that awarding the metal would be an easier process. I was wrong.

We ended up spending 17 virtually uninterrupted hours voting and re-voting on each of the 240 odd shortlisted entries.

Paul Yole in Cannes: 5 take-outs from the last day

Paul Yole Cannes 2015.jpgPaul Yole has been blogging from the Cannes Lions Festival for the past 9 years. This year he is highlighting 5 points a day for his daily coverage.


Amir Kassaei, Chief Creative Officer of DDB Worldwide, delivered a seminal talk in the Palais on Friday. Although this was a much more subdued Amir than we are used to, his presentation was incredibly emotional, impassioned, provocative and timely.

Following a week in which industry legends Dave Trott  and Jeff Goodby held up the mirror to our industry, and controversy erupted over a Grand Prix winner this week, Amir rounded it out in the most heartfelt and compelling way possible.

I firmly believe that creative awards are very important, for reasons I won't go into here. I also think that events such as Cannes Lions can play a critical role in inspiring and educating our industry. But right now, we have to question whether we are going about it the right way as an industry.
Claire Davidson_CannesPic5.jpgClaire Davidson is back in Cannes taking in the seminars and reporting for Campaign Brief Asia. Here's her round up of the speaker sessions on Day 7 of the Festival.

Saturday, June 27, 2015
We've reached the final day of a very, very successful week at the Cannes Lions 2015.  It has been non stop 24/7, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise shared with and by us all.  It hasn't been without controversy, particularly yesterday with the Lucky Iron Fish campaign and Product Design Grand Prix award, but then again Cannes wouldn't be Cannes without some form of controversy.  There is so much passion within our industry that people are going to speak up and voice their opinion, particularly when ideas, morals and ethics come into play.

Craig Buchanan's Cannes in Pictures - 3

3_image1.jpegThousands of words are written about Cannes, so we asked The Brand Agency Creative Director Craig Buchanan to do a visual diary of the world's biggest creative communications festival. Here's his final instalment of what caught his eye in the last few days of Cannes 2015.

Ogilvy_CannesNetwork.jpgDroga5_CannesWin.jpgThe Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity ended last night with the presentation of the special "Of the Year" awards.

Agency of the Year was given to R/GA New York. Grey New York came second and Ogilvy Brasil, São Paulo third.

Independent Agency of the Year went to Droga5, New York. Second place Wieden+Kennedy, Portland and third to Wieden+Kennedy, London.

The Palme d'Or, given to the most awarded production company, was presented to Smuggler USA. Blink UK came second and Somesuch UK third.

The Network of the Year award was presented to Ogilvy & Mather with BBDO Worldwide taking second place and, the improver of the year, Grey in third.

Also awarded was the Holding Company of the Year which went to WPP. Omnicom took second place and Publicis Groupe third.
ALS_Cannes.jpgThe Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Good this year has been awarded to the creators of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

At the announcement at the Festival's final awards show in Cannes tonight they received a standing ovation from the audience.

(Photo Credit: Tay Guan Hin + Ronald Ng)

3 second cooking.jpgFrom Asia's 14 shortlists in the Film Lions category at the Cannes Advertising Festival, only 1 entry made the cut to pick up a Lion. Tokyu Agency/NTT Advertising/ AOI Pro Tokyo picked up a Silver Lion for the "3-Second Cooking" campaign, which won Gold earlier in the night in Film Craft.

Australia scored two Bronze Lions. DDB Melbourne and Revolver/Will O'Rourke Sydney have scored a Bronze Lion for Devondale, 'Take Over'. McCann Melbourne and AIRBAG Melbourne have scored its Bronze Lion for Tigerair 'Infrequent Flyer'.

Two Grand Prix awards were presented - to F/NAZCA Saatchi & Saatchi Brasil for Leica Gallery "100" and GEICO "Unskippable: Family Long Form" from The Martin Agency, USA.

VIEW THE WINNERS - Film Winners.xls
3 second cooking.jpgAsia has been awarded one Gold Lion and two Silver Lion in the Branded Content + Entertainment Lions presented tonight in Cannes.

Tokyu Agency/NTT Advertising/ AOI Pro Tokyo picked up the Gold Lion for the "3-Second Cooking" campaign for NTT Docomo.

Hakuhodo Tokyo/Hahuhodo Kettle Tokyo were awarded a Silver Lion for Suntory "Ninja High School Girl". And TBWA Malaysia scored a Silver Lion for their Eveready Battery & Torchlights " The Eveready Book of Play".

Clemenger BBDO and Curious Film Auckland also walked away with a Gold Lion for NZTA 'Tinnyvision'.

VIEW THE WINNERS - Branded Content & Entertainment Winners.xls
3 second cooking.jpgJapanese production company AOI Pro has won a Gold Lion in the Film Craft category at the Cannes Lions. They won for the "3-Second Cooking" campaign.

Plantit Seoul/Adict Media Films won a Bronze Lion for an Innocean Korea "Message to Space" film.

Australia scored one Silver Lion and two Bronze Lions. Exit Films Melbourne scored its Silver Lion for Samsung 'Everyday Is Day One' with 72andSunny Amsterdam and Smuggler London.
CleverBuoyWater.jpgAsia has missed out in the Titanium & Integrated Lions at the Cannes Advertising Festival.

Australia scored one Titianium Lion - for
M&C Saatchi Sydney's Optus 'Clever Buoy'.

VIEW THE WINNERS - Titanium and Integrated Winners.xls

The Titanium Grand Prix went to CP+B Boulder for Dominos "Emiji Ordering".

Grand Print in Integrated went to Wieden + Kennedy New York for Jordan Brand "Re2pect".
MattEastwood_Proud.jpg#ProudLogos has been launched by J. Walter Thompson, who earlier this week changed its logos on its website and social channels. The agency also invited its network of 10,000 employees to make their office signatures "proud," reflecting the colors of the rainbow flag, the universal symbol of pride and diversity among the LGBTQ community.

Today the company evolved its campaign to also include #ProudPhotos. This site allows anyone to make photos of themselves "proud" by uploading them to the rainbow tool on proudphotos.org. J. Walter Thompson's goal is demonstrate acceptance for all.

With the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, the campaign expanded to become even more meaningful in what has become a historic day for the gay rights movement.

The bite size highlights of Cannes Lions

Seven or eight minute bite size highlights of all the action from the seminars at the 2015 Cannes Lions.

Tinder's Founder, SY Lau, artist Emilie Baltz and BrandOpus.

Marilyn Manson, Evan Spiegel, Jessica Walsh and Syl Saller.

Pharrell Williams, Jamie Oliver, Tim Berners-Lee and Sir David Brailsford.

Sir Martin Sorrell, R/GA, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Kim Kardashian West.

James Murdoch, Heineken, Jeff Goodby and David Guetta.

Brian Grazer, McKinney, Amir Kassaei and Al Gore.
Claire Davidson_Cannes pic.jpg
Claire Davidson is back in Cannes taking in the seminars and reporting for Campaign Brief Asia. Here's her round up of the speaker sessions on Day 6 of the Festival.

Friday, June 26, 2015
This morning I caught "The Cannes Debate:  Sir Martin Sorrell In A Conversation with Al Gore".  Sir Martin Sorrell is the Founder and CEO of WPP and Al Gore as we all know is a Former US Vice President and president of the Climate Reality Project.

The discussion this morning centred on the role of communications in political and environmental campaigning.  Gore talked to us about Live Earth: Road to Paris. In November the world leaders will meet in Paris to determine the future of our planet. They want to unite a billion voices to deliver one single message: TAKE CLIMATE ACTION NOW. They want zero global warming pollution and they want zero extreme poverty.  This year standards will be tabled and applied to ALL countries around the world. The single message to the world leaders will be it's our planet and our voice must be heard. So sign up at www.liveearth.org.
Lucky Fish.jpgThe Cannes Lions organisers have swiftly investigated and issued a statement over yesterday's Campaign Brief Asia story exposing the concerns surrounding the validity of this year's Product Design Grand Prix winner, "Lucky Iron Fish" from Geometry Global Dubai and Memac Ogilvy MENA. The story has grabbed global industry attention with over 25,000 hits and nearly 2,000 Facebook likes.

In short, the right outcome has been reached and Lucky Iron Fish is now the sole recipient of the Grand Prix in Product Design. From the Cannes Lions perspective this will help in further years to stamp out confusion, and move the category towards the prestige and standing of the D&AD Product Design category. Campaign Brief is assuming, but it is not stated, that Geometry Global, Ogilvy and WPP will not receive Cannes Agency, Network, Ranking points on this entry

Here's the Cannes statement in full:

Following reports concerning the validity of this year's Product Design Grand Prix Winner, "Lucky Iron Fish" from Geometry Global Dubai and Memac Ogilvy MENA, the organisers of Cannes Lions have undertaken further investigation. We have received prompt written confirmation from both Gavin Armstrong, President and CEO of the Lucky Iron Fish company and Dr Christopher Charles, who developed the original prototype, that they worked in close partnership with the agencies concerned. This follows below.
Baidu.jpgBindi.jpgBaidu Online Network Technology China and Grey Group Singapore have both been awarded Innovation Lions at the Cannes Advertising Festival.

Only 8 Innovation Lions were awarded with the Grand Prix going to the outstanding '3 Words To Address The World' for What3Words London.

Baidu Online Network Technology China won for Baidu Kuaison "Smart Chopsticks" and Grey Group Singapore won for their already highly-awarded Talwarbindi "Life Saving Dot".

Two other Innovation Lions went to Australian agencies, meaning Asia Pacific accounted for 50% of awards won in this category.

The Grand Prix winner "What3Words" replaces traditional addresses with a unique three-word combination based on geographical co-ordinates for each 3m x 3m square of the planet. The system has particular applications in the developing world and was cited by Jury President, Nick Law, Global Chief Creative Officer, R/GA as an example of systematic, Silicon Valley thinking - relevant, he said, because, "As a jury, we were very concerned about problems to be solved."

VIEW THE WINNERS - Innovation winners.xls
REVIVING LEGENDS.jpgFrom a total of 28 Creative Data Lions handed out at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity Asia has walked from the stage with 5.

The star of the competition was Dentsu Tokyo with a Gold, Silver and Bronze Lion for Japan Sports Council "Reviving Legends".

Hakuhodo Tokyo picked up a Silver for Mercedes Benz "Crossword Targetting". Red Fuse Hong Kong won a Bronze Lion for Colgate "Hidden Sugar Receipt".

VIEW THE WINNERS - Creative Data Winners.xls
Comfort Softtest.jpgTen entries from Asia have made the cut at the shortlist stage of the Cannes Branded Content Lions. Japan leads the way with 3 shortlists; Singapore has 2 and singles to Malaysia, Taiwan, India, The Philippines and South Korea.

From Japan Hakuhodo Tokyo, Dentsu Tokyo and Tokyu Tokyo have made the shortlist and both of Singapore's shortlists are for Ogilvy & Mather's Comfort "The Softtest".

Single shortlists go to TBWA Kuala Lumpur, Leo Burnett Taiwan, O&M Mumbai, ACE Saatchi & Saatchi Philippines and Innored South Korea. (see below)

There were 143 shortlists across the Branded Content category.

VIEW THE BRANDED CONTENT SHORTLIST: Branded Content & Entertainment Shortlist.xls

Face of Litter.jpgLook at me_logo2_mom_son.jpgOgilvy & Mather and Cheil Worldwide South Korea are the only Asian agencies to make it through to the Lion judging in the prestigious Cannes Titanium and Integrated Lions.

Lions in this category are considered the most sought after in the whole Festival. Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong is shortlisted for Hong Kong Cleanup's "The Face of Litter". The campaign used DNA phenotyping to put a face to litterbugs.

Cheil Worldwide South Korea is shortlisted for Samsung's "Look at Me" campaign - already a multiple Lion winner at the Festival this year. The Samsung app was designed to help autistic children to communicate with other.

Just 37 entries were shortlisted in the category.

VIEW THE TITANIUM & INTEGRATED SHORTLIST: Titanium & Integrated shortlist.xls

Cannes2015_Ambient2.jpgThe final three category shortlists for the 2015 Cannes Advertising Festival have just been released

The blue-chip Titanium & Integrated category has 37 shortlisted entries; Branded Content has 143 and Film Craft 177.

VIEW THE TITANIUM & INTEGRATED SHORTLIST: Titanium & Integrated shortlist.xls
VIEW THE BRANDED CONTENT SHORTLIST: Branded Content & Entertainment Shortlist.xls

Lucky Fish.jpgCB Exclusive: It wouldn't be Cannes without controversy.

Question marks are been raised over the origins of the Product Design Grand Prix at the Cannes Lion. It was won by Geometry Global Dubai for the "Lucky Iron Fish Project", but social media and Wikipedia are suggesting that Geometry Global are not the people who created this worthwhile product.

The credits on the entry list the involvement of Singapore advertising agency Arcade, and its co-founders, Gary Tranter and Matt Cullen. However, both are embarrassed by their names, and footage that they created for a Google job, being used in the Cannes awards entry.

Tranter calls "Bullshit" on the entry, which he says implies Geometry "spotted a need, came up with the Iron Fish idea and somehow designed the little fish".

This morning Tranter released this statement below:

BBDO Visa PayWave.jpgBBDO and Proximity Singapore has released a new Visa payWave Singapore campaign, the first of its kind specifically developed to speak to a uniquely Singaporean audience.

The campaign is targeted at Singapore's heartland consumers will roll out on TV, OOH, Digital, Cinema, and social media.
Visa payWave has been a leader in the contactless payment category in Singapore since it was introduced in 2007. While many Singaporeans own a Visa payWave card, they may not be using it as they are unaware of how easy and convenient contactless payment is. The new Uncle Sim campaign was developed to communicate the simple benefits of using Visa payWave so that there will be higher penetration of contactless payments in Singapore. For example, the campaign showed that consumers could buy daily use items across Singapore in a simple and convenient manner without having to fumble for cash.
Claire Davidson Pic_cannes.jpgClaire Davidson is back in Cannes taking in the seminars and reporting for Campaign Brief Asia. Here's her round up of the speaker sessions on Day 5 of the Festival.

Thursday, June 25, 2015
The hallways of the Palais Des Festivals were a little empty first thing this morning, which is not surprising after all of the official parties really kicked off last night.  It seems that every single Cannes Lions delegate was out in force at events ranging from the Finnish Sauna Party, the Location Guide / PSN Soiree, the Rushes Party, the Facebook Awards, the Swedish Pool Party, the Pitstop Party and of course the culmination of the massive massive Massive Music / Media Monks extravaganza.  I hate to think how much rose was drunk by all last night.  Happily, we all woke up giggling with our smart phones reading about the couple caught on camera having an amorous romp on our very own red carpet the Palais Des Festivals at 4.30am this morning.

Paul Yole in Cannes: 5 take-outs from day 5

Paul Yole Cannes 2015.jpgPaul Yole has been blogging from the Cannes Lions Festival for the past 9 years. This year he is highlighting 5 points a day for his daily coverage.

Someone asked me yesterday if I'd seen any real highlights this week. I said that although there have been some good sessions, I was still waiting for the one that was worth the entire cost of the trip.
I may have seen it today in the form of the 72andSunny forum talk entitled 'How to grow the people you want to hire.' It was delivered by CEO John Boiler, Director of Talent Sedef Onar and Maria Scileppi , the Director of the agency's development program, 72U.
There are two reasons for my enthusiasm.
First, it gave me confidence that, judging by 72andSunny's 350% growth over the last three years, a lot of the talent initiatives we've put in place at my agency seem to be on the right lines.
Cannes2015_Ambient1.jpgFrom the 3070 entries received in the Cannes Film Lions category 227 have been shortlisted.

The Jury president is Tor Myhren, President and Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, Grey.

From Asia, Abhijit Avasthi, ECD at Independent Mumbai; Morihiko Hasebe, ECD at Hakuhodo Japan, and Arnicknard
Wangpaitoon ECD at JWT Bangkok were all judging.

Innocean Seoul leads the Asian performance with 3 shortlists. Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai have 2 (co-created with Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi Madrid). Other agencies to make the cut to progress to the metal round are BBH Asia Pacific Singapore, Taproot Dentsu India, O&M Japan, O&M Singapore BBDO India, Hakuhodo Tokyo, Tokyu Agency Japan, and Tosando Morioka City.


NDS25x25_Visual[2].jpgSaatchi & Saatchi has just presented its highly-anticipated 25x25 film experiment at its New Directors Showcase to a crowd of 2,300 Cannes Lions delegates at le Palais des Festivals for a one-off screening sponsored by Corbis, a leading digital media company.

This year the Saatchi & Saatchi NDS honours a quarter century of supporting emerging directors. In a move away from technological firsts, the 2015 event put the emphasis firmly on the directors' talents: 25 NDS directors were featured and now pass the baton to the class of 2015.
KHAI-CANNES-2015.jpgCampaign Brief Asia caught up with Tham Khai Meng, the global chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather, who is hoping for a fourth Cannes Network of the Year title in a row.

AdStars_Bexco.jpgThe AdStars Advertising Festival has reported an amazing 40% increase in entries over their 2014 levels.

In total, the global awards show has attracted 17,698 entries from 67 countries.

AdStars takes place every year, since 2007, in the city of Busan in South Korea.

With international entries up Asia has claimed a lower share of entries (7.3 percent decrease on last year). Entries from Africa (2.8 percent increase), Americas (2.5 percent increase) and Oceania (2.2 percent increase) all improved.
StephenDrummond.jpgStephen Drummond has been appointed as Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Y&R China covering Y&R's offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Drummond will have a broad leadership remit, focusing on strategy as the foundation behind Y&R's creativity.

A creative communications leader with over 25 years' experience on both client and agency sides, plus extensive China understanding gained since the mid-1990s, Drummond (pictured) returns to Y&R after 4 years with Coca-Cola. As Regional Creative Excellence Director and China IMC Director, he led numerous campaigns for all Coca-Cola brands. Notable awards in his time there included Coca-Cola China's first Cannes Grand Prix and the Effie China Grand Prix for the hugely successful 'Coca-Cola Nickname Bottles' campaign.
INTERCEPTION.jpgLifepaint.jpgGrey has had an amazing time of it in Cannes this year. In fact the whole network, including Asia, has been contributing and surprising many in Cannes with their great performances.

So far Grey has won 3 Grand Prix awards.

Volvo's "Interception" campaign, which also won a Gold Lion, won the Direct Lions Grand Prix for Grey New York.


During the Superbowl Volvo ambushed the competition with their "Interception campaign". It was called the Greatest Interception Ever. During the Superbowl Volvo's commercials gave people the chance to win a Volvo XC60 for a loved one by tweeting their name to Volvo during any car commercial.

Saatchi & Saatchi wins insurance group FWD

Saatchi.jpgSaatchi & Saatchi has been named creative agency for FWD Group, the next generation insurance company which is on a mission to change the way people feel about insurance.

"The team at FWD is bold, smart, innovative and on a mission to transform the category. They've given us a brief that has our creative people fired up at the opportunity to start working with them and we couldn't be more excited to get started," said Shannon Cullum, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore and Malaysia.
Red Bull.jpgTokyo based JKD Collective have produced a music video clip "Mosquito Slap" for Red Bull Summer Edition.

The video features original music composed of sounds heard while camping in summer. Each sound in the music was recorded on location during the shoot, allowing for a music production that would perfectly match up to the summer footage.

Safe Mode.jpgThe World Health Orgnisation reports, road traffic injuries are the eighth leading cause of death globally. Current trends suggest that by 2030 road traffic deaths will become the fifth leading cause of death unless urgent action is taken.

According to a University of Michigan's Transport Research Institute study, Malaysia is the second-most dangerous country for drivers in South East Asia after Thailand, with 30 fatalities per 100,000 individuals.

Mann & Suri.jpgChraneeta Mann, till recently National Creative Director of Rediffusion Y&R, and Nitin Suri, former National Creative Director of Dentsu and till recently Partner at FHO (From Here On) have come together to form The Mob.

The Mob will be India's first 'mobile first' agency and will be based out of Gurgaon.

"More and more communication is being consumed through the increasing plethora of devices available at our fingertips, allowing a convergence of brandspeak, digital and interactive communication on what we call the 'personal screen' - our window to the way the world lives, buys, chats, works/networks and entertains itself today. The nuance of the mobile is very interactivity driven and weaving exceptional design and ease of interaction into the UI is essential today. We see a big opportunity in crafting content particularly for this space and hope to lead the way in creating mobile solutions that enhance the relevance and impact of mainline communication," said Mann.
SMA_Postcards_08 FLUENTEM MAXUSLI.jpg"The Media Jungle" beautifully exemplifies the evolutionary and competitive nature of the media industry in Singapore. Each agency's DNA was decoded and brought to life by gyro Singapore in the form of their very own creature specimens.

Credits - Executive Creative Director: Manuel Camino. Art Director: Cassandra Tse. Head of Copy: Khairil Misnal. Manager Director: Andrea Conyard. Senior Designer: Hazyrah Mokhlas. Project Manager: Jimmy Liew. Junior Copywriter: You Xin Peng. Junior Designer: Au Shen Ru. Website coded by: Unicom Interactive.
Roach.jpgFollowing on with its brand messaging of 'cockroaches spread diseases', Lowe Lintas Mumbai has unveiled a new campaign for its product 'LAL HIT'. Taking a different approach this time around, the brand seeks to target women who depend on chalk and home remedies to solve the "roach" issue.


Gooch Richards' Cairns Diary: Day Two

Photo 1.jpgGooch Richards is a future copywriting legend working for advertising powerhouse BMF. He thought this would be his first foray into the world of Cannes, but thanks to a simple misunderstanding, he's now in Cairns. Making the most of this situation, Richards has decided to stick to the plan and write a diary for Campaign Brief, from tropical North Queensland, Australia.

The results of last night's wet t-shirt contest at Gilligan's were somewhat controversial. It came down to two eager Swedish backpackers, Sigrid and Lykke. The judges awarded gold to Sigrid, but many were stunned that Lykke's twerking to the Vengaboys classic 'We Like to Party' didn't get her over the line. Personally, I think Sweden was the real winner on the night.

All of that is but a distant memory, because today I immerse myself in the prestigious Cairns Lions. The excitement alone is enough to power me through my chronic jet lag.

Sally Hastings' Cannes Diary: First Highlights

20150624_170715[2] (1).jpgSally Hastings, senior art director, Ogilvy Melbourne talks about her participation in 2015 Cannes Lions See It Be It. Its aim is to highlight the existence of very talented creative women in the industry, accelerate their careers; expose the powers these women bring to the work, and encourage agencies to nurture women's careers from the inside.

Being one of the 12 selected for the 2015 Cannes Lions See It Be It program was a dream come true.

I am acutely aware of how uncool that sounds, but who cares? I was going to Cannes for the first time. I was about to be crazy inspired.

Craig Buchanan's Cannes in Pictures - Day 2

2_image1.jpegThousands of words are written about Cannes, so Campaign Brief asked The Brand Agency Creative Director Craig Buchanan to do a visual diary of the world's biggest creative communications festival. Here's the latest of what's caught his eye.
Design Lions Grand Prix.jpgLions from four more entry sections were tonight announced by the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The winners further asserted that a leading theme in this year's work is brand-aligned ideas that affect societal change and drive business - simultaneously.

In Design, 79 Lions were awarded, including the second Grand Prix of the week to Grey London (above) for Volvo UK, "Lifepaint". Jury president, Andy Payne, global chief creative officer, Interbrand, said the work impacted culture, had the potential for greater scale, was tied to brand purpose and went to the heart of the problem-solving role of design.
ClaireDavidson_day4.jpgClaire Davidson is back in Cannes taking in the seminars and reporting for Campaign Brief Asia. Here's her round up of the speaker sessions on Day 4 of the Festival.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
It's Day 4 already.  Wow.  The week has been racing along at a furious pace.  There is just so much going on, and I really want to soak up as much as possible.  I'm just going to centre myself in the middle of all of this creative energy and become a complete sponge.

First up for me today was the all important '#WEHAVEAPLAN 7 Billion People 7 Days".  This was brought to us by a stellar line up:  Richard Curtis, Filmmaker, Humanitarian and Campaigner, Sir John Hegarty, Founder and Creative of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), Mariella Frostrup, Journalist, TV and Radio Presenter, Freida Pinto, Actress and Chiwetel Ejiofor, Actor.

Jonathan Kneebone's Cannes Diary: Day Eight

DSC04297-thumb-350x233-188243.jpgJonathan Kneebone, writer/director, The Glue Society is sitting on the Cannes Lions Cyber jury. Kneebone, along with many jurors, is reporting exclusively for Campaign Brief. Here he gives some insights to the judging.

While the Cannesdemonium has now hit the town, the Cyber Jury have finally finished. Just in time for the award show tonight.

As jury duties go, this one has been extraordinarily hard work. But a relief for us all then that the quality of the work across the board was so strong. By the time we got our 3738 entries to a shortlist of 330, the only challenge has been deciding how to reward things in a fair way.

Not a bug splat.jpgGet-back-tohoku.jpgIn a historic performance BBDO Pakistan has won two Gold Lions in the Cannes Design category for Reprieve/Foundation for Fundamental Rights.

The awards presentation, which concluded just moments ago, saw BBDO Pakistan win their country's first ever Gold Lions.

The two Golds were for the agency's "Not a Bug Splat" campaign for Reprieve/Foundation for Fundamental Rights (which, puzzlingly, was entered into Cannes last year and won a Bronze Lion in the Direct category plus three shortlists across the Promo & Activation and Direct categories). BBDO worked with local artists to install a super-sized portrait of a child in the fields of the heavily bombed north-west border region of Pakistan. Drone operators are confronted with the image, rather than anonymous 'bug-like' dots on their camera screen, persuading them to think twice.
Cannes2015_Ambient3.jpgLowe Singapore has performed well in the Radio Lions competition at the Cannes Lions.

Lowe scored a Silver Lion for "Donated Voices" for the National University Centre for Organ Transplantation. and then followed this up with a Bronze Lion for their Red Cross "Little Girl" and "Tiny Little Boy" radio campaign.

Ogilvy Indonesia also did well, collecting a Bronze Lion for PT Hero Intiputra's Risk campaign "Hitler's Battle of Germany Speech" and "Saddam's Capture of George Bush".

Look at me_logo2_mom_son.jpgComfort Softtest.jpgCheil Worldwide Seoul has picked up Asia's only Gold Lion in the Cannes Cyber Lions award presentation, which concluded just moments ago in Cannes. The Gold went to Samsung's "Look at Me" campaign which already has won both Silver and Bronze in Mobile this week, as well as a Silver Lion in PR. (See pic below of Cheil on stage in Cannes)

In addition to this Gold for Cheil Worldwide, Asia also won 2 Silver and 3 Bronze Lions from the 126 Lions awarded in Cyber.

Silver went to Ogilvy & Mather Singapore for "SoftTest" for Unilever' Comfort brand and Japan Sports Council "Reviving Legends" for Dentsu Tokyo. It also won a Bronze Lion.
Bindi.jpgGrey Singapore has won a Product Design Lion for Talwar Bindi's campaign for "Life Saving Dot".

Almost every Indian woman wears a 'bindi', an Indian forehead art worn with a dot. With this in mind, Grey Group Singapore's newly formed philanthropic arm, Grey for Good, collaborated with the NGO, Neelvasant Medical Foundation and Research Center, to produce iodine patches, known as the Life Saving Dot. This initiative is further supported by Talwar Bindi.

Paul Yole in Cannes: 5 take-outs from day 4

Ralph_Paul.jpgPaul Yole has been blogging from the Cannes Lions Festival for the past 9 years. This year he is highlighting 5 points a day for his daily coverage.

Massive Wednesday. So called because it's the day of the Massive Music party, but for others it takes on a whole different meaning. This is especially true if you went to the Campaign Brief Legendary Lunch at La Colombe d'Or, possibly the world's best setting for a garden restaurant.

Here are my 5 thoughts for today.

1. If you want to read an in depth review of the sessions, read Claire Davidson's coverage
OK I may have been a bit skinny yesterday but I am trying to keep this a brief snapshot in the hope that if something sounds interesting you can read the full story elsewhere, like Claire's excellent and detailed coverage. But I will try to give a little more than just a teaser. Talking of which....

2. Richard Curtis wants us to help spread the word
As we agreed in the car back from St Paul de Vence today, the Cannespeak word of this year seems to be 'collaboration'. Project Everyone is a collaboration between Richard Curtis and Sir John Hegarty.
CRAIGEN-CANNES-2015.jpgCampaign Brief caught up with Jeremy Craigen, Innocean Worldwide's new global chief creative officer, who has taken on the challenge after a 25 year career at DDB London.

Craigen's remit is to improve the creative product of Hyundai and Kia, the network's two biggest clients, as well as attract new business.

FutureLions.jpgAKQA has announced the winners of Future Lions, the official student awards at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France. AKQA has led the Future Lions program since its inception in 2005.
This year, more than 1,800 students from an unprecedented 60 countries participated in the competition.
The five teams that were crowned are:

chromebook_type for Google by Elton Rhee, Ludvig Pehrson and Louis Meyer (Miami Ad School, San Francisco and Europe)

SafeStamp for Heineken International by Divya Seshadri and Meghan D. O'Neill (Miami Ad School, San Francisco)

UberFIRST-AID for Uber by Andrea Raia, Andrea Zanino, Pierpaolo Bivio and Francesco Sguinzi (Fondazione Accademia di Comunicazione, Italy)

Snaphelp for Snapchat by Yusol Shim (KyungHee University, Bigant Academy, South Korea)

Treeprint for World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) by Cheryl Seah Su Yin (LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore)
buenos_aires_bike_Baby.jpgApple_WorldGallery.jpgThe 2015 Cannes Press Lions Grand Prix was awarded to The Community/La Comunidad Miami for their "City of Buenos Aires Public Bike System" "Dog", "Baby", Squirrel" and "Moths" campaign.

Jury President Pablo del Campo, Worldwide Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina said that the jury had seen many entries which had "brought light" to the category, but the Grand Prix stood out for its freshness, originality and, ultimately, creative bravery.

"There were other great ideas that we loved, but we thought that this one was the most challenging and farthest away from the comfort zone."

TBWA/Media Arts Lab Los Angeles claimed the Grand Prix for the "World Gallery" iPhone 6 integrated campaign, described by jury president Juan Carlos Ortiz, president & CEO of DDB, as a ground-breaking blend of innovation and simplicity-of-thought that made the jury's choice easy. Says Ortiz: "We didn't choose the Grand Prix - the Grand Prix chose us."


Young Lions winners return to Cannes: Day 1-3

Cannes Victory.jpgAfter winning silver last year in the Cannes Young Lions competition, Carl Robertson and Tristan Viney are back, documenting their time in Cannes on their blog, 2 Lions 2 Furious.

This time last year we popped our Cannes Lions cherry.

We were fortunate enough to represent Australia and win a silver lion in the Young Lions Film competition. And right now we're back in Cannes for this year's festival - but not because we've earned it. Some miscommunication during the award announcements resulted in us being incorrectly announced as winning gold - instead of silver. Yep, just like in Australia's Next Top Model. Not that we watch it or anything. Because we're heaps manly and love things like beer and monster trucks.
Campaign Lionheart .jpgInstead of entering the Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity this year, Singapore independent agency, Community, created a campaign with its limited Cannes awards budget.

The newly set up shop opted not to spend on any entries to  Cannes - donating the total amount of entering 10 entries to a diverse range of charitable and community minded causes.

Titled Campaign Lionheart, the initiative consists of collaborations with nonprofit organisations Food From the Heart, Animal Lovers League and Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped, to help those in need.


Sophie Woods' Cannes Diary: Day Three

IMG_0431.jpgSophie Woods is a producer for The OTTO Empire and is attending her first Cannes Lions, attending as a 'Young Lion' delegate. She reports exclusively for Campaign Brief.

They all told me "don't go too hard too soon". And did I listen? No. I did not.



Gooch Richards' Cairns Diary: Day One

Photo 1 (1).jpgGooch Richards is a future copywriting legend working for advertising powerhouse BMF. He thought this would be his first foray into the world of Cannes, but thanks to a simple misunderstanding, he's now in Cairns. Making the most of this situation, Richards has decided to stick to the plan and write a diary for CB, from tropical North Queensland.

I touch down at Cairns International Airport at 5.30pm. I can't tell if there's a palpable excitement in the air, or if it's just the humidity. Either way, I'm thrilled to finally be here. Haven't seen any ad people yet, although one guy on my flight was wearing white linen pants and a pale blue pastel jacket. Pretty sure he was just a knob.
Bharatesh Salian, Vice President and Head of Strategy, Razorfish India.jpgRazorfish India has appointed Bharatesh Salian as Vice President and Head of Strategy, based out of Mumbai. Razorfish India is steadily bringing on board the top Digital talents in the country to join its team across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

"With a strong technology background and in-depth understanding of brands and consumer behaviour to boot, it is a unique combination that is not easy to come by, said Gaurav Pathak, COO Razorfish India and added, "His 14+ years of rich experience in Mobile, Digital and Social media domains will be valuable for us to strengthen Razorfish's capabilities in Business Transformation."

Prior to joining Razorfish, he was with VivaConnect as Chief Strategy Officer where he worked with clients like BJP, GSK, Google and Tata Motors.

Salian (pictured) has also worked with brands of MNCs like Unilever, J&J , Renault, Nissan and SET MAX during his stint with Omnicom Media Group as General Manager - Digital & Moblility, where he was heading the mobile strategy and project implementation for large projects like the Cannes Lion Winner Kaan Khajura Teshan, 3 Roses Good Life Club  and BeBeautiful.
Beneath.jpgWomen's roles are shifting rapidly across booming Asia, thanks to new career opportunities, better education and loosening traditions. From recasting the "left over women" phenomena in China to riding the technopreneur wave in Indonesia, women are challenging notions and redefining their roles in Asian society today.

In "Asian Women: Beneath the Surface," a new report by J. Walter Thompson, surveyed 1,500 women aged 20-45 in China, India and Indonesia. The aim was to examine and contrast attitudes toward finances, career, dating, family roles and beauty norms - and understand what this means for marketers and brands.
Pancake House Logo.jpgyellow-cab.jpgBBDO Guerrero Philippines has scored a double-appointment picking up both Pancake House and Yellow Cab, two of the best established restaurant brands under Max's Group Inc.

Pancake House is a familiar brand among Filipinos boasting a 40-year heritage. It has a 110 local store network, plus 7 stores overseas. Initially conceptualized as an American diner associated with specialty pancakes and waffles, this all-day dining restaurant has evolved through the years to offer a wide array of mid-priced local and international cuisine.
Glass Lion Grand Prix (1).jpgResults from a further five Cannes Lions entry sections were tonight revealed at the second of the week's awards ceremonies, bringing to an end another day of diverse and inspiring content focused on the future.

8 much-anticipated Glass Lions were presented, including a Grand Prix to BBDO India, Mumbai, for Procter & Gamble Whisper, "Touch the Pickle".
ClaireDavidson_Cannes.jpgClaire Davidson is back in Cannes taking in the seminars and reporting for Campaign Brief Asia. Here's her round up of the speaker sessions on Day 2 of the Festival.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
We were ALL at the Palais Des Festivals very early this morning to see Pharrell.

Bob Pittmann, Chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia bought us "Creating Constellations:  Unleashing Creativity Through Collaboration" with Pharrell Williams, Artist and Ryan Seacrest, Radio Personality, Television Host and Producer.

The discussion today focused on the critical role that collaboration plays between creativity and business. Williams is a star collaborator in the entertainment, media and fashion businesses, incorporating his art as he looks to redefine culture and commerce.
07ca996cc9fb7ee4e71365cb3aebd712b56094a0.jpgIn conjunction with its presence at Cannes this year NYC-based design/animation company the STUDIO has created a Cannes Coloring Book and special Twitter hashtag #ColorCannes.

Cannes Lion attendees can visit the STUDIO's booth on the beach and get a free coloring book and pencils featuring all of the jury heads -- BBDO's David Lubars (pictured), Grey's Tor Myhren, Matt Eastwood of JWT -- they're all in there.

After coloring, attendees are encouraged to upload to Facebook or Twitter and share their creations.

Click here to see all of the Jury Heads available to color, as well as few finished ones already submitted.
MARK HENDY (1).jpgEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium - which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week's guest judge is Mark Hendy, executive creative director at Grey Germany.

Seeing that this is the only judging gig in Cannes this week that can be done by the side of the pool I feel somewhat privileged.

The fact that it doesn't come with 3 months of harassment and lobbying by every agency in South America is an added bonus. READ MORE...

Paul Yole in Cannes: 5 take-outs from day 3

Paul Yole in Cannes-thumb-300x399-188365.jpgPaul Yole has been blogging from the Cannes Lions Festival for the past 9 years. This year he is highlighting 5 points a day for his daily coverage.

Is it only Tuesday?

Here are 5 things that occurred to me today.

1. The Aussie drinks party is like Facebook in real life
It was so good to meet so many old friends. Thanks to Photoplay and ADMA for sponsoring and CB for hosting.

2. Pharrell is smart
So is Ryan Seacrest. A couple of sound bites from Pharrell:
"A curious mind is a young mind"
"Intention should be the number one element in your work"
"It's not a real collaboration if you're not learning something"
Touch the pickle.jpgIn a major coup BBDO Mumbai has beaten all others to take out the inaugural Grand Prix in the Glass Lion category. The agency took out the top award for Procter & Gamble India Whisper Sanitary Napkins' "Touch the Pickle".

It was a big win for India and BBDO as there were only 8 Glass Lions awarded, including #likeagirl from Leo Burnett Canada and "The Equal Pay Back Project" from Droga5 New York.

BBDO Mumbia also won a Glass Lion for "Share the Load" , again for Procter & Gamble Ariel Matic.
KFC So Good.jpgThroatsil_RAMSAY.jpgAsia scooped three Gold Lions at the Cannes Lions Outdoor Awards presentation which concluded just moments ago. BBDO Bangkok, BBDO Malaysia and Y&R Shanghai all took home Gold.

BBDO Bangkok won for a Throatsil campaign titled "Alex", "Ramsay" and "Tyler". BBDO Malaysia won Gold for their KFC Brand posters "Drumstick", "Burger" and "French Fries". Y&R Shanghai won for Xiao Zhu Air Purifier "Breathe Again".

In addition to the 3 Gold Lions, Asian agencies also won 9 Silver Lions and 11 Bronze Lions. All up 131 Lions were awarded across the Outdoor competition.

To round off a great night for BBDO Malaysia, their KFC campaign also picked up 2 Silver Lions in this category.
VisitBritain.jpgNAVY.jpgThree Golds have been awarded to Asia in the PR category at Cannes Lions.

Ogilvy Beijing collected two of the Gold Lions for their "Great Chinese Names for Great Britain" campaign, which was also awarded a Silver Lion. The campaign saw UK national tourism agency, VisitBritain, along with the Home Office, ask the people of China to give new Chinese names to hundreds of tourist attractions and places of interest scattered across Britain.

TBWA/Hakuhodo Japan also collected a Gold Lion for Quicksilver's "True wetsuits". This campaign also won a Silver Lion. True wetsuits enables Japan's over-worked businessmen to regain their work/surf balance.

Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore won a Silver Lion for their "Inspiring Spirit" campaign for Scoot Airlines.

Cheil Worldwide South Korea also won a Silver Lion for Samsung's highly regarded "Look at Me" campaign.

Bronze Lions were awarded to Hakuhodo Japan, Y&R China and Grey Group Singapore.
Search for free wifi_1.jpgTBWA/Being Shanghai has been awarded a Gold Lion and a Silver Lion in the Media category at the Cannes Lions Festival.

TBWA/Being Shanghai won both Lions for their "Search for free Wifi, search for missing children" for their campaign for Baobeihuijia.

Other agencies from Asia to score Lions are Cheil Worldwide South Korea, who picked up two Silver Lions for "Morning Like a King" for Burger King.

PHD Singapore, Grey Group Singapore, Y&R China and BBDO India all collected a Bronze Lion each.

Musonda Katongo's Cannes Diary: Days 1 - 4

IMG_0328 (1).jpgMusonda Katongo, head of design at Y&R NZ, is sitting on the Design Lions jury. Katongo, along with many other jurors from the region, is reporting exclusively for Campaign Brief.

After travelling for around 25 hours, it was surreal stepping through the arrival gates into the humid Nice air.

It's my first time attending the Lions, but not my first time to this part of France. I backpacked along the coast years ago, staying in dodgy flea-ridden hostels. So this time promises some agreeable contrasts.
Bindi.jpg23 entries overall have been shortlisted from the 280 entered into the Cannes Lions Product Design category.

Asia went through to the next stage with 5 entries shortlisted.

Japan has three shortlists - one each to Hakuhodo Tokyo (Issue + Design Write More), Hakuhodo Kettle Tokyo (University of Tskukuba's Special Needs School) and Dentsu Tokyo (Softbank Mobile Corp Pepper). China and Singapore have one entry each. DDB ChIna for Volkswagen and Grey Group Singapore for Talwar Bindi.

Share the Load_PG.jpgBindi 2.jpgBBDO Mumbai has two of the 18 shortlists on the new Glass category at this year's Cannes Lions Festival. Both shortlists are for  Procter & Gamble India "Share the Load" and "Touch the Pickle". BBDO Mumbai is the only agency to have multiple shortlists in the category.

Grey Group Singapore was also successful with a shortlist for Bindi "Life Saving Dot".

The Glass Lions category, introduced this year, recognises work that breaks through gender bias and shatters stereotypical portrayals of men and women. It received 166 entries.

Pizza Hut.jpgLiving grass.jpgDentsu Inc. Tokyo has been shortlisted 13 times in the Cannes Lions Design competition. Combined with their Kansai and Nagoya agencies Dentsu Japan has 15 shortlist of Japan's total haul of 35 shortlists.

Hakuhodo Japan also has 6 Shortlists and Mori Inc Tokyo has 3.

The next best performing country is Thailand with 6 shortlists - 2 each to NudeJEH and O&M Bankgok. Creative Juice and Y&R have singles.

Singapore has 5 shortlists, lead by Kinetic and Ogilvy & Mather with 2 each. Lowe Bangkok also had a single shortlist.

Y&R Malaysia is shortlisted three times; TBWA Santiago Mangada Puno Manila has 2 shortlists; BBDO Pakistan also has 2 shortlists, as does Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong.

McCann Worldgroup Mumbai is the only agency from India to make the cut with a single shortlist.

REVIVING LEGENDS.jpgThere were 3788 entries into the Cyber category at Cannes Lions, a record this year. 330 finalists have made it through to the metal stage.

From this total, Asia has 18 shortlists going forward to the Lion round of judging.

Japan leads the agency pack with 10 shortlists. Dentsu leads the Japanese contingent with 6 entries going forward (3 of which were for their "Reviving Legends" campaign for Sports Biz). Hakuhodo Tokyo follows with 2 and Tokyu Agency and Mori Toyko with one each.
Paul Reardon in Cannes.jpgThe Radio category at Cannes Lions saw 179 shortlists from 1720 entries from 51 countries.

From the 179 entries shortlisted Asia has 10. Ogilvy Indonesia reaped 6 of these shortlists, all of which were for their campaign for PT Hero Intiputra Boardgames ("Fidel Castro's Inauguration, "Hitler's Battle of Germnay Speech" "Saddam's Capture of George Bush").

Lowe Singapore has four entries that made the cut, two for the Red Cross and two for the National University Centre for Organ Transplantation.
Cannes2015_Ambient2.jpgThe latest round of shortlists has been released by the Cannes Lions Festival. Today sees the release of Cyber, Radio, Design, Product Design and the new Glass category.

The Cyber jury shortlisted 330 from a record 3738 entries. Radio saw 179 shortlists from 1720 entries. The Design category attracted 2409 entries and 240 made the cut. The Product Design jury shortlisted 23 entries from the 280 entries. The Glass Lions is a new category that recognises work that breaks through gender bias and shatters stereotypical portrayals of men and women. It received 166 entries with 18 Shortlists.


Craig Buchanan's Cannes in Pictures - Day 1

image1.jpegThousands of words are written about the  Cannes Lions, so Campaign Brief Asia asked The Brand Agency, Perth's Creative Director (and photographer) Craig Buchanan to do a visual diary of the world's biggest creative communications festival. Here's what caught his eye on Day 1.


Chris Hanrahan + Jordy Molloy in Cannes: Day 1

le beds.jpgChris Hanrahan and Jordy Molloy, a young creative team from DDB Melbourne, are competing in the Film category of the Cannes Young Lions competition. They write exclusively for CB.

Every night Jordy and I separate the two single beds in our hotel room until they're an acceptable distance apart, and every day we come back to find that the maid has pushed them together again.

While her attempts to be a great wingman are certainly appreciated, they are unfortunately in vain. Because Jordy and I aren't in Cannes together for some kind of romantic Euro sex romp - we're here to win the Young Lions Film competition for Australia.
Alex Derwin_Cam Blackley (1).jpgAustralia: BMF Australia has appointed Alex Derwin (left) to the role of creative director.

Derwin has seventeen years experience in the UK, the US and Australia. He started as a copywriter at Ogilvy London in 1998. Four years later he ran away to Sydney where he stayed for the next 10 years, working at Publicis Mojo, Clemenger and the Monkeys. His next destination was Oregon, where he worked as a creative director at Mutt Industries, a start-up in Portland founded by former Wieden and Kennedy ECD Steve Luker.
Alone.jpgTo promote History Channel's newest survival reality TV show Alone, GOVT Singapore created a regional campaign using the Oculus Rift as a medium to enhance the consumer brand experience and to give a taste of what it would be like being alone, in the wild.

With the audience having to be passive consumers, GOVT had to excite consumers and bring across the feeling of despair, fear and loneliness beyond the TV set. To this end they made use of Oculus in a non-gamification format and brought the jungle to the people. The consumer experience was enhanced through the blurring of reality and virtual reality.

studio-website1.jpgTVs are getting bigger, better and brighter. Rather than broadcast about mighty specs and tech advancements, Cheil Singapore took an emotional approach to communicate the benefits of the all-new SUHD TV. SUHD Studio. A platform where you can create trailers based on your favourite movie genre. Pick your scenes from a collection of high quality footages. Drag and drop videos, movies and special effects onto a timeline. Because the best TV is not one that looks the most amazing. It's the one that you love watching.
VOLVO_logo.jpgOMP- Linked by Isobar has won Volvo's digital marketing business for China, following a competitive pitch. The agency will provide full digital marketing services for all Volvo products including digital strategy, creative, implementation and professional consulting for its digital media procurement.

Volvo is recognised as a safe and luxury car brand in China, with cumulative sales in the first half of 2014 increasing by 34.3% year-on-year, higher than the average of China's luxury car market.

At the end of 2014, Volvo announced the launch of their new global marketing strategy, "Volvo Way to Market", focused on creating marketing tools to become a leader in digital marketing, the dealer network and service, with the aim of being an innovator in the space.
Tiger Beer.jpgAs the second phase of its SG50 campaign, Tiger Beer has lined up a slew of events and activities to commemorate this milestone in the nation's history. To uncage the nation from the usual celebrations, Singapore's most iconic beer will be presenting a fresh take on how National Day is usually celebrated, by throwing its own epic National Day party. Truly a party for the people, it puts the power in the hands of the people by getting Singaporeans to vote for what they want to see at their party - the wackier the better.

ClaireDavidson_Cannes.jpgClaire Davidson is back in Cannes taking in the seminars and reporting for Campaign Brief Asia. Here's her round up of the speaker sessions on Day 2 of the Festival.

Monday, June 22, 2015
Wow.  The 'Official' Cannes Lions Beach is very swanky.  It's delightful.  What are we all doing inside the Palais Des Festivals all day?  I'm definitely definitely going to aim to catch more seminars at the beach during the week.  It's an undiscovered gem.

I went along this morning (following the 'Official' Cannes Lions Beach blue carpet as I sauntered) to catch "Wake Up With The Economist:  Meet and Mingle With The World's Most Creative Marketers".  Moderated by Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor of The Economist, he discussed today's topic with Pete Blackshaw, Vice President of Digital and Social Media for Nestle, SA, Bruce McColl, Chief Marketing Officer of Mars and Jonathan Mildenhall, Chief Marketing Officer of Airbnb.

Traditionally it's been the agencies that have led creativity, but in today's chaotic world of communication, and the various and varied channels open to us, it's the clients who are increasingly contributing to their innovative content.  Creativity is more important than ever in marketing, particularly with regard to these current technologies surrounding us.  This is largely based on the fundamentals. 
Look at me_logo3_using the app.jpgYeomyung School.jpgOut of the 57 Mobile Cannes Lions winners, Asia has been awarded five Lions. Three Lions went to Cheil Worldwide South Korea, one to Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong and one to Party Japan.

Cheil Worldwide South Korea has a Silver and a Bronze Lion for their "Look at Me" campaign for Samsung Electronics. The app helps autistic children communicate better.

Cheil Worldwide South Korea/Pengtai also picked up a Bronze Lion for "South Korean North Korean Translator" for Dream Touch for All an Educational Non for Profit Organisation.

Ogilvy & Mather Group Hong Kong won a Bronze Lion for "Smart Sentry" for Mobile Network Maxis Berhad.

Party Tokyo also collected a Bronze Lion for "Haruhi Hunting" for Sankyo Planning Game.

57 Lions were narrowed-down from 1,246 entries, with Google Mountain View taking home the Grand Prix for Google "Cardboard" - an idea that almost rendered the technology invisible in order to allow the experience to seem natural. Jury President Joanna Monteiro, VP Creative Director, FCB Brazil said that it had made virtual reality far more accessible. "The jury believed that this is a game-changer since it democratizes VR. Cardboard costs about $20 and will allow brands to engage many more consumers, offering them a different level of experience."


StarHub.jpgDDB Singapore has been awarded a Gold Lion in the Promo + Activation category at the first award show of the Cannes Lions Festival. DDB won Gold for their Starhub "4G4Good" campaign.

The campaign enabled eligible StarHub Mobile post-paid customers to pledge their unused talk-time, mobile data and SMS for the month of August 2014 in support of selected beneficiaries, including AWWA (Asian Women's Welfare Association), CPAS (Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore), ISCOS (Industrial & Services Co-Operative Society), SAVH (Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped) and SPD (Society for the Physically Disabled).
AirAsia_01_Beach_sml.jpgIn the Cannes Lions Press competition, awarded tonight at the Festival's first awards presentation, Asia has walked away with 5 Silver Lions and 7 Bronze Lions.

India and Thailand were the region's only Silver Lion winners with McCann Worldgroup Mumbai winning 2 Silver Lions for their Gastrina "Dabur" and Dish TV "Essel Group" campaigns. Grey Worldwide Mumbai (DHL Hands), Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok (Audio Gear) and BBDO Proximity Bangkok (Thai AirAsia) also won Silver Lions.
StarHub.jpgMessage to space.jpg A total of 83 Lions were awarded in the Cannes Lions Direct category, presented tonight in Cannes at the Festival's first award show. In the final analysis Asia only ended up with two Lions.

DDB Group Singapore and Innocean Worldwide South Korea  were the only agencies from Asia to succeed in this category - picking up a Bronze Lion each.

DDB Group Singapore won Bronze for "4G4Good" for Starhub and Innocean Worldwide Korea won Bronze for Hyundai's "A Message to Space".

The Grand Prix for the Direct category was awarded to Grey New York for Volvo's "Interception".  This was a second Grand Prix via Grey New York for "Interception". In a section with 2,813 entries, 83 Lions were presented. "Smart, strategic, creative and real-time, Volvo zagged and created a new conversation which hijacked The Superbowl. It pushed and rethought what you can do in direct," said Jury President, Judy John, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Canada. "Interception is a deep example of what's going on. It's an exciting time in the category and the business."


Paul Yole in Cannes: 5 take-outs from day 2

Paul Yole in Cannes.jpgPaul Yole has been blogging from the Cannes Lions Festival for the past 9 years. This year he is highlighting 5 points a day for his daily coverage.

It's Monday - the new Tuesday. Tonight we have the Campaign Brief welcome drinks followed by the Opening Gala.

Here are 5 things I learned today.

1. Don't leave your sunglasses at the apartment
It may be cool and dark in the Palais but the sun's bright and if you want to fit in here you really need a stylish pair of Ray Bans.

2. Jessica Walsh is a hot talent
Sagmeister & Walsh is a pretty cool New York design studio. Partner Jessica Walsh says that you need to get into a playful state of mind to be at your most creative.

Kiwi expats win The Young Lions Health Award

The Essentials.jpgThe Essentials 2.jpgFormer Whybin\TBWA Auckland creatives Ryan Price and Cece Chu, now at Mr. President, London, have been announced as the winners of this year's Young Lions Health Award at the Lions Health Award Ceremony.
The Young Lions Health Award, in association with UNICEF and Unilever, aims to discover the next generation of young talent in creative communications.
Young professionals from around the world were tasked to respond with a creative integrated campaign that unites UNICEF and Unilever to strengthen health systems in the developing world.

Their winning idea, 'The Essentials', does just that. The campaign reinforces Unilever's support for UNICEF, by transforming supermarket purchases into powerful and engaging ways to donate. UNICEF will utilise the winning campaign as the basis for engaging the general public to advocate and mobilise support for better, child-focused health systems.
Ravi Shanker.jpgFCB Jakarta has hired Ravi Shanker as Management Consultant, effective immediately. Shanker will lead the growing creative team and their work for clients such as Mondelez and Beiersdorf.

Shanker (left) joins FCB from Creativeland Asia in Mumbai, bringing 12 years of experience from a variety of Mumbai-based agencies including Ogilvy & Mather, BBDO, McCann Erickson, Contract and Leo Burnett. His work includes advertising, digital, design and new media for clients in categories as diverse as FMCG, banking, automobiles, durables, telecom, realty, media and fashion.

FCB Jakarta Director Bhaskar Rao said, "We are very impressed with Ravi's strategic approach as well as his media-agnostic ideas. He brings a fresh perspective to our local and international clients as well as on those brands where we lead the regional communications development."
NICK-LAW-CANNES-2015.jpgCB caught up with Aussie expat Nick Law, the global chief creative officer of R/GA, currently the hottest agency in the world, fresh from winning Agency of the Year titles from Ad Age, D&AD and ADC.

Mediamonks-Victor-Knapp.jpgCB caught up with Victor Knaap, the CEO of global digital production powerhouse MediaMonks, which is about to open a Shanghai office, just over two years since opening in Singapore.
Recent projects from the region include the interactive experience they created with Johnnie Walker Singapore for their Blue Label mentoring: Symphony in Blue. Other creatively awarded global projects include Sweetie (which won the Cannes Grand Prix for Good last year), Google Nightwalk, Jack Daniel's The Few and Far Between and BIC Universal Typeface.

Vissual Dictionary.jpgOverall Asia has picked up 37 shortlists in the Cannes Lions Media category, with China leading the way with 8.

TBWA/Being Shanghai scored two shortlists for "Search for Free WiFi for Missing Children" for Baobeihuijia. Whilst TBWA/Shanghai/Carat, Isobar Shanghai, Mindshare Shanghai, Ogilvy Beijing, BBDO Shanghai and Y&R Shanghai all have one entry through to the finalist stage.

India followed with 7 shortlists with the BBDO Group picking up 5. Four of these shortlists were for Proctor & Gamble, 2 for their "Share the Load" campaign, and one each for Gillette and Whisper Sanitary. DDB Mudra Mumbai and Ogilvy & Mather Gurgaon also have one shortlist each.
NAVY.jpgOgilvy & Mather Beijing, Hakuhodo Tokyo and TBWA Hakuhodo all have 3 shortlists each in the PR Category at this year's Cannes Lions.

In total Japan has 8 entries that made to shortlist, China has 5, Singapore 4, and India has 3.

Malaysia and South Korea have 2 shortlists each and Pakistan 1.

Twitter_osama.jpgKFC So Good.jpgAsia has a total of 95 Shortists in the Outdoor category at this year's Cannes Lions. 469 entries have made it through to the Lion judging stage.

With the results just released a few moments ago, it's encouraging to see Thailand agencies bounce back from a low position over the past two festivals to lead Asia with 20 shortlists, spread across 8 Bangkok agencies. Thailand's performance was lead by BBDO and Ogilvy & Mather with 5 Shortlists each. McCann Worldgroup (3), Dentsu (3), and NudeJEH, Leo Burnett, JWT and Creative Juice all scored 1 Shortlist each.

Singapore was the best performing country after Thailand. Singapore's tally was made up of Ogilvy & Mather (8), Lowe (6) and DDB (3).
Cannes2015_Ambient1.jpgThe Cannes Lions Festival has released the latest round of shortlists. Four categories were released - Outdoor, Media, PR and Creative Effectiveness.

Outdoor, which attracted the largest number of entries this year with 5037, has a shortlist of 469 entries. Media attracted 3179 entries and has 294 on the shortlist. There were 200 shortlists from the 1969 entries in the PR category. And Creative Effectiveness saw 27 entries make the cut from the 160 entries entered.

VIEW THE MEDIA SHORTLIST: Media Shortlist-2.xls

Jimmy Lam's Cannes Diary: Day Six

jimmylam2014-thumb-300x275-188249.jpgJimmy Lam, Vice Chairman & Chief Creative Officer at DDB Group China, is sitting on the Direct Lions jury. Lam, along with many other  jurors from the Asia Pacific region, is reporting from the jury room exclusively for Campaign Brief.

The Final Judgement.

Day six started at 0830. After yesterday's scoring, entries of each category by had been ranked. Category by category, we were asked to vote via the tablet, for Gold, Silver, Bronze or Remain as Shortlist, after exchange of reasons for like or dislike between juries.

Paul Yole in Cannes: 5 take-outs from day 1

Cannes2015_Ambient1.jpgPaul Yole has been blogging from the Cannes Lions Festival for the past 9 years. This year he is highlighting 5 points a day for his daily coverage.

This day 1 or day 2 thing is really freaking me out.

It used to be so simple. Cannes started on Monday so people arrived on Sunday and the week took care of itself after that.

Now, Sunday is the new Monday so instead of relaxing in the Mediterranean sun, it is seminars and workshops all day. Here are the top 5 things I found out.

1. Don't sit in the seminars all day
The series of Forums has some really great speakers, with a different them each day. Sunday was all about visual language.

Bridget Taylor's Cannes Diary: Day One and Two

Paul Reardon_Cannes IMG_4789.jpgBridget Taylor, executive creative director at Contagion, is on the Cannes Lions Radio jury. Taylor is reporting exclusively for Campaign Brief.

This year we were asked to write our Cannes bios in 140 characters or less. So I'm going to do my daily reports the same way.

Day One: Trending: robot voices, long, long copy ads (one six minutes) and tech interacting with radio.

Day Two: If you're thinking of doing an ad for original parts, don't. Oh and apparently it's very important to know that cars are now available with sensors. And don't just listen to the radio, use the frequency to talk to the unborn, cure illness and train Dolphins (I may have made that bit up.)
LeeKumKee_Global Quality Campaign_EN3.jpgLee Kum Kee, the Hong Kong heritage brand known for their premium oyster and soy sauces, recently launched a global brand campaign that re-emphasizes Lee Kum Kee's family values and philosophy to never compromise.

The integrated campaign, created by TBWA\Hong Kong, includes in-store, print and social media activation around the key message, 'Quality Never Compromised'. The campaign builds on the insight that when you cook for the people you love, you never compromise.

The series of ads feature the various Lee Kum Kee condiments including oyster sauce and seasoned soy sauce for seafood. The brand highlights its uncompromised commitment to quality with something that is part of the brand's DNA, expressed through an equation: 100 - 1 = 0, which means Lee Kum Kee tolerates no mistake in any production procedure, which would otherwise place in jeopardy all previous efforts as well as consumers' trust.

Veskner: 'Twas the night before Cannes

HDtimelapse.net_City_0680_hirez.jpgBy Simon Veksner
Creative Partner, DDB Sydney

I reckon this year's Cannes will showcase the best work our industry has ever produced.

Buoys that detect sharks, children's books that are also eye tests, radio stations for dogs... the sheer creativity is staggering.

But so is the irrelevance. READ ON...
Vissual Dictionary.jpgIn order to help non-native English speakers to improve their English language, Grey Group Singapore and the British Council Singapore have introduced the Visual Dictionary.

The idea behind the Visual Dictionary is to turn everyday surroundings into one big classroom with the ease of using an app.

Learners only have to snap a photo of an object which they do not know, and through an image recognition technology, the Visual Dictionary will then display the word along with the audio pronunciation of it.

"Learning English as a second language can be difficult for non-native English speakers. This app helps with the large vocabulary and difficult pronunciations that one can come across. The Visual Dictionary has tackled this issue effectively," said Ali Shabaz, Chief Creative Officer of Grey Group Singapore.
group photo.jpgAdvertising honcho and ex Chief Operating Officer of DDB Mudra, Pratap Bose, Outdoor and Experiential guru Mandeep Malhotra, Arjun Reddy an entrepreneur who owns and runs a diversified portfolio of businesses, and Pradeep Uppalapati, who was a Senior Director and India Lead for Global Corporate Development Team at Accenture, have joined forces to launch India's maiden advertising conglomerate 'The Social Street'.

Positioned as a digitally driven agency, The Social Street embraces the best in technology processes and systems, across its service offerings which include Branded Content & Entertainment, Shopper Marketing, Media, Out-of-home, Retail, Sport Marketing, Events & Promotions, Rural Marketing, Trade Marketing and Youth Marketing, with operations in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Publicis Hong Kong pitches an idea in a lift

Elevator.jpgIn this integrated campaign by Publicis Hong Kong you can pitch your business idea in a Marriott Courtyard elevator before it reaches the top floor.

The best idea wins cash to make it happen.

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Just put your email address in the "GET FREE DAILY NEWSLETTER - SUBSCRIBE FREE NOW" near the top right of the Campaign Brief Asia home page and each day you will receive one email around 1pm (Singapore time) highlighting all the days creative news and awards coverage. It's a simple 30 second process that will keep you in touch.
Claire with Kevin Wong.jpgClaire Davidson is back in Cannes taking in the seminars and reporting for Campaign Brief Asia. Here's her round up of the speaker sessions on Day 1 of the Festival.

Sunday, June 21, 2015
It's 'the' time in our annual advertising calendars.  It's been marked out in fluro pen in our diaries and with gold star stickers in our journals for the last six months.  We've been looking at the programme schedule and timetable for weeks now.  We've lived in anticipation.  It's what everyone looks forward to (attending and celebrating).  It's what everyone aspires to (being entered, let alone shortlisted).  It's what everyone dreams of (winning).  Oh, the glory.  It's the International Festival of Creativity that no other festivals around the globe come close to in terms of...  well everything.   It's what makes the advertising world go round... and round... and round.  It's what makes each one of us tick.  Ad men and women, let's open the curtain on the Cannes Lions 2015.

Once again, the Lions have outdone themselves.  This year has seen a record number of 40,133 entries received across Cannes Lions (21st thru 27th June), Lions Health (19th thru 20th June) and Lions Innovation (25th thru 26th June).  Entries in Creative Effectiveness have doubled, Branded Content and Entertainment went up 18%, and Film and Film Craft increased 8% and 6% respectively.

Russ Tucker's Cannes Diary: Day Three

russ.jpgRuss Tucker, national digital CD, Digital Arts Network, Whybin\TBWA in Australia is on the Cannes Lions Mobile jury. Tucker, along with many jurors, is reporting exclusively for Campaign Brief.

Just so you feel like your are here, this diary entry is written in French.

Je me sens comme si je suis métamorphoser et se transformer en un homme à part entière d'origine française. Bien que je pense que je sonne plus comme Borat à la population locale avec ma note de lycée du vocabulaire français.

Le temps est lumineux et chaleureux, bien que je ne l'ai pas beaucoup vu la lumière du jour étant dans la chambre, je l'ai nommée - "The Hurt Locker". Le vin Cimarose coule et dans la distance que vous pouvez entendre le clic rassurant et pop de l'un pour cent étant tout Rivierary français.
Look at me_logo2_mom_son.jpgSeven agencies from Asia have been shortlisted in The Cannes Lions Mobile category following the release of the shortlist today.

Asia's most successful agency is Cheil Worldwide South Korea, who has a creditable 5 of Asia's total of 11 shortlists. Cheil's "Look at Me" mobile campaign for Samsung has been shortlisted 3 times and "South Korean North Korean Translator" for Dream Touch for All is shortlisted twice.
IMG_2740.jpgTony Clewett, executive creative director, FCB Auckland is on the Cannes Lions Promo & Activation jury. Here's Clewett's round up of the shortlist judging, exclusively for Campaign Brief.

Crikey. Judging's tough. And you forget just how brutal it is until you see 90% of the entered work lying there bleeding on the judging room floor. Stone cold dead. Hopes, dreams and '2 minutes of case study nirvana' all dashed. And that's just trying to get through to the Shortlist stage.

If it picks up a piece of metal, no matter what the colour, it's a bloody amazing thing. And it hurts just that wee bit more if some of that 'dead' work is yours. How could 24 other jury members get it so wrong? Oh well... I won't employ them. Any of them.
Home For Hope.jpgMums & Maids.jpgOgilvy & Mather Singapore, DDB Singapore and Dentsu Tokyo all have 3 shortlists each following the release of the finalists for this year's Cannes Lions Promo + Activation category.

In total, 300 pieces of work remain in contention from the category that received 3196 entries this year. Asia only has 21 shortlists with Japan and Singapore the most successful with 9 and 6 respectively.

Japan's total of 9 is made up from Dentsu Tokyo (3), TBWA Hakuhodo (2), Mori Tokyo (2), Hakuhodo Kettle (1) and I&S BBDO (1).
StarHub.jpgMums & Maids.jpgThis year's Cannes Lions Direct category looks like a disappointing one for Asia at the shortlist stage. Following five days of judging just 22 entries from Asia survive as part of the final list of 277 Shortlists.

Japanese agencies have 8 entries that made the cut. TBWA Hakuhodo has 3 Shortlists and Dentsu Tokyo 2. Other agencies still in the hunt for a Lion are Hakuhodo Tokyo, Hakuhodo Kettle Tokyo and Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo.

Cannes Lions: Direct, Promo+Activation shortlists

CannesLions-LOGO-AZUR.jpgCannes Lions festival has released two further shortlists - Direct and Promo + Activation.

In total 277 Direct entries were shortlisted and the Promo + Activation jury released a shortlist of 300 entries.

VIEW THE DIRECT SHORTLIST: Direct Shortlist - Press.xls
VIEW THE PROMO + ACTIVATION SHORTLIST: Promo & Activation Shortlist.xls

Jimmy Lam's Cannes Diary: Day Five

jimmylam2014.jpgJimmy Lam, Vice Chairman & Chief Creative Officer at DDB Group China, is sitting on the Direct Lions jury. Lam, along with many other  jurors from the Asia Pacific region, is reporting from the jury room exclusively for Campaign Brief.

We were back to the dungeon to start judging from 0900. From the 2,400 entries reviewed yesterday, we now have 318 entries from various categories, and they are ranked from the votes done yesterday.

We went through category by category, also relook at those entries that were marginally hanging on the cut off line, to vote Yes or No for them to stay in the shortlist.   

Russ Tucker's Cannes Diary: Day Two

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 6.58.26 pm.jpgRuss Tucker, national digital CD, Digital Arts Network, Whybin\TBWA in Australia is on the Cannes Lions Mobile jury. Tucker, along with many jurors, is reporting exclusively for Campaign Brief.
The big question is who is going to win.

After yet more action in the darkroom today there is still nothing concrete to share with you.

Instead, I took to the streets to ask the local people of Cannes what is going to win at this years festival. Surely they would have some answers?


Craig Chester's Cannes Overview

CHESTER-Cannes-Steps-thumb-400x224-188356.jpgCraig Chester, CD, Saatchi & Saatchi Health is Australia's representative on the Health & Wellness Lions jury. Chester, along with most of the Australian and NZ jurors, is reporting exclusively for CB.

Andrew Spurgeon, our Lions Health and Wellness jury president said to me when we first met, "the Lions is a well oiled machine, you just climb on board and let it take you for a ride."

And what a ride it was. Four days locked away in a dark jury room with creative gurus filled with insight and passion. I have learnt a lot.
KFC So Good.jpgBaidu_happy.jpgChina, and particularly Y&R China, has the most number of shortlists in Asia following the release of those entries that have progressed to the Metal round in the Press category at this Year's Cannes Lions.

China's haul of 26 shortlists is the best in Asia. Y&R China has 23 of them - 20 for Y&R Shanghai and 3 for Y&R Beijing.

In total, Asia has 100 shortlists from the total of 518 shortlisted entries.

India is the second best performing country overall with 18 shortlists. Thailand has 16 entries through; Singapore 12; Malaysia 9; Hong Kong 6; Indonesia 5; Vietnam 3; South Korea and Japan 2 each; and The Philippines has 1.

Cannes Lions: Press, Mobile, Innovation shortlists

CannesLions-LOGO-AZUR.jpgThe 2015 Cannes Lions festival is underway in earnest with the release of the first three category shortlists.

The Press, Mobile and Innovation list were released 5 minutes ago.

In total 518 press entries were shortlisted; 109 Mobile entries, and 34 Innovation entries.

The Press jury is lead this year by Pablo del Campo, Worldwide Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi. Mobile is headed by Joanna Monteiro, Vice President Creative Director, FCB, Brazil. The Innovation jury Persident is Nick Law, CCO of R/GA.

The Innovation shortlist was released last week to give those selected time to reach Cannes to present to the whole jury. Nine entries from Asia were included.


Paul Reardon's Cannes Diary: Day Two

Paul Reardon_Cannes IMG_4789.jpgPaul Reardon, Executive Creative Director at Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne, is Jury President on the Cannes Lions Radio jury. Reardon, along with several other jurors from Asia Pacific, is reporting exclusively for Campaign Brief.

Greetings from day two of the Cannes Radio Jury room. The local temperature is a pleasant 27 degrees, the wind is a gentle South South Easterly and everyone who's not judging Radio now hates us.

Jimmy Lam's Cannes Diary: Day Four

jimmylam2014.jpgJimmy Lam, Vice Chairman & Chief Creative Officer at DDB Group China, is sitting on the Direct Lions jury. Lam, along with many other  jurors from the Asia Pacific region, is reporting from the jury room exclusively for Campaign Brief.

To my understanding, there were slightly over 3,000 entries in the Direct Lions. After remote judging when each juror was assigned in groups of five to vote about 300 entries for the shortlist, there were about 2,400 left. After first three days of different composition of groups of five judging, the first shortlist came to about 300.

On Day 4, all 25 jurors sat together for the first time, viewing and voting together, still with no discussion. It was a bloody long day, from 08:30 till 22:30. The same conference meal for lunch, take out pizza and sushi look-alike for quick dinner, before all of us dragged our brain dead bodies back to kinky hotel 3.14.

Paul Yole in Cannes: 5 things to look forward to

Paul Yole in Cannes.jpgWhen I first started writing for the Campaign Brief Cannes blog nine years ago there were only one or two of us doing it. Now, you can't escape it.

This year I'm going to jump on the '5 Things...' bandwagon. I think it could catch on.

Let's start with five things I'm looking forward to this week, in no particular order.

1. Cannespeak
Without doubt, a highlight for me every year is waiting for the cliché words and phrases to emerge.

Like the time I counted 53 uses of the word "content" in one seminar.

This year I reckon "native'' or "programmatic" may challenge old favourites such as "storytelling", "conversation" and "mobile". Let's see.

2. Professor Brian Cox
Cox makes science understandable and relevant for even a dumbass like me. On Tuesday at 3pm his subject is 'The Creative Universe'.
Look at me_logo4_eye contact.jpgWinners of the 2015 Pharma and Health & Wellness Lions were announced last night at the Lions Health Awards Ceremony where in this, the second year of the competition, a total of 86 Pharma and Health & Wellness Lions were presented.

From the 432 entries submitted to the Pharma competition, 25 Lions were awarded and DigitasLBI New York's "Take it from a fish" for Astra Zeneca claimed the section's first Grand Prix.
I touch myself.jpgY&R Shanghai leads the Asia-Pacific agency pack at the shortlist stage of the Cannes Health Lions, which has seen 259 entries accepted worldwide.

The agency has ten entries shortlisted of the 49 Asia-Pacific entries to make the cut, followed by J Walter Thompson Sydney with seven, while Grey Singapore, Medulla Communications Mumbai and Geometry Global Dubai have six apiece.

Ogilvy Japan has five entries on the shortlist, followed by McCann India, Mumbai and BBDO Proximity Bangkok with three. Hakuhodo Tokyo, McCann Health Tokyo, GPY&R Melbourne and GPY&R Brisbane each have two entries through, while Ozma Tokyo, Ogilvy Mumbai, TBWA\Santiagoi Mangada Puno Makati, DDB China Shanghai, Cheil Worldwide Seoul, Lowe Singapore, Saatchi & Saatchi Health Sydney, Grey Melbourne, Ogilvy Melbourne, M&C Saatchi Sydney and Bang PR Sydney have one apiece.
Dentsu.jpgDentsu has been appointed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) as its exclusive marketing agency in Japan for the 2015-2020 period. As such, Dentsu has acquired the exclusive rights to sell IPC partnership packages as well as IPC sponsorship packages for ten of the sports2 over which the IPC has jurisdiction (IPC sports) to Japanese companies.

In addition to these package sales, Dentsu will provide support for the IPC's promotional activities in Japan as well as for communications between the IPC and its Japanese sponsors.

Moreover, Dentsu will work together with the IPC to enhance the IPC's marketing programs with the aim of furthering the spread of Paralympic competitions worldwide.
Rebecca Liu.jpgRebecca Liu, Director of Communications of Saatchi & Saatchi Greater China, has been named PR Professional of the Year: In-House by 2015 PRWeek Awards Asia.
PRWeek Awards are setting out to celebrate the most inspired and successful campaigns, companies and individuals in Asia-Pacific's communications industry. Now in their 14th year, the Asia awards signify a closer alignment with the global PRWeek brand and its awards programmes in the US and the UK.

PR Professional of the Year: In-House celebrates the performance of an in-house PR professional, whose leadership is advancing the public relations profession. The judges look for evidence of outstanding achievement within the client side of the PR industry, scope, innovation, leadership and industry contribution within the eligibility period.

This year Liu stands out from the competition and takes the top prize. She joined Saatchi & Saatchi in 2010, building a communications team from scratch, and then lead the team on to 2014 In-House PR Team of Year by PRWeek Awards Asia. Last year, she undertook a wide variety of high-profile initiatives to enhance Saatchi & Saatchi Greater China's reputation and promote creative work for clients, her bold and innovation communications strategies have successfully advanced Saatchi & Saatchi's reputation and helped to win many awards.
"I am very excited to receive this award, especially proud to be on the same stage two years in a row." Liu said, "I appreciate the panel's recognition of my achievement over the past year and moving forward, I will continue to draw inspiration from new media and technologies, and to embrace the future."
harshad hardikar-.jpgDigital agency Indigo Consulting has appointed Nikhil Sahane as Vice President, Mobile and International Business and Mahesh Patil in the capacity of Chief Technology officer.

Sahane's appointment comes with the increasing demand of cutting-edge and effective mobile solutions, while Patil's inclusion in the leadership team reinforces Indigo's focus on integrating technology and creativity.

On the appointments Harshad Hardikar, Chief Operating Officer, Indigo Consulting (pictured) , said, "Our business operations will benefit hugely with Nikhil and Mahesh coming on board. Both are extremely talented individuals and possess an impressive track-record. Nikhil will focus on growing our mobile business on new and existing businesses. Mobile has increasingly become a strong strategic pillar for Indigo, along with social, web and search. His role will be to integrate mobile with different channels and create (mobile) platforms that can grow clients' business. As for Mahesh's appointment, it's a significant move since technology has always been our core strength. With a team as large as 70 people, we wanted a leader who can use technology as a growth driver. We are glad to have found the right man for the job. I'm really excited with Indigo's overall digital offering to clients."
Lions Health-LOGO black.jpgLions Health, the Festival and Awards for creative excellence in healthcare, has announced the shortlist for the Young Lions Health Award, the new competition launched this year calling on young creatives to devise a marketing campaign on integrated health solutions for developing countries.

Six teams from Asia have made the cut including; Ning Ren and Jie Ruo, ONES IDEA, Shaoxing; Barny Rivera, FCB Manila, Makati City and Maria Melissa Vibar, Draftfcb Digital Inc., Makati City; Soleil Beatriz Badenhop and Anna Monina Mae Antig, Draftfcb Digital Inc., Makati City; Nasich Taufik Ulinuha and Ardanaga Sasmita, PT. Thinksmart Ide Brajendra, Jakarta; Adeline Siow Siew Fen and Kenneth Foo Yong Hao, J. Walter Thompson Pte Ltd, Singapore and Juneston Mathana, Leo Burnett Solutions Inc., Sri Lanka.

Cannes Contenders: MEC Sydney

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

2 (1).jpgMaking Dynamo Dynamic: Mums, Mud and a million different messages
MEC Sydney
This campaign tapped into the muddy roots of kids sport to reach the most passionate supporter of all: Mum.  Dynamo partnered with the biggest sports website in the country - Fox Sports Pulse - to deliver 1.2 million personal messages to connect directly with the 1.7million parents visiting every week to view fixtures and results.
Dependable.jpgEvery man likes to see himself as dependable, and every wife wants a dependable husband and every child wants a dependable dad.

This story, by Saatchi & Saatchi Indonesia, is about the most dependable man in the world, my husband, for Manulife Financial.


Ministry for Manpower appoints Y&R Singapore

MelvinKuek.jpgY&R Singapore has been appointed creative agency for the Ministry of Manpower, following a tender process.

The Ministry of Manpower has appointed Y&R Advertising Singapore onto its panel of agencies for the development, management and implementation of an integrated public and marketing communications plan. Y&R Group's Burson-Marsteller has also been appointed to handle PR as part of the same tender process.

Y&R has had previous experience on the Ministry of Manpower account and related issues over the last 15 years. This appointment adds to last year's win of the Workforce Development Agency on Y&R's impressive portfolio of major government clients

Melvin Kuek, Managing Director Y&R Singapore (pictured) said, "This was our last pitch conducted in 2014 and is a very welcome belated X'mas gift! It is a major account win for us and further evidence of Y&R Singapore's continued resurgence in 2015. We are truly gaining momentum on all fronts."

Kea Sui Hong, Group Account Director Y&R Singapore added, "Manpower issues in Singapore are a tough topic, especially due to the fact that we are a country that has moved from third world to first in one generation. We are happy to be part of the panel as we hope our knowledge about this can contribute to the nation's well-being, given that this is a key agenda for the government."
Rajat Ray.jpgA seasoned professional with over two decades of experience, Rajat Ray has been appointed Associate Vice President, DDB Mudra South & East. Based out of the agency's Bengaluru office, he will be reporting to Sujay Ghosh, Executive Vice President.

Ray joins DDB Mudra, fresh from a five year stint at Ogilvy & Mather, where he was last designated Client Services Director and led the Consolidated Advertising team on the IBM account. Before that, he was associated with prominent agencies like Euro RSCG, Ogilvy (earlier stint) and Fountainhead.

Ray has had extensive experience across sectors - both B2C and B2B - including but not limited to FMCG, Consumer Durables, Real Estate, Healthcare, Lifestyle, BFSI and IT and brings to the table, a high degree of proficiency in Digital Marketing.

Craig Chester's Cannes Diary: Day Five

20150619_174112.jpgCraig Chester, creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi Health (Sydney) is sitting on the Health & Wellness Lions jury. Here's Chester's first up impressions of his fifth day in Cannes.

Day four of jury duty has just finished and metal winning work has been selected. Over the coming days heavy little lions will be enhancing various airlines' profit margins as luggage is checked in and deemed overweight. Those stomping up the cash will be giving each other high fives as they do it. And so they should.

Jimmy Lam's Cannes Diary: Day Three

jimmylam2014.jpgJimmy Lam, Vice Chairman & Chief Creative Officer at DDB Group China, is sitting on the Direct Lions jury. Lam, along with many other  jurors from the Asia Pacific region, is reporting from the jury room exclusively for Campaign Brief.

When accepting the invitation to be a Cannes Lions jury, one needs to sign a Jury's Code of Conduct which includes not disclosing of information from the judging sessions.  Hence, reader should not be expecting specific comments on entries from any contributing writer to Campaign Brief.

Jonathan Kneebone's Cannes Diary: Day 1 and 2

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 2.42.00 am.jpgJonathan Kneebone, writer/director, The Glue Society is sitting on the Cannes Lions Cyber jury. Kneebone is reporting exclusively for CB.

Right now, it's the Cannes before the swarm.

Most of the global advertising community are yet to pack their loafers let alone board flights to the South of France.

And in many ways, seeing Cannes in its current relaxed state, it's become apparent why it was originally such a good idea for a place to host a festival.

Tay Guan Hin's Cannes Diary: Day One

TayGuanHin_CannesPic1.jpgTay Guan Hin, Southeast Asia ECD at J. Walter Thompson Asia Pacific, is a Cannes 2015 Cyber Jury member. Guan Hin, along with other jurors from the Asia Pacific region, is reporting from the jury room for Campaign Brief Asia. Here is his introduction to the judging and in his next column will wrap up the whole judging.

While I'm writing this, I'm reminded by what Lions Festival CEO Philip Thomas said in his opening remarks to the juries: "Please don't tweet, text, Facebook, Instagram any confidential info about the work or the judges. Don't write about whom you hate, but whom you love." He added, "Please don't predict what will win the Grand Prix." False expectations will cause more harm than good. He cited an example of how he gave the same speech last year, but some judge posted a photo of the first creative he judged on social media right after.  So without letting any cyber cats out of the bag, here's some takeaways from the jury room.

Jimmy Lam's Cannes Diary: Day Two

Jimmy Lam.jpgJimmy Lam, Vice Chairman & Chief Creative Officer at DDB Group China, is sitting on the Direct Lions jury. Lam, along with many other  jurors from the Asia Pacific region, is reporting from the jury room exclusively for Campaign Brief.

25 jurors are once again assembled in to groups of five, but with different members to yesterday, so we can get to know more of the other jurors, though there is yet any need for discussion in voting as we are shortlisting another two categories.

Choices of main dish for lunch is limited (two), though different from yesterday. Being a food lover, I cannot imagine having this for another four more days.   
Anouk.jpgClothing retailer Anouk has released this web film via Ogilvy & Mather Bangalore.

The film touches on the sensitive subject of gay and lesbian relationships. It's the first ever lesbian commercial out of India, where homosexuality is still considered illegal.

Taiwan Beer Honey Beer hero image.jpgTo raise awareness and encourage the trial of Honey Beer, the latest product line from Taiwan Beer, Wunderman Taiwan transformed several drones into mechanical bees. These bee drones could take flight, and were dispatched to help deliver six-packs directly to consumers' offices, a one-of-a-kind, online-to-offline experience that had never before been done in Taipei.

Ted Lim med.jpgDentsu Aegis Network has promoted Ted Lim to Chief Creative Officer of Dentsu Asia Pacific (excluding Japan). Previously Lim (pictured) led Dentsu's creative offering for Southeast Asia and now expands his remit to cover all of Asia Pacific outside of Japan.

Rohit Ohri, newly appointed CEO Dentsu Asia Pacific (ex Japan) said, "Ted has done a great job in building a culture of creativity and innovation in Southeast Asia and will now will bring those skills to an even bigger job across the region. I look forward to working closely with Ted to bring to life Dentsu's core proposition of Good Innovation outside Japan and in the process, build and enhance our company's creative reputation."

Cannes Contenders: BBDO Pakistan

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Homeless.jpgMoltyFoam: The World's First BillBed
BBDO Pakistan

There are an estimated half a million homeless people in every main city in Pakistan. Most are labourers who work hard during the day and have nowhere to sleep at night. Nowhere but the pavements. With Pakistan's leading mattress brand MoltyFoam's promise of a good night's sleep, we saw an opportunity to help and provided a solution to people sleeping outdoors... by using outdoor. We designed the world's first BillBed. A billboard designed from the product itself. By day the BillBeds advertised the brand, and by night - with a simple flick - they transformed into comfortable beds. The weatherproof BillBeds were placed in over 150 locations in 9 major cities across Pakistan, at locations we knew would benefit homeless labourers the most.

Want to showcase your agency's best chances at Cannes this year? Open to all Asian based agencies planning on entering Cannes this year. Just email kim@campaignbrief.com with a paragraph or two on each of your best chances. No more than 6 per agency. Include a link to the case study/TVC or supply jpegs if it is print.
Dad.jpgPublicis Hong Kong is taking a look at pregnancy from the Dad's angle in a humorous new campaign for AXA that promotes the company's Pregnancy Protection plan. The new work will be seen in Hong Kong initially and later in other Asia markets.

Strategy for the new work was developed by the agency from insights highlighting that expectant fathers want to be connected as possible to their future babies and be prepared as their partners experience their pregnancy terms. Despite the fact that the men are not physically carrying the baby, they are still experiencing challenges as the birth day arrives.

Cannes Contenders: VML Australia

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

uniqlomatch[2].jpgUniqlo: Uniqlo Match
VML Australia
A playable catalogue that learns what you like as it challenges you to unlock this season's latest looks. To play, fans needed to quickly swipe through outfits and match the items to the models for a chance to win. Any items fans came across during play they liked could be quickly added to a bag for later with discounts and suggestions being offered at the end of each level to encourage in game purchases. Match exposed fans to a huge range of looks, and this curated approach to online shopping resulted in UNIQLO's biggest e-commerce week to date.

Cannes Contenders: DDB New Zealand

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 3.24.01 pm.jpgSKY TV: Murmuration
DDB New Zealand

SKY takes its audience on another epic journey with its 60 second spot 'Murmuration', created by DDB New Zealand and directed by Steve Ayson of the Sweet Shop. The spot follows an unassuming young hero as she explores the power of freedom in her own hands. The TVC is designed as a teaser to promote the latest SKY On Demand offering which launched in early 2015.

Cannes Contenders: Clemenger BBDO Wellington

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

tinnyvision_board_Cannes.jpgNZTA: Tinnyvision
Clemenger BBDO, Wellington
Tinnyvision: a group of guys sharing their stoner sessions on Snapchat. Add them. Get snaps. Watch them, and they disappear. No incriminating evidence.

Craig Chester's Cannes Diary: Day Four

20150616_182745.jpgCraig Chester, creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi Health (Sydney) is sitting on the Health & Wellness Lions jury. Here's Chester's round up of his fourth day in the jury room in Cannes.

I quite like the idea of being one of those 'cool dudes' that says, ' yeah, just another day of lions judging - c`est la vie,' but I'm not. I'm excited and extremely grateful to be here in Cannes and chuffed to be one voice within the judging room. I'm a guy drinking orange juice on the rocks.

Russ Tucker's Cannes Diary: Day One

image1.JPG (2).jpgRuss Tucker, national digital CD, Digital Arts Network, Whybin\TBWA is sitting on the Cannes Lions Mobile jury. Tucker is reporting exclusively for Campaign Brief.

It was the best of times, It was the worst of times....

I write these words in my personalised gold leather diary on day one wearing a blue pastel blazer because this is Cannes.

Wait, what? The worst of times?

Well being locked away in a dark room watching a gazillion case study videos could be misconstrued as a bad thing. However being locked away in a dark room with some of the brightest minds judging some of the best mobile work the world has to offer is nothing short of great. The worst thing is not being allowed to share with you any of the great entries getting traction with the judges.
Miles.jpgMiles Young, Worldwide Chairman and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, will be retiring from this role next year to take up the position of Warden of his alma mater, New College at Oxford University. 

The appointment becomes effective September 2016.  Until then, he continues in his current role at Ogilvy & Mather.  Upon taking up his new position at Oxford, he will remain working closely with both Ogilvy and parent company, WPP, on a non-executive basis.

Young has spent 32 years at Ogilvy & Mather, starting in the London office. He became Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific in 1995 where he spent 13 years building Asia Pacific into O&M's fastest growing region. He assumed the role of Global CEO in 2009 and his current role of Chairman in July 2012.
25x25 LOGO-thumb-300x300-187090.jpgAt Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on Thursday 25 June, Saatchi & Saatchi will reveal a film created by 25 New Directors' Showcase illuminati.  To celebrate 25 years of the NDS Saatchi & Saatchi invited 25 now distinguished directors to revisit their original film from the Showcase archive.  The unique 25-minute film - titled '25x25' - will be premiered at the Palais des Festivals during a one-off screening sponsored by Corbis, a leading digital media company.
Says Pablo Del Campo, worldwide creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi: "25x25 is a celebration to thank the amazing directors who have made the NDS possible, and is testament to the enduring popularity of the Showcase."

The holiday's over for germs

Domestos_holiday1.jpgTop Bangkok retouching company Illusion has just completed a new Domestos campaign for DLKW Lowe, London.

The campaign shows how the holiday is over for germs.


Jimmy Lam's Cannes Diary: Day One

Jimmy Lam.jpgJimmy Lam, Vice Chairman & Chief Creative Officer at DDB Group China, is sitting on the Direct Lions jury. Lam, along with many other  jurors from the Asia Pacific region, is reporting from the jury room exclusively for Campaign Brief.

25 juries assembled into groups of five, shortlisting about 150 - 180 entries, each two minutes long, without discussion, in a room that can store aged beefsteak. By the time my group finished at 1700, I was numbed and sleepy, partly because there were quite many entries we simply didn't get it and I don't think the agency which submitted got it, and partly because my biological is still in Beijing time. Only a handful of entries still stuck on my mind.   

But then, this is always true in first round judging which will take another two days. Not to mention, two weeks before I headed for Cannes, I already did remote judging of some 300 entries from three categories I was assigned to vote for shortlist. And, it was particularly difficult for me when I live and China where the internet speed does not match up to the economic power the country is reflecting. 
CannesEntriesChart_1.jpgEntries from the Asia Pacific region to the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity are 5.6% down on last year. A total of 7,730 entries have been entered from Asia Pacific, which equates to 20.65% of the overall total of 37,426 entries from around the world.

This year's total number of entries worldwide is just one entry less than last year's total of 37,427.

Last year Asia Pacific entered 8,187 entries, which equated to 21.87% of all entries.

Australia continued to be the country with the most entries with 1,404. Down 9% on last year's 1,543 entries.

New Zealand agencies submitted 453 entries - down 9% on the 498 entries last year.

Japan was up 2% on last year's total of 1146 with 1169 entries. Entries from India reduced 3.5% from 979 to 945 and China entries were down 10.5% from 951 to 851.
Smile.jpgEvery child has a smile; but for those born with cleft lips, they think their smiles are ugly. So they never smile; and as a result, they remain alone without friends. Operation Smile is a foundation that raises money to perform cleft surgery on children in need.
BBDO and Proximity Thailand wanted to demonstrate how powerful and beautiful a smile could be on each of their faces to raise awareness and donations. With the help of professional make-up artists, they painted fun and playful characters around their lips and created the campaign "The Painted Smile"

From a smile that no body cares, the Painted Smile gained huge attention from the public.
The public and celebrities started to post photo of themselves hiding their smiles behind cute dolls on Instagram. and put #thepaintedsmile.

The film part of the campaign launches next week.
Credits - Directors: Sorasart Wisetsin, Apisit Kumphek. Chief Creative Officer: Suthisak Sucharittanonta. Executive Creative Directors: Suthisak Sucharittanonta, Chalit Manuyakorn. Creative Directors: Suthisak Sucharittanonta, Chalit Manuyakorn. Art Directors: Tiabtawan Limjittrakorn, Pakorn Inthachai, Suthisak Sucharittanonta. Copywriters: Thasorn Boonyanate, Kanitkorn Srimakorn, Prachya Wanthanasin, Suthisak Sucharittanonta. Client Service Director: Taksina Vasaruchapong. Agency Producer: Jaruda Mungkun.
DavidDroga_60min.jpgAdvertising legend and all round nice guy, David Droga, was featured on prime time TV in Australia on Sunday night. Top current affair program 60 Minutes spent time with Droga in New York and Australia to compile the segment, titled "Just Ad Droga".

The Droga5 founder started his career in Australia and lept to prominence in his two years leading Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore, before London and then New York beckoned.

"Dingo of Wall Street", "One of the most powerful people on the planet", "Advertising superstar", "Creative genius". Brilliant! You can't buy publicity like this and, in Campaign Brief Asia's opinion, David deserves every bit of it. Not just because he's Australian!

Walnut.jpgThere is a common misconception that all nuts provide a similar level of nutrition. It is with this misinterpretation, the California Walnuts Commission faced a huge challenge to show the world that walnuts have their own unique nutritional profile - a profile that actually makes it an incredible source of brain food.

Collaborating with Grey Shanghai, the California Walnut Commission launched an unorthodox campaign to showcase how walnuts can boost brainpower - right in time to help final year high school students in China to prepare better for their exams.

Jason Hill.jpgOgilvyOne Singapore has appointed Jason Hill as Head of Consulting & Data Analytics, effective immediately. Leading a team of specialists, Hill will focus on drawing together data insights and their strategic application for clients such as Pond's, IHG, Singtel and BMW. 

Hill (pictured) brings to the position more than two decades of client, consultancy and agency experience across multiple blue-chip brands and service-based industries. He spent the last eight years as Head of Planning at OgilvyOne in Sydney, Australia where he led strategic planning across the business and specialized in data-led communications strategies, CRM and value proposition development.

Fiona Gordon, Group Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Singapore, said, "Customer engagement and data-driven marketing are very much on the C-suite agenda and we're seeing clients investing more in this area than ever before. Jason will be a tremendous asset to the team in Singapore as he has worked for most of our clients, including IBM, for more than five years, and has been part of many award-winning strategies and executions during this time. Of course it's also very exciting when the best talent from around our global network joins us here in Singapore."
Mobikwik.jpgMobile Wallet player MobiKwik has launched their first integrated brand campaign conceptualized by Bangalore based Happy Creative Services. With an estimated annual media budget of Rs 100cr, this campaign is a key step towards MobiKwik's growth plan of increasing its user base from 17 million to 100 million and its retailer base from 50,000 to 200,000 over the next 7 months. MobiKwik aims to create India's largest payments network with 100M digitally paying users on one side and 200,000 retailers on the other side.

John Merrifield.jpgLIA has announced John Merrifield (pictured),
Chief Creative Officer of Google Asia-Pacific as
2015 The NEW Jury President.

The NEW was created by LIA to reward compelling, breakthrough work that refuses to be categorized in any other way. LIA has re-vamped The NEW for 2015 by adding the following categories: Brand Content, Brand Experience, Brand Technology, IP and/or Licensing, Media Innovation, Self-Promotion and Technology Development. The additional categories were added to stay relevant in this rapidly-evolving industry.

"Every year jury presidents of The NEW find it difficult to explain precisely what it entails. This year is no different. I think this is its core strength. By definition, something new this year won't be new the next. The goalposts move. As well they should, otherwise where's the new?" says Merrifield. "Broadly speaking, the work that wins in The NEW category should feel orphaned in other categories. It should feel like a step change. We should be looking for work that's delivered with a freshness that makes its impact ever more potent. Work that attempts to be category defining in and of itself."

Cannes Contenders: Ogilvy Sydney

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Sunsense.jpgSunSense: We're Fryin' out here
Ogilvy Sydney
A staggering 79% of cancers in Australia are caused by the sun's ultra-violet rays. However, many Australians still fail to protect themselves against the harsh Aussie sun. Ogilvy's primary objective was to raise awareness of this fact and encourage Sydney beachgoers to take adequate steps to protect themselves from the sun, while also driving trial of the SunSense sunscreen. To get the message across, Ogilvy built a sculpture during one's of Sydney's biggest festivals right on Tamarama Beach where the target audience were sunbaking and where Ogilvy's idea would be most thought provoking.

Want to showcase your agency's best chances at Cannes this year? Open to all Asian based agencies planning on entering Cannes this year. Just email kim@campaignbrief.com with a paragraph or two on each of your best chances. No more than 6 per agency. Include a link to the case study/TVC or supply jpegs if it is print.
Pepsi Ramadan campaign_Lighting up Lives.jpgPepsiCo Pakistan has launched "Lighting up Lives", a nationwide campaign created by Walter Pakistan that invites consumers to help deliver eco-friendly lighting to underprivileged communities simply through buying a bottle of Pepsi during the holy month of Ramadan.

Pepsi is the global partner of Liter of Light, an organization dedicated to bringing eco-friendly lights to people living without electricity. Using simple, green technology, Liter of Light turns empty multiserve plastic Pepsi bottles into solar-powered light sources, which have been deployed in communities across Philippines, India, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Victor Manggunio sml.jpgLeo Burnett China has appointed Victor Manggunio as Chief Creative Officer. This appointment marks a return to Leo Burnett for Manggunio, who previously spent ten years at the network's Hong Kong office. In his new role, Manggunio (pictured left) will be based out of Shanghai and has been tasked with the creative leadership of Leo Burnett offices in China across Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Prior to joining Leo Burnett China, he ran his own digital and film production company and directed commercials broadcasted in both traditional and digital platforms across Asia.

Speaking about Manggunio's appointment, Danny Mok, CEO of Leo Burnett China said, "One of my top priorities since coming on board has been focused on building a strong management team for Leo Burnett China. Victor's appointment completes the puzzle for our 'China Leadership Team', setting a strong foundation for our ambition to transform Leo Burnett into a leading creative force in China that delivers value for our clients' businesses."

Cannes Contenders: Saatchi & Saatchi NZ

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.21.17 pm.jpgASB: Best ball boys in the world
Saatchi & Saatchi
ASB is a bank with a history of firsts in NZ. For the ASB Tennis Classic sponsorship, how could the bank deliver another world first? By creating a whole new breed of ballboy - three ridiculously loveable dogs, trained for a match featuring Venus Williams.

Cannes Contenders: Colenso BBDO Auckland

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Colenso BBDO, Auckland
We took millions in worthless shredded money and by recycling it into a simple direct campaign, we're not only saving New Zealand homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars, we increased BNZ mortgage lending by $600 million. Every day, billions of dollars in old banknotes are shredded by the world's Reserve Banks and turned into worthless waste. We wanted to see if we could make it valuable again. As part of the Bank of New Zealand's promise to help New Zealanders be good with money, we wanted to jolt people into tackling their biggest financial commitment - their home loan. New Zealanders had no idea how much they could be wasting in unnecessary home loan interest. To give them a wake up call, we collaborated with the Reserve Bank to access millions of dollars in real, shredded cash. Homeowners opened their mailboxes to find $1,000 in shredded bank notes, discovering how BNZ's tailored home loans could help them save $156,000 on a typical $300,000 loan.
goon_profile.jpgAPD, the 360-degree digital services firm active across Asia-Pacific, has appointed Chee Hung Goon as CEO of APD Malaysia, from 30 June.

Goon (pictured left) has been general manager of APD Interact in Malaysia for the past nine months, as well as leading the account for one of the company's largest clients in Asia, the telco Maxis.

Earlier this month APD's parent, Asia Pacific Digital, united its five subsidiaries under the APD brand in order to launch a full 360-degree digital offer across the region. APD's largest Malaysian business unit was formerly named Next Digital.

Roger Sharp, Chairman of APD, said Goon is impeccably credentialed, having founded his own digital agency a decade ago, as well as working for OgilvyOne in Vietnam.

Craig Chester's Cannes Diary: Day Three

image1.jpgCraig Chester, CD, Saatchi & Saatchi Health is on the Health & Wellness Lions jury. Here's Chester's day three report, exclusively for CB.

Today was a slightly shorter day for me and my fellow judges, ensconced in our darkened conference room. It was another day of culling. Of trying to find the work that moved us most and made us believe in the product being promoted.
Nick_headshot.jpgEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium - which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week's guest judge is Nick Davidge, executive creative director and co-founder of GreenLight Media & Marketing in LA, America.

Winner - Mumbai Mirror: I am Mumbai. I like ads that challenge the audience's view of the world. This spot has a nice little twist setting up some of the issues that face Mumbai by presenting them in the voice of the perpetrators. READ MORE...
Leo Burnett Logo.jpgFollowing the wins of Xiao Ming Tong Xue and Uni-Sport, Leo Burnett Shanghai recently further expanded its relationship with Uni-President, by winning the Soup Daren 2015 to 2016 brand strategy and creative business. The appointment was made after a competitive pitch.
FB_Awards_Always1 (1).jpgBullying.jpgFacebook has announced the winners of its fourth annual Facebook Awards recognizing the best creative work on Facebook and Instagram in the last year. The 2015 Facebook Awards represent its biggest and most inspiring creative collection yet with over 2700 submissions from 160 countries that offer a snapshot of the state of creativity and innovation across the industry.

This year, the Blue Award -- the top honour in Facebook Awards -- goes to Leo Burnett Toronto and Procter & Gamble for their inspiring Always' Like a Girl campaign. The Blue For Good Award -- recognising excellence in campaigns created for charitable/non-profit organisations -- goes to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a campaign which reset the bar, reaching more people than any event in Facebook history other the 2014 World Cup and raising more than $220MM.

From Asia J Walter Thompson/Mirum Singapore and MRM/McCann Singapore were winners for "Share it to End it" and "The Red Cross Connection" respectively.

Cannes Contenders: DDB Group Vietnam

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Energy Show.jpgKinetic Energy Shoe
DDB Group Vietnam

Like millions of others around the world, in Vietnam many children have to walk long distances to and from school every day. Often where they live there is no power, so by the time they get home it's nearly dark.

In partnership with Green Cross, DDB Group Vietnam teamed up with the Ho Chi Minh City of Technology to turn the problem into the solution. The Green Cross Kinetic Energy Shoe generates power that charges a battery with every step. Repurposing an existing technology, it represents a real working practical solution that can be produced at scale.
Anil Jayachandran.jpgOmnicom Media Group has appointed Anil Jayachandran as Head of Communications Planning in Malaysia. In his new role, Jayachandran will be working on key client accounts across OMD and PHD to drive thought leadership and best strategy practices.

Jayachandran (pictured left) brings with him a diverse skillset, with over two decades of experience working across marketing, advertising, and research functions in strategy-related roles, including tenures at the likes of JWT, Unilever, Lintas, Ogilvy & Mather, McCann Erickson and Omnicom Group. With a career that spans geographies, Jayachandranl is regarded as an expert in markets and consumers across North Africa, the Middle East and Asia having been based in India, Egypt, Malaysia, Bahrain and Dubai in previous assignments.

He joins the Omnicom Media Group team from his role as Strategy Planning Director at Leo Burnett.

Cannes Contenders: Isobar Australia

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

CoDriverCaseStudy-page_design_02.jpgChevrolet: CoDriver
CoDriver is a test drive like no other, crafted to demonstrate the full potential of a tough truck in a very small space. Using an unprecedented combination of 360-degree video, 3D game engine technology, surround sound, in-car vibration and Oculus Rift, CoDriver delivers an action-packed adventure through the New Zealand mountainside, giving users the best possible experience of the Colorado's features, all without actually leaving the showroom.
JeremyCraigen.jpgCB Asia Exclusive - Former high-flying DDB London executive CD Jeremy Craigen, who departed that role in March after 25 years, has been appointed as the new global chief creative officer of Innocean Worldwide, based in London.

Craigen, whose distinguished career has seen him win many awards at Cannes and other leading shows, was the Global ECD for Volkswagen at DDB.

Craigen started his career at Ted Bates in 1984 and joined BMP DDB Needham in 1990. He was appointed Executive Creative Director of DDB London in 2003. During his tenure the agency was twice named The Most awarded agency in the World Accolade by the Gunn report.

Says global CEO of Innocean Worldwide Kun Hee Ahn: "We have been working towards Innocean being a leading Creative agency on a global scale. Now we have Jeremy as a Global CCO who can deliver on that vision and help steer us towards achieving our ambition. Bob Isherwood joined Innocean in 2013 as a Creative Advisor and we are delighted to have two of the very best Worldwide Creative thinkers in the world to help us achieve this objective."
Buffer.jpgA report by IAMAI-IMRB says that there are about 200 million users that access the internet on a mobile of which 1/4th watch videos online. But poor data connections in India hamper the online video watching experience on the go.

In its never ending endeavor to improve user experience, YouTube has announced the launch of 'YouTube Offline' feature on their mobile app. This new feature allows users to offline their favorite videos on YouTube mobile app and enjoy their favorite videos, whenever they like, on the go without having to worry about poor data connection or data cost and enjoy a buffering free life.


Pat Baron's Cannes Diary: Day One

Pat Baron Profile Picture (1).jpgPat Baron, ECD, McCann Melbourne is sitting on this year's Cannes Lions Film jury. Here's Baron day one report, exclusive for CB Asia.

"Yes, son?"
"What you gunna do over there?"
"Watch videos all day son."
"All day, Dad?"
"All day son."
"WOW, do they need a kid judge, I watch videos all day".
As I leave for the 2015 Cannes Lion Creative Festival as a member of the Film Jury I feel like a kid again. Every year Cannes inspires us all to do great things. It's a wild and intoxicating ride, ingenious, exhausting, exciting, loud, courageous and humbling. I believe creative solutions are more effective and successful and identifying those is what judging at Cannes is all about.
Prentice Luis pic.jpgNurun, Publicis Singapore's digital consultancy, has made its first wave of specialist hires since opening for business last month. Prentice Porter joins Nurun as Head of Experience Design and Luis Roy joins as User Experience Lead.
Nurun is a global consultancy brand within Publicis Worldwide, focused on helping companies radically transform customer relationships through digital platforms, products and services.
Carlsberg.jpgShopping with girlfriends is not an easy task. Waiting for endless hours outside fitting rooms can take a toll on you. And answering the dreaded "How am I looking?" question could be a potential hazard. But what if Carlsberg did fitting rooms? asks Leo Burnett Malaysia.

Shaleen Sharma.jpgShaleen Sharma, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at Wireframe with an experience of 16 years, working across places like Boston Consulting Group, Mindshare, JWT etc. has joined TracyLocke as Vice President - Strategic Planning & Analytics. Sharma (pictured left) will report to Sameer Mehta, Head- Business & Operations, TracyLocke and would be the lead strategist across the agency's clientele and service offerings that include shopper marketing, trade marketing and retail solutions.

Having worked across various categories, he brings on board a significant understanding of consumer engagement, brand management & building strategic marketing platforms that combine digital, media & entertainment domains.

Sharma is currently working on the development of a qualitative tool that reveals human needs and motivations and places them in a contextual and cultural framework. The primary application of this tool is about driving a deeper connect between brands and their consumers. He has also developed a real time web analytics tool that is capable of integrating all the brand variables, like sales, click through rates, foot falls etc.
Rebecca Chang.jpgOut-of-Home communications agency Posterscope has promoted Rebecca Chang to General Manager Taiwan, effective immediately. She was Vice President prior to the promotion and had spent the preceding four years working with the Posterscope Taiwan team.

In her new role, Chang (pictured left) will not only continue the OOH business development responsibilities in Taiwan as well as across the region, but also focus on enhancing Posterscope's innovative leadership within the OOH communication arena.

Nippon Paint appoints BBDO Indonesia

Nippon Paint Logo.jpgBBDO Indonesia has acquired the creative responsibilities for Nippon Paint Indonesia. BBDO will commence its work with Nippon Paint immediately.

"We are thrilled to grow such an established brand. It will be an exciting venture for our team, as Nippon Paint allows us to exercise our creative talents and imagination. We're eager to produce great work for them," remarked Intan Mokhnar, Managing Director of BBDO and Proximity Indonesia.

Craig Chester's Cannes Diary: Day Two

20150616_135445.jpgCraig Chester, CD, Saatchi & Saatchi Health, Sydney is sitting on the Health & Wellness Lions jury. Here is Chester's day two diary, reporting exclusively for CB.

There are many rules and regulations within healthcare advertising that many claim limit creativity. The Lions Health winners last year proved that these things can be overcome. After my first days jury duty I believe this year will be no exception.
Face of Litter.jpgclean air.jpgThe Cannes Lions Festival has kicked off with the release of the shortlist for this year's Innovation Lions.

34 entries have made it through to the final round of judging.

Now in its third year, the Innovation Lions has seen a growth in entries of almost 10% in 2015, up to 226 from 206 in 2014. Remarkably, within a relatively compact pool of submissions, a total of 41 countries are represented, with Tunisia, Ecuador and Argentina shortlisted for the first time in 2015.

Nine of the 34 Innovation shortlisted entries are from Asia. Dentsu Japan has 2 shortlists in Innovation. Hakuhodo Kettle Tokyo (Eye Play the Piano), Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong (The Face of Litter), DDB Shanghai (Clean Air in a Box), DDB Vietnam (Kinetic Energy Shoe), Grey Group Singapore (Life Saving Dot), Cheil Beijing (Rebirth after Reading) and the Baidu Online Network Beijing all have single finalists.
Mumbai Mirror_Hate.jpgMumbai Mirror_2.jpgCan the hatred a brand receives turn into its medals? Is it marketing blasphemy to burn down your product in the pack shot and have people spit at it?

Not if the haters are spawned of the evil that lurks in the dark recesses of urban morality.

This is the premise of a new Taproot India campaign for the Mumbai Mirror newspaper.

For over 10 years now, the Mumbai Mirror in India has waded deep into the swamp that stagnates in the city's underbelly - a murky world of the most depraved souls ever known to infest human cohabitation. And it is when these evil mongers crawl out of the woodwork, angry and petrified at being exposed by a pen and a camera, that we allow ourselves a little smile.

Louella Rebello.jpgTBWA India's Louella Rebello has resigned to join Grey Group India as their new Senior Executive Creative Director of the Mumbai office. Rebello will head the agency's creative department and will be an integral part of Grey Group's creative leadership team.

Rebello (pictured left) is described as a highly energetic creative who has won many awards including Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, London International Awards, The Yahoo Big Idea Chair and Adfest.

In her previous position at TBWA Mumbai she worked on accounts including Nissan, Datsun, Kuoni Travel, Standard Chartered, Cigna TTK Health Insurance and Singapore Airlines.

Craig Chester's Cannes Diary: Day One

jury_20150213081317.jpgCraig Chester, creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi Health (Sydney) is Australia's representative on the Health & Wellness Lions jury. Here's Chester's first up impressions of his first day in Cannes.

I arrived into Cannes today, a little tired and very excited.

After a quick rest I met the Lions Health jury members for welcome drinks and heard various viewpoints on what will take place over the next 4 days of judging and beyond.

As expected, I discovered a few characters, a mix of accents, a Phillipino expression meaning your mother is a whore, a beverage I have never tasted before and a nervous energy that suggested the jury members were very proud to be part of it all.
TriptiBW.jpgConverse Singapore has appointed VML as its Digital Agency, to lead the brand's digital efforts, with a special emphasis on social media management.

Converse is an iconic American fashion company, with three segments - Converse All Star, Converse Jack Purcell and Converse CONS. Over the years, it has been known for its distinct Star Insignia and its sneakers are a symbol of alternative fashion globally.

An inherently forward looking brand, Converse continues to make efforts to speak to the Millennials in their language. VML is tasked with growing this conversation on digital channels. VML will lead the platform and content strategy for the brand, to create a cohesive digital brand experience which helps grow the love and loyalty for the brand.
VIctor Ng - Profile Pic.jpgSingapore ECD Victor Ng has launched independent agency Community, a new creative collective that specialises in ideas that influence.

Ng (pictured) said, "Community is an agency that aims to unite creatives, clients, consumers, citizens - people - around great ideas. To do that we use creativity with the best intentions and intelligence, unbridled by convention and channels. There are big brands that have settled for small ideas, and conversely, small brands that have leapt off big ideas - the correlation between size and success is waning perhaps more than ever."

Community is already off to a busy start, having won three competitive pitches. The first pitch win was for the west-cluster malls of CapitaLand Mall Asia, to develop integrated, branded content campaigns led by the newly launched lifestyle portal, www.Singaporewest.sg. The agency followed that with another pitch win on the through-the-line account for IMM, Singapore's largest outlet mall.

Cannes Contenders: BBDO Asia

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges... Here's two more contenders from BBDO Asia.

Pepsi Harmony.jpgPepsiCo: Harmony
BBDO Vietnam

Returnable Glass Bottles (aka RGB) operate in a closed system, meaning they can be filled, transported, enjoyed, returned and filled again in a cycle that repeats itself many times. This translates into using fewer resources for packaging, and a reduced carbon footprint.
For this year's Pepsi RGB campaign, the idea was to highlight how Pepsi's RGB have less impact on the environment and effectively live in harmony with nature.

Cannes Contenders: M&C Saatchi, Sydney

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

CleverBuoy.jpgOptus: CleverBuoy
M&C Saatchi Sydney
Eighty-five percent of Australia's population lives near the coast and the beach is a national icon. At the same time, Australia has the most fatal shark attacks in the world. Four-times more than any other country. And methods to deter sharks haven't changed in over 60 years. With that insight, M&C Saatchi asked itself could it use the Optus network to help protect Australia's beach goers and sharks? The answer was Yes! It entered into a unique collaboration with Optus and tech company Shark Mitigation Services, which it sourced out of Perth, to develop Clever Buoy, a smart ocean buoy that detects sharks and sends instant alerts to lifeguards via the Optus Network.
Sticki Logo.jpgADK Tokyo has established "Sticki" a new global video marketing network. Recently, "video marketing" is increasing in significance as a touch point that connects consumers with companies and brands. This new network offers comprehensive solutions including insight extraction and creative production leveraging crowdsourcing* as well as video content amplification.
SHAUN TAY 2015.jpgShaun Tay has joined FCB Kulala Lumpur in the newly created role of managing director. The appointment is effective 1st July 2015.

"Shaun is a seasoned and respected 'creative suit' with experience in both Malaysia and Singapore for marque brands such as Audi, Unilever, Visa, General Electric," said T. Renganathan, Group CEO of FCB Kuala Lumpur. "His blend of innovative thinking and clear business acumen, makes him a perfect choice to bring added value to our business partners. He is a vigorous advocate of talent and industry development, will enrich our staff and culture and make a fantastic addition to FCB KL's management team."

Tay (pictured left) has more than 15 years of advertising experience and joins FCB from TBWA, where he progressed through various client-service roles before assuming his current position as general manager in 2013. During his time there, Tay helped secure key accounts like Guinness, General Electric ASEAN and Nippon Paint. He was instrumental in driving TBWA to be the first agency to win three separate Agency of the Year titles in one year.
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 7.51.36 am.jpgLeo Burnett Worldwide has revealed its 28th annual Cannes Predictions anticipating the results of this year's 62nd Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the global advertising industry's most prestigious event of the year.

Leo Burnett Cannes Predictions have an unparalleled track record with more than 84 percent accuracy. Year over year, it recognizes Cannes contenders most likely to win a coveted Lion. Leo Burnett Worldwide's chief creative officer Mark Tutssel curated the list to encompass the most forward thinking, compelling creative work across channels and regions. From Ubisoft - Assassin's Creed "Unity - Cinema Trailer" to Guinness Africa "#MadeofBlack" to Smart "The Dancing Traffic Light," this year's predictions include some of this year's most powerful ideas.
Screen+Shot+2015-05-18+at+8.40.17+pm.jpgBy Simon Veksner
Creative Partner, DDB Sydney

There has never, in the history of the world, been a competition that had no terms and conditions.

I don't even know if such a competition could exist. READ ON...
Dave Brady (1).jpgBBDO Colenso has managed to lure well known creative Dave Brady back to New Zealand and to 100 College Hill as a creative director after a four year stint in Australia where he was head of art at Whybin/TBWA.

All up Brady has over 20 years experience at both start-up and major network agencies in London, New Zealand and Australia and has collected over 70 local and international awards.

Whilst in Australia Brady was involved in numerous new business wins and helped to create award-winning campaigns for NRMA and the ANZ (to name a few). Prior to heading to Australia Brady was responsible for many award-winning campaigns as creative director and head of art at DDB New Zealand and before that as group head at FCB New Zealand.
But it was Colenso's reputation for consistent high performance and unexpected work that drew Brady back to New Zealand.
Suzie Shaw Portraits.jpgGlobal agency We Are Social has appointed advertising and media veteran Suzie Shaw to the role of managing director, Australia. Her appointment is effective 15 June.
Shaw takes up the role following a successful 14-year international career with some of the UK's leading creative and integrated agencies, including TBWA and Engine. Most recently she held the position CEO of Sydney based agency Host, prior to which she was managing director.
Shaw is a strong strategic and creative thinker with extensive comms and marketing experience across a broad range of industry categories including financial services, travel and tourism, FMCG and more.

Passionate about championing the progress of women in leadership and founder of SWIMM Australia (Senior Women in Media and Marketing), Shaw was a finalist in B&T Mad Week 'Women in Media' Awards, named one of The Australian's top 50 Women in Media, featured in Adnews' 40 under 40, and Adnews' 'Women of Influence'. She also sits on The Communications Council board.
Audi TT Campaign - MediaCom HK - Qriously.jpgHow do you reach consumers at the exact moment they are in-market for a new car? MediaCom worked with Qriously, a mobile data and advertising company, to invite consumers to self-select themselves by asking which new sports car they were planning to buy.

By asking mobile app users whether they were planning to purchase a sports car and offering them a choice of an Audi TT or two other competitor models, Qriously facilitated discovery of more than 30,000 respondents in Hong Kong who were in the pre-purchase planning mindset. Of those who answered the question, over 22% clicked through to the Audi website where there was a link to schedule a TT test drive.
judgesBV.jpgBV Pradeep of Unilever (Global Vice President - Consumer & Market Insight - Market Clusters) will be this year's Prize Chairman. Pradeep (pictured) is joined by a stellar panel of judges, including:

. Deborah Goldingham, Head of Marketing, South East Asia, Mastercard
. Karen Ngui, Managing Director & Head Group Strategic Marketing and Communications, DBS
. JP Burge, Chairman & CEO, BBDO Asia
. Frank Reitgassl, Director Global Brand Strategy, Mondelēz International
. Susana Tsui, CEO, PHD Asia Pacific
. Edward Bell, CEO, FCB Greater China

...plus senior executives from Ogilvy, Publicis, JWT, Imagination and Leo Burnett.
Hold hands.jpgIn recognition of Shanghai's diversity as a truly international city, Wunderman Shanghai has become the communications sponsor for ShanghaiPRIDE 2015, the first, largest and longest-running LGBT event in China.

Started in 2009, the seventh annual weeklong festival aims to create awareness and promote acceptance of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community through various sports, cultural and social activities. Wunderman Shanghai set up the core theme of this year's event as "Love Is Our Future," which recognizes the myriad forms relationships can take and seeks to engage family, friends and colleagues of LGBT individuals.
Fortress3.jpgDDB Group Hong Kong has partnered with Fortress to increase awareness of its own brand of affordable yet reliable home appliances. Fortress has been retailing own branded electrical appliances, including air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and small kitchen appliances, since 1985.

SummerFun2015_Them_Hori_Eng-26MAY_option B.jpgFrom 15 June to 31 August, visitors will find their trip in Hong Kong more rewarding than ever, as the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is rolling out a massive summer campaign, providing visitors with tempting offers on tourism products and hotel rooms.

Visitors can also take part in two lucky draws at the Hong Kong International Airport.

GV Krishnan.jpgLowe Lintas Bangalore has won the business for India's popular cross-platform Instant Messaging brand 'Hike'. As part of the creative mandate, the agency will work towards scaling and positioning Hike as a brand endorsed and favoured by the youth. Additionally, Lowe Lintas Bangalore will also work towards enhancing Hike's growth story in the Indian mobile app market.

Commenting on the association, Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder & CEO, Hike said, "We're excited to appoint Lowe Lintas Bangalore in our journey to build the brand Hike. The team's out-of-the-box creative approach and brand clarity makes us excited to have them on board. We are excited and can't wait to see the great stuff that comes out of this partnership."
Heineken.jpgHeineken tasked Arcade Indonesia to maximize the final result of UEFA Champions League campaign with a local topspin video.

As Europe's best football teams fought it out for on-pitch glory, Heineken pointed out its 9-year partnership with UEFA Champions League through a unique and festive campaign, aiming to transform the regular night of UEFA Champions League into a legendary one.

bleustein5_2733-BW (1).jpgPublicis Worldwide is launching a new logo this month across its global network of over 13,000 people in 84 countries.
The new design pays homage to the original Publicis logo created by founder Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet in 1926. Since the creation of the flagship Publicis agency almost PUBSIG_LION_WW_RGB (1).jpg90 years ago, it has grown from a small two-room Parisian apartment into one of the world's largest and most influential advertising networks.

Cannes Contenders: iris Singapore

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Noodle.jpg Philips Noodle Maker
iris Singapore
Like most home appliances, Philips Noodle Maker retails primarily in consumers electronics stores. But like most appliances, it's just another lifeless display set sitting atop boxes of products. We had to demonstrate the beauty of the Noodle Maker and effectively make the sell.

Reunion Dinner, Lunar New Year - the one time when home cooked food matters most. Through a simple social contest, we found real homemakers about to play host to huge reunion dinners. By empowering them with complimentary Noodle Makers that come with direct links to exclusive online promotional perks, we turned real homes into showrooms as entire "clans" converged for reunion dinners.
PastedGraphic-7.jpgAustralia: Rapid Films has announced the signing of award-winning duo director Damien Toogood and producer Rona Lewis, with Lewis also set to take an executive producer role alongside founder/EP Susannah DiLallo.

Toogood is a director and cinematographer whose awards include a 2014 Grand Prix Cannes for V Line Guilt Trips, the video content for which was developed from a print campaign and also co-written by Toogood.

Cannes Contenders: Leo Burnett Melbourne

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

4580430A-466B-49D1-B178-A15DB2D81897.jpgHonda HR-V: Dream Run
Leo Burnett Melbourne
'Dream Run' takes place within the lucid dream of the main character 'Brian'. When an imposing force attempt to wake him up, he uses the all-new Honda HR-V to make a getaway and keep on dreaming. Backed by the iconic song 'Sweet Dreams' by the Eurythmics, the spot includes strange phenomena, teleportation and much more.
Cecilia Wong_Senior Vice President Accounts Management_Dentsu Singapore.jpgDentsu Singapore has appointed experienced industry hand Cecilia Wong as senior vice president reporting to Rosalynn Tay, Chief Executive Officer, Dentsu Singapore and Dentsu Aegis Network Singapore.
"The last twenty two months at Dentsu Singapore have been about demonstrating proof of concept with our clients, and it has been a journey at supersonic speeds," said Tay. "The next phase focuses on ramping up our talent, and bringing in the best in the business to deliver the most innovative ideas."
Wong (pictured left) has worked on many award-winning projects, and brings over twenty years of experience in marketing and advertising to the team at Dentsu Singapore, having worked on both the agency and client businesses in Singapore and Hong Kong. The Singaporean born has been based in Singapore since 2003, after spending ten years in Hong Kong. Prior to joining Dentsu Singapore, she was the regional marketing director consumer banking at Citibank for over nine years, based in Singapore.
Marks.jpgTribal Worldwide Shanghai has released a new viral video titled "Does Your Kid Deserve 10 Marks?" The video received lively reception from the public, triggered heated discussions on social media and generated a record-breaking "10,000" likes in just an hour after the launch. The video features real Chinese moms and their kids. It also highlights a tendency among Chinese moms to rate their children too low and always leave room for improvement. The video campaign aims to remind Chinese mothers that every kid deserves "10 marks" recognition.

Pratik Gupta- Co-founder, Director- New Business and Innovation.jpgBeam Suntory's top bourbon whiskey brand Jim Beam has awarded its digital duties to independent digital marketing solutions agency, FoxyMoron. The mandate entails building and strengthening Jim Beam's digital presence through strategic insights and unique solutions that engage their young urban consumers.
Commenting on the win, Pratik Gupta, Co-founder and Director, New Business & Innovation, FoxyMoron (pictured) said, "Whiskey is breaking the 'old man's drink' cliché in India and Jim Beam is trying to use that insight and target the urban youth of the country. We presented a fresh perspective that revolves around creating awareness about Bourbon whiskey and promoting the versatility and mixability of the brand. It's a great brand to work with and will continuously challenge us to innovate and execute unique digital strategies."

On appointing FoxyMoron, Ankur Bhatia, Marketing Controller, Jim Beam India said, "Although the Bourbon Whiskey market is still nascent, Jim Beam is witnessing exciting growth in India, given early adoption by new younger consumers. India being one of the biggest markets globally in terms of social media usage and growing digital/mobile penetration, we are excited to partner with Foxymoron who bring in brilliant expertise and consumer insights in this space."

Cannes Contenders: Cheil India

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

OFFICE-EXECUTIVE.jpgSamsung Mobile: Emergency Feature
Cheil India

India, in the last couple of years is growing unsafe for women. Samsung Mobiles come with a preloaded Emergency mode feature.

Approximately 5 million use a Samsung Smartphone and are unaware that such a SOS alert feature even exists. And that's why it became important to educate them about the SOS Alert Feature and make them feel safe on the roads of the city again.

The execution shows a woman crouching in a foetal position (a defensive pose people strike when they fear physical violence approaching) and marrying it with the map pin. Symbolizing both her predicament and location on the map.

It emphasizes at once her helplessness and the protection the SOS Alert Feature can provide.

Want to showcase your agency's best chances at Cannes this year? Open to all Asian based agencies planning on entering Cannes this year. Just email kim@campaignbrief.com with a paragraph or two on each of your best chances. No more than 6 per agency. Include a link to the case study/TVC or supply jpegs if it is print.
The Bay.jpgTEHO SBG is a multi-faceted solutions provider for the marine, offshore oil, gas, construction and property industries. Having grown from a small local business in 1986 to become an international company, it is now expanding to Cambodia.

Their new ambitious and luxurious condominium project called The Bay Suites is going to be a true masterpiece of modern architecture and will bring new standards of luxury living in Cambodia. ComZone has been appointed as brand communications and consultant agency for the The Bay Project.

Cannes Contenders: MEC Asia Pacific

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

smart.jpgsmart: Gone in 3 Minutes
MEC China

To make Daimler's small smart car stand out in a market where big is best, MEC created China's first mobile commerce campaign  - and sold 388 limited edition smart cars in less than 3 minutes.

Cannes Contenders: TBWA\India

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Rakhis.jpgRakhis from Aarey

A little knot of thread weaves an extraordinary citizens' movement in Mumbai. In January 2015, the Bombay Municipal Corporation issued the Draft Development Plan 2034. A plan, as the authorities put it, to chop down 3000 acres of pristine forestland to make way for the monstrosities of urbanisation - malls, business parks and roads.

In a city as congested, polluted and hot as Mumbai, the importance of the trees of Aarey can't be overstated. Aarey is Mumbai's breath. If the trees go, Mumbai goes with it.

Chris Ryan and Harry Llufrio (1).jpgAnalogFolk, the independent digital marketing agency, has opened an office in Hong Kong, appointing Chris Ryan (left) and Harry Llufrio (right) to lead its first offering in Asia.

Hong Kong expands AnalogFolk's global presence, with existing offices in London, New York, Portland and Sydney.
KirstenAcklandMelvinKuek.jpgBoutique agency The Local has rolled it's clients and staff into Y&R Singapore. The move sees the return of Creative Director Kirsten Ackland to Y&R after four years away.

Ackland co-founded The Local four years ago and built the business on the premise that no-one understands Singapore better than its people.
Melvin Kuek (right), Managing Director Y&R Singapore commented: "We are delighted that Kirsten and her energetic team have joined us to further strengthen Y&R's burgeoning talent pool. Together with newly-appointed Chief Creative Officer Komal Sonal Bedi, Planning Director Yousuf Rangoonwala and Y&R Labstore we have added depth and expertise to every department in the agency, to better service existing and new clients, including retail giants Al Futtaim Group, Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen, Lend Lease and Shiseido."
Tom Dery (1).jpgAustralia: M&C Saatchi's worldwide chairman Tom Dery has become an Officer of the Order of Australia in this years Queen's Birthday honours list.

Dery has been recognised and awarded for distinguished service to the not-for-profit sector, particularly to cancer research, through the development of corporate governance structures and major fundraising initiatives, to the performing arts, and to business.

Dery is humbled to be awarded this prestigious title and joins fellow advertising luminaries Harold Mitchell (AC, 2010), Peter Clemenger (AO, 2015) and Geoffrey Cousins (AM, 2014), in receiving this significant honour.

He said there has been a paucity of public recognition for the industry.

Says Dery: "One of my hopes in receiving this award is that it draws attention to our industry, and perhaps gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the potential we have to play a significant role in not-for-profit activities. There is a great deal of charity provided by our industry which goes un-noticed and unrecognised."
6 (1).jpgAustralia: Innocean Australia has announced that Whybin\TBWA Auckland ECD Dave King is returning to Australia to work in the newly created role of executive creative director.

King is a renowned creative thinker and leader, winning multiple times at Cannes, D&AD and One Show. Most proudly, in 2011, he was awarded the Ervin Wunderman award at Caples in New York.

Prior to his role at Whybin\TBWA Auckland, he was ECD at M&C Saatchi New Zealand and along the way has held other senior CD roles at M&C Saatchi Sydney and BBDO Proximity.

Says Peter Fitzhardinge, CEO, Innocean: "I am personally thrilled that Dave has chosen to join us. We have enormous potential at INNOCEAN and to have a great 360 integrated thinker such as Dave with will help us deliver outstanding world class campaigns deserving of the brands that Hyundai and Kia are. I couldn't be happier. My global CEO, Kun Hee Ahn and Donald Shin, head of global development have both been huge supporters in helping me attract world class talent such as Dave to our office. It signals a new ambition for us."
Vikas Mehta, CMO, Lowe Lintas and Partners and Head of LinTeractive.jpgThe 9th edition of Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards, hosted in Manila was this year dominated by Lowe Lintas + Partners India who won 'Agency of the Year' for the second year running.

The agency picked up a haul of 21 awards including the special Carmencita Esteban Platinum Award, 2 Grand Prix, 14 Golds, 3 Silvers, and 1 Bronze.

With this feat, Lowe Lintas + Partners put up an unprecedented performance for any agency at the Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards, and tripled their own tally vs. last year.

Driven by the agency's performance, Lowe Lintas + Partners' holding company, IPG was named Network of the Year while Hindustan Unilever Ltd. was declared the Advertiser of the Year. In all, Mullen Lowe Group bagged a rich haul of 33 metals in the final tally.

Pele.jpg100PLUS, a sports drink that's a household name in Malaysia, is forging ahead to take on ASEAN, with the help of football legend Pelé and rising football star Oscar.

Its "Stay Thirsty" campaign created by J. Walter Thompson Malaysia, which last month flew Pelé and Oscar to Kuala Lumpur to meet fans, began airing a rousing commercial on TV and YouTube last week, urging the public to keep striving for their dreams, and never to settle.


Cannes Contenders: The Hallway Sydney

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.08.37 pm.jpgFuji Xerox Australia: Your printer has something to tell you
The Hallway Sydney
This B2B campaign is designed to raise awareness of the full potential of Fuji Xerox Managed Print Services and drive sales conversations. Business decision makers were sent a link to a 2 minute film in which an office printer - whose voice Stanley Kubrick fans might find familiar - engages a bemused office worker in conversation.

Want to showcase your agency's best chances at Cannes this year? Open to all Asian based agencies planning on entering Cannes this year. Just email kim@campaignbrief.com with a paragraph or two on each of your best chances. No more than 6 per agency. Include a link to the case study/TVC or supply jpegs if it is print.

MEC wins Hong Kong's best new business team

mec_logo.jpgMEC was named Best New Business Team at Marketing Magazine's Agency of the Year Award in Hong Kong on June 5th. The Agency of the Year Awards serves as Hong Kong's leading barometer for agency health.

The accolade comes after a successful year for MEC Hong Kong, who've added the digital business of a number of companies to their client list.

Doris Kuok, Managing Director of MEC Hong Kong, said, "To win gold as the Best New Business Team is testament to our efforts in delivering quality services and products, particularly within digital - all thanks to our talented thriving team here at MEC. We are very proud."

The team were also shortlisted for Media Agency of the Year, Search Agency of the Year and Specialist Agency of the Year.

Cannes Contenders: FCB Ulka India

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Project Resume.jpgSalaam Bombay Foundation: Project Resume
FCB Ulka India

FCB Ulka has created a heart-warming campaign for Salaam Bombay Foundation called 'Project Resume'. The campaign illustrates the hopes and dreams of Indian girls. This initiative is taken up to garner corporate support to fund education programs for girls. In most parts of India, the birth of a girl is not encouraged. Not surprisingly, education and a meaningful career is not at all on the cards for underprivileged girls. But, NGO Salaam Bombay is fighting to change that. The organization rightly believes that given a chance, girls could personally thrive and boost their communities.

Want to showcase your agency's best chances at Cannes this year? Open to all Asian based agencies planning on entering Cannes this year. Just email kim@campaignbrief.com with a paragraph or two on each of your best chances. No more than 6 per agency. Include a link to the case study/TVC or supply jpegs if it is print.

100 Sprite packaging with 100 ways to enjoy summer.jpgSprite has launched its latest summer campaign in China "Release your summer in 100 ways". Conceived by Isobar, the online to offline campaign targets China's post 90s generation, encouraging them to go offline, outside and enjoy their Summer.

The campaign was created following a key insight that most of China's post 90s generation are students, who don't always make the most of their summer holidays. While they believe a perfect summer should be carefree, fun, adventurous, experimental and spontaneous, most of the time they end up staying at home, surfing the Internet, watching online videos and playing games due to the weather, lack of money or a heavy load of homework among other things.
Susan Credle Headshot 2012[7].jpgFCB Worldwide CEO Carter Murray has announced today that he has hired Susan Credle as his creative partner, naming her global chief creative officer.

Murray and Jonathan Harries, who has served as FCB's global chief creative officer since 2006, jointly began a search for Harries' successor a year ago.
CL-LOGO-AZUR (1).jpgThe Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the world's leading celebration of creative excellence in communications, has today announced a record number of entries with 40,133 entries received across Cannes Lions (21-27 June), Lions Health (19-20 June) and Lions Innovation (25-26 June).

Philip Thomas, CEO, Lions Festivals, said that the level of entries showed an "industry that believes in the power of creativity as a driving force for business and for brands. The Lions are a proxy for great creativity, and it is exciting to see marketers globally pushing themselves and their agency partners to produce truly outstanding work, and having the confidence to bring it to Cannes Lions to compete on the world stage."
Sanjeev Jasani.jpgCheil India has appointed Sanjeev Jasani as Head of Digital.

Jasani is one of the most celebrated Digital Marketing professionals in the country. Most recently, he was Senior Vice President and Head of Digital at Ogilvy Delhi. He has been at the helm of OgilvyOne for the past 9 years and has a truly impressive profile, having grown the office substantially since taking charge.

Over the course of his career, he has worked with blue-chip clients such as BMW, Nokia, Sony and American Express and has played an integral role in making OgilvyOne India the most awarded digital agency in the country with multiple Echos, Effies, Spikes and even a Yahoo Big Idea Chair to their name. With a degree in Commerce from St Xavier's College Kolkata and an MBA from ITM, Sanjeev has worked at O&M for over 14 years. Prior to that, he has done stints with JWT and Contract.
Healing Wave.jpgIn 2012, Leo Burnett Group Thailand started working with Chulabhron Hospital to help raise funds for cancer patients who could not afford medical help. (Less than two out of ten patients can afford to pay for chemotherapy treatment). The campaign also aimed to raise public awareness of people struggling to survive as well as raise the spirits of the patients through a message of hope. This resulted in the famous "Hair for Hope" campaign which brought awareness of this message of hope to 97% of Thai people, raised funds that helped 150 patients in need receive treatment and also inspired other cities including Dubai, Incheon and Kuala Lumpur to launch "Hair for Hope" campaign.
Anjawin (BW).jpgmInteraction Thailand has appointed Anjawin Shinkhem as Creative Director. In his new role, Shinkhem will lead a newly created team and will be tasked in delivering the integrated digital idea that works for key clients of mInteraction/ Mindshare such as PepsiCo and Tesco Lotus.

Shinkhem (pictured left) brings over 15 years experience with great recognition at AdMan, AdFest,as well as Cannes. He joins the agency from McCann Bangkok, where he was responsible for integrated creative solutions across the McCann's disciplines. Prior of McCann, Shinkhem was with Leo Burnett.

Cannes Contenders: DDB Group China

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

clean air.jpgVW: Clean Air in a Box - Bringing better air to classrooms in China
DDB China

Volkswagen Brand China and DDB China Group have created a pilot program aimed to help school children in China to have cleaner air in their classrooms. The "Clean Air In A Box" initiative was launched to educate school students about air quality, and to help them make their own low-cost air purifiers out of a small electric fan, a carton box and a genuine Volkswagen cabin air filter. Hazardous air pollution levels in China can cause major respiratory diseases. While some people are buying expensive air purifiers, others simply cannot afford them. Volkswagen, committed to reduce carbon emissions through its technology, together with DDB travelled to schools to teach students about how to reduce air pollution and also provide them with DIY kits to demonstrate how they can build affordable air purifiers for their classrooms.

Cannes Contenders: Leo Burnett Sydney

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

screenshot_3 - Bundy.jpgBundaberg Rum: Men Like Us
Leo Burnett Sydney
Bundaberg Rum wanted to refresh its image to reflect a new audience: men who enjoy spirited living and aren't afraid to explore the world. Men like these like rum, and their words and deeds are a rousing call for others to join their way of thinking. Welcome to Bundaberg.

LIA reveals the 2015 jury members from Asia

Merriefield, Atitoshi, Bhardwaj.jpgJude, Wu, Fdi.jpgMangada, Oh, Rebeschini.jpgCheong, Farr, Lim.jpgLondon International Awards (LIA), one of the world's most prestigious international festivals with a mission to award creativity and the power of ideas has announced the 2015 Juries.

Judging will take place in Las Vegas from 1st October to 10th October and there will be thirteen jurors representing Asia within the eleven jury panels:

John Merrifield, Chief Creative Officer at Google Asia-Pacific, Singapore - Jury President for The NEW
Hideaki Aritoshi, Senior Creative Director at Dentsu Inc. Tokyo, Japan - TV/Cinema/Online Film jury
Prateek Bhardwaj, National Creative Director at McCann Erickson New Delhi, India - Integration jury
Eugene Cheong, Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, Singapore - Print, Poster and Billboard jury
Mike Farr, Executive Creative Director at Weiden + Kennedy Tokyo, Japan - Digital jury
Ted Lim, Regional Chief Creative Officer at Dentsu Aegis Network APAC, Singapore -   Non-Traditional jury
Magic.jpgMirum Hong Kong has been crowned both Innovative Agency of the Year and Mobile Marketing Agency of the Year at Marketing Magazine's annual Agency of the Year Awards.

The prestigious event is a who's who of the Hong Kong marketing world, and a record 640 attendees were on hand as the city's top agencies and companies battled it out across a variety of categories. Awards were determined by a panel of senior client marketers, who analyzed and evaluated agencies against four key areas: performance, work, personnel and vision.
Jacky Wong.jpgPublicis WangFan has hired multi-channel communications specialist Jacky Wong as group creative director in Shanghai, to accelerate digital capabilities.
Wong (pictured left) was previously the creative director of Cross Communications and Tribal DDB, where he led Greater China strategy and execution of unique digital communications programs for international clients. He has more than 15 years experience working in both Shanghai and Hong Kong.
In his new role for Publicis WangFan, Wong will oversee and integrate digital strategy development across the agency's client portfolio, with a specific focus on brand-building through social media.
Bill Wang, managing director of Publicis WanFan, said, "Jacky is a highly attractive, senior creative talent with a strong reputation in the industry for creative and effective work for clients. He is a natural at helping lead the change for our clients in the digital world and with his years of experience he is also a craftsman at seamlessly weaving traditional and digital channels together."
Cam Beer.jpgCambodia Beer has launched an integrated campaign to position the local beer brand as the World of fun, through ComZone.

The campaign is a unique transformation creating a new culture of consumers and showing a new trend of the Cambodia life style on how to transform themselves to more fun in the real beer world market. With the position of the world of fun, the campaign message that bring out is "Let your feelings play".


Soon, you may not be working in an ad agency

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.32.29 am.jpgBy Simon Veksner
Creative Partner, DDB Sydney

I had dinner with a friend the other night, who happens to be a headhunter. Her general comment on our industry was this very straightforward bombshell: "It's shrinking."

Of course there's still the same amount of stuff being made. It's just that less of it is being made by ad agencies. READ ON...
Kevin.jpegEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium - which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week's guest judge is Kevin Lee, executive creative director and partner at Leagas Delaney Shanghai.

Judging was a bit tough this week. The Outdoor and Interactive category
are much stronger than TV and Print.

Land Rover Lion. It's the simplest spot compared to the rest. READ MORE...
aussiesdroga (1).jpgMulti-awarded Aussie expat creative directors Lisa Fedyszyn and Jonathan McMahon - who departed Whybin\TBWA, Auckland in February - have scored plum associate creative director roles at Droga5, New York.

Says Fedyszyn: "It's fantastic to be working in such an amazing agency, surrounded by so many talented people. They're growing every day and to be a part of it is extremely exciting."

In February 2013 then Whybin\TBWA Auckland's chief creative officer Toby Talbot snared the pair out of his former agency DDB New Zealand, offering them joint CD roles.

In April 2010,Talbot, then ECD at DDB, hired the pair from Colenso BBDO, Auckland, where that had been a star team for three and a half years. The team, ranked #1 in the world on Bestads over the last decade, has been recognised extensively in New Zealand and overseas at D&AD, Cannes, Clio, London International Awards, The One Show and Young Guns.
Matt Eastwood 2015.jpgDue to high demand, the final entry deadline for the AD STARS 2015 has been extended. The revised entry deadline is 15 June 2015. And AD STARS advised that after this deadline, no further extensions will be granted.

With US$20,000 in prize money up for grabs, entries are classified into a total of twenty two categories: five new video categories such as Branded Information Videos, Branded Entertainment Videos, Branded Viral Videos, Campaign Videos and Non-Branded Videos, as well as seventeen advertisement categories, including Public Service, Film, Print and Outdoor Ads.

Entry submission is available on the AD STARS website at www.adstars.org.

As it's free to enter Ad Stars provides a unique opportunity to for all agencies to test their award entries on a world stage in front of a world-class jury.

This year's panels will be lead by Executive Judges (pictured left) Matt Eastwood (J. Walter Thompson worldwide chief creative officer), Jean-Remi von Matt (founder & chief creative officer Jung von Matt) and Jose Miguel Sokoloff (President/Lowe & Partners Global Creative Council)

Cannes Contenders: McCann Malaysia

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Minute_Of_Silence.jpgMinute of Silence
McCann Malaysia

2014 was a tough year for the country, after the loss of MH370 and soon thereafter, MH17. While the country mourned, the blame game heated up online, resulting in the spread of some fairly vitriolic and inflammatory comments. But this was a time to pull together, and show solidarity with those who had lost family members and friends.Launched in support of Malaysia's national day of mourning, this simple app encouraged people to disconnect from the net and observe their own minute of reflection - which they did, in droves. When added up, over 43 days of silence were observed in both Malaysia and other countries worldwide.


Cannes Contenders: iris Sydney

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Unicef 5 Fund.jpgUnicef: 5 Fund
iris, Sydney
5 Fund is a national campaign designed to inspire a nation to turn something they think is useless, the 5c piece, into something powerful. As part of a larger campaign, iris Sydney created a 3D animated film that shows an ever-growing fund in a truly emotive way. It brought to life the impacts and profound changes something so meaningless can have on those in desperate need. The film ran online and on board Qantas flights and to this date has racked up more than 380,000 organic views.
Tough.jpgTBWA\Kuala Lumpur has launched a new campaign, 'Rasa Sayang', for McDonald's Malaysia in conjunction with the new Happy Meal promotion.

'Rasa Sayang', which loosely translates to 'Feel the Love', celebrates family togetherness in Malaysia and resonates with both the rural and urban families. The traditional Malaysian folk song, also named 'Rasa Sayang', provides the soundtrack for the 60-second online film and a 40-second TV commercial.

Moe.jpgHäagen-Dazs and J. Walter Thompson Japan have launched "Every Day Deserves a Happy Ending", an online film directed by award-winning artist and film director Chie Morimoto that delivers a fantastical surprise to a hard-working woman who normally brings joy to others.

To create the film, Morimoto creates a real-life surprise for Moe, a cheerful young woman who does her best to deliver happiness each day to visitors to a Tokyo amusement park, where she has worked for the last three years.

Plane.jpgPane 2.jpgJ Walter Thompson India has created a musical satire on the future of air travel in India that is powered by an instant energy drink.

In India hundreds of Buses, Trains, Trucks and Cars break down often in small towns and the passengers get off or bystanders push the vehicle for the driver to trip the gears and self start the vehicle. J Walter Thompson used this common every day experience and added a mad instant energy twist.

What if an airplane or passenger airbus were to replace the buses on ground as the new mode of public transport in the near future ? And what if an energy drink were to save the day, by boosting the energy levels of the push starters to push an airplane and start it. Blame it on the InstaEnergy drink from Tata Gluco Plus.

Support 1.jpgAsia University has launched its first-ever movie campaign "Support is Sport!" via ADK Tokyo to increase the number of students applications for a new "Sports Hospitality" course starting 2016, in the Department of Hospitality Management, Faculty of Business Administration.

Comzone Logo.jpgComzone Cambodia has won the media account of Philips Home appliances in a pitch conducted by the client and participated in by other agencies in the country.

Lundy So, CEO and Executive Creative Director Comzone said, "The victory is another proof that a local agency like Comzone can compete on equal footing with bigger agencies with international affiliations. We are happy to welcome Philips into our family of clients. Indeed, the whole Comzone Media Team is excited to start working on this project, and we hope we can grow the business of the client in Cambodia."
B.A.D Young Blood 2014.jpgBangkok Art Directors' Association (B.A.D) has announced the winning team across the Film category of the 2014 Young Blood Competition.

The winning team, led by two art directors from nudeJEH Matthana Saetiaw (left) and Arnon Kantawang (right), will represent Thailand at the 2015 Young Lions Competition in Cannes and will compete against international Young Lions competitors from around the world.
25x25 LOGO.jpgThe countdown to the 25th edition of the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase (NDS) at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has begun. This year at the Palais des Festival, Saatchi & Saatchi will celebrate a quarter century of highlighting new directing talent and providing young directors with a global platform. The 25th edition promises the Cannes audience an unmissable, hour-long experience in this one-off show.  
To mark 25 years of the New Directors' Showcase, Saatchi & Saatchi have invited 25 directors from its NDS alumni to participate in an experiment in film, which will be premiered in Cannes on Thursday 25 June.  Each one of the 25 directors involved in the 25x25 film will be revealed every day leading up to Cannes Lions here.
KIT ONG.jpgY&R Vietnam has appointed Kit Ong as Chief Creative Officer.

In just over 3 years, Ong (pictured) has helped transform Y&R Vietnam into the market's most innovative agency. He has instilled a creative culture nurturing experimentation and non-traditional solutions for its most important clients. Nutifood 'Plastic Bottle Life Vest' was a finalist at the recent ADC Tomorrow Awards. It was the only Eco-Design winner worldwide at LIA 2014, and at AdFest 2014, Colgate 'SqueeZee' won Silver for Product Design.

Since joining Y&R Vietnam in 2011, Ong has successfully pitched and won Coca-Cola, Emirates Airlines, Burger King, Domino's Pizza, and VietnaMobile.

Malaysia-born Ong joined Y&R in Oct 2011; his almost 25 years in advertising spans award-winning campaigns for many of the world's leading brands including Nokia, Toyota, Carlsberg and Sony. As Y&R Vietnam CCO, Ong continues to work in partnership with CEO Vincent Van Dessel.

"It always makes me proud when we grow our own talent," said Tony Granger, Global Chief Creative Officer of Y&R. "Kit is a great creative and a super focused and terrific guy. I know he will do great things and continue to help our agency in Vietnam grow in his new position." 
breast cream hero (1).jpgCase Study: Around half of breast cancers are detected outside of mammogram screening, but 70% of women don't check themselves regularly. Women need to change this behaviour.
So rather than developing just another awareness campaign, Colenso BBDO worked with the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and natural beauty products brand Skinfood to launch Breast Cream - a product that made breast checking a potentially life saving new beauty routine for thousands of women, whilst putting the message about the importance of getting to know your breasts directly in womens' hands.

Cannes Contenders: Eardrum

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Malteser2-54He4b.jpgMaltesers: Jaws & Chainsaw
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Eardrum
Maltesers and movies go hand in chocolatey hand, and this campaign marks an epic comeback to radio for the brand. A slow reveal reminds people just how much comedy can benefit from a light touch, and the performance has just the right amount of sincere insincerity. The voice casted is one of the top movie trailer guys in the States. He still doesn't realize the campaign was a piss take.
Martin Tsai.jpgBBDO Taiwan has appointed creative award-winner, Martin Tsai, as its new Executive Creative Director. Tsai will report to Eddy Fu, Managing Director of BBDO Taiwan.

Tsai (pictured) has 15 years' experience in branding and design, spanning a wide range of industries including automotive, financial services, insurance and consumer goods. Prior to joining BBDO, Tsai held positions as Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan, and Associate Creative Director at DraftFCB. His work has garnered many accolades over the years, including awards at Cannes, LongXi, Times Awards and AdFest.

Fu commented on Tsai's appointment, stating, "Martin brings a wealth of experience and focus on creativity that will help drive breakthrough programs and effectiveness for BBDO. Throughout his impressive career, Martin has been recognized by his peers and our industry with numerous awards. Martin's passion is remarkable and we are thrilled to have him on board."

Fortune promotes women's rights in Indonesia

PSA inisiatif-03.jpgViolence against women in Indonesia is often goes unnoticed and undocumented partly due to its taboo nature. Most of the victims are unaware of laws. Violence against women is common, and the victims are afraid to tell the truth. That is why, many of the victims prefer to hide it. Fortune created this print ad for Indonesia's National Commission on Violence against Women (Komnas Perempuan Indonesia), an independent national institution that promotes women's human rights in Indonesia.

Credits - Creative Director/Copywriter: Aldy Dewandhana. Art Director: Gugun Gunawan. Agency Producer: Hany Nurahmawati. Account Team: Hany Nurahmawati.

Phibious Vietnam wins Techcombank business

Phibious Group logo.jpgIn a multi-agency pitch for creative duties of Techcombank, Phibious Vietnam emerged on top to win the business.

Commenting on the win Van Anh, Director of Marketing, Techcombank, said, "We loved Phibious' thinking on disrupting the category, along with some sharp and relevant consumer insights, matched with great creative execution. In them, we saw a team with a vision for our brand, and felt confident awarding them with the business."
HARDYS-of-AUSTRALIA.jpgHardys of Australia is sponsoring the England cricket team. That's a bit like Brazil sponsoring Argentina. Or cats sponsoring dogs. In this UK ident and print campaign via McCann Central, Birmingham, comprising more than 20 film and press executions, we see how Hardys' workers react to the news that the company they work for is sponsoring their fiercest sporting rival.

The idents were directed by Dave Wood via Australian production company Plaza. The ECD of McCann Central is Aussie expat Vince McSweeny; the art director of the spot is Aussie expat Jamie Buckingham.

9.jpgThe Gunn Report, the global index for creative excellence in advertising, has today launched its Cannes Lions 2015 Sweepstakes, a contest predicting commercials that will win a prestigious Film Lion or Film Craft Lion at the forthcoming Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, taking place later this month.

Deadline to enter into The Gunn Report Cannes Sweepstakes 2015 is midnight Wednesday 24 June. The 5 highest scorers will each win one year's free subscription to www.gunnreport.com (normal price $450/£295), or where a winner is already a subscriber, free Gunn Report Books for 2 years (same value).

To participate, click here.

Cannes Contenders: DDB Mudra Group India

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

DDB Mudra Group

The Volkswagen Identity campaign brings alive unique features of VW cars in a minimalist manner - by using negative space within the iconic VW logo. Besides this unexpected depiction, this singular design brought out the dynamism of both the vehicle and its features. The logo depiction also served the purpose of visual mnemonics that symbolise the very best in automobile engineering.

Dairybest Milk makes you fearless via Cheil India

SCARY DREAMS.jpgThis Cheil India print campaign for Dairybest Milk helps you grow stronger than your fears.

Credits - Executive Creative Director: Anupama Ramaswamy. Creative Directors: Sarabjit Singh, Anusheela Saha. Art Director: Deepak Singh Bhandari. Copywriter: Kanishk Sinha. Associate CD/Copywriter: Amit Karwasra. Group Account Director: Mudit Trivedi. Graphic Designer: Khima Nand Pandey. Illustrator: Shashank Mishra. Production Manager: Prantik Dutta.

Cannes Contenders: Cheil China

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Fragile.jpgInternational Fund for Animal Welfare China: Fragile Friends
Cheil China

IFAW asked Cheil to come up with a uniquely designed communication tool to focus on young children between the ages 4 years old to 8 years to start the awareness of extinct animals in the world.  As this is considered a long term learning initiative in China, IFAW wanted to be able to spread the message at schools.
Cheil created a logo based on the international "fragile" logo which you see on packages and turned that symbol into a "nose" which then is used as animal noses in the books.
Twins.jpgBBH Asia Pacific has appointed creative duo Dawid Marcinkowski and Kasia Kifert to BBH Singapore.

The duo - originally from Poland and most recently based in London - are more widely celebrated as the Kissinger Twins. (While not genetically related, they can confirm their alias was inspired from the British 80's music scene...)

Kifert and Marcinkowski have received international acclaim for their original work.

The duo have produced creative content across a vast media palette including film, digital, photography and advertising for brands that include Channel 4, Honda, Expedia, Philips, Clarins and Avon.
BBDO AMES 2015.jpgThe 2015 Asian Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy Awards last night handed out a total of 144 winners across 10 countries with 3 Platinum, 26 Gold, 44 Silver and 70 Bronze trophies at the awards ceremony in the evening. India led the region with 31 trophies, followed closely by China, Australia and New Zealand.

Agency of the Year awards were given in Effectiveness, Media Strategy and Digital Strategy to the best performing individual agency offices. Lowe Lintas + Partners, India won Effectiveness Agency of the Year, BBDO Pakistan took the Media Strategy Agency of the Year while BBDO/Proximity China brought home Digital Strategy Agency of the Year.

BBDO was once again the most awarded agency network at for the fourth year in a row. Thirteen BBDO offices took home awards for clients including Visa, Mars, Wrigley, Virgin Australia and Levis.

Cannes Contenders: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Hilux Snapshot_Pie.jpgToyota HiLux: Unbreakable Drivers
Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney
The Unbreakable Toyota HiLux has long been considered the ultimate vehicle by the toughest, most hard-working blokes in Australia - because no matter what hell you put it through, it just won't break. With this in mind, Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney developed a new campaign based upon the idea that the driver of such a legendary vehicle should display the same degree of toughness:  the unbreakable vehicle demands an unbreakable driver.

Gerald Roche joins DDB MudraMax-Media India

Gerald Roche.jpg DDB MudraMax-Media has appointed Gerald Roche as Senior Vice President.

Roche (pictured left) has experienced all aspects of media planning, buying and AOR management in his career span of close to two decades. In addition to specializing in digital strategy, he has also created several brand building innovations.

He has had long stints in India and the Middle East with leading agencies like Carat, OMD, Madison Media and Starcom MediaVest. His experience also includes spells with television and outdoor media companies. His last assignment was at Starcom MediaVest where he was appointed as Vice President-Media Buying.
YDA-invitation (1).jpgAfter receiving a record number of entries for this year's Young Director Award, now is the time to reserve your ticket to the 2015 beach cocktail party, held at Long Beach on the Croisette (opposite JW Mariott Hotel) Cannes, at 6.00 to 8.30pm on Thursday, June 25.

Winners will be announced, a selection of work shown and there will be food and drinks provided.

richard-curtis-image.jpgSAWA, the Global Cinema Advertising Association, has announced the 'First Global Cinema Ad Campaign' for Richard Curtis' Global Goals campaign.

The new 'global goals' for sustainable development will be unveiled by the United Nations on September 25th, 2015 in the presence of 193 leaders.

Project Everyone, the brainchild of Richard Curtis, British filmmaker, humanitarian and campaigner, is the campaign to make the new goals famous. It has entered into a founding partnership with SAWA to launch the 'First Ever Global Cinema Ad Campaign'. The partnership aims to utilise the power of Cinema in order to engage the global cinema audience in the announcement of global goals to end poverty, injustice and climate change.
Coke Summer Picture.jpgCoca-Cola China is gearing up to release its much anticipated 2015 'Share-A-Coke' Summer communication, slated to roll out across China at the beginning of June.
The integrated campaign is designed to add an element of excitement and spark in the lead-up to one of the most anticipated seasons of the year ­ - Summer. Over the previous two seasons the 'Share-A-Coke' platform tapped into popular culture with Nicknames and Music Quotes, which have been hugely successful, deepening the brands connection with the Chinese youth in delightful surprising ways.


Cannes Contenders: Whybin\TBWA Melbourne

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

GU7NifUDD-l2bCsghP5nCMN6axGGir7MxpuOI5ci9vLoGiwI0FqM47tZmwoOAKJxb5oHOWux-6V66HfxqsL_Sg37F3L6BvAbQvUHpO5_ockoyavsXZgJgTKN1JR9_Iec9n6m82Fh3R9A3QDf81mVGUmUZMerL8_cln5ilHyYwfnD-rm1iZW8TrLTP3Jm9ivH_8NrCWq4U8e_3ho1DUcZgVdCGU.jpg3AW Football Radio: It's your call
Whybin\TBWA Group, Melbourne
'It's your call' was a campaign by 3AW Football Radio that helped reverse the struggling sports radio station's fortunes. The socially driven promotion gave football fans a chance to create Live game commentary through the 3AW Football Facebook page. Vivid, off-the-wall radio commentary has always been a hallmark of Australian Rules Football. With 'It's your call', we reminded football fans that radio commentary could be more colourful than any screen. Using the 3AW Facebook page, we asked fans to create and submit their own hilarious footy commentary calls before each week's big game. And each week, the funniest and most entertaining submission was used during Live game commentary. 3AW commentators also engaged with fans directly by recording all their favourite calls and posting them back on Facebook. Calls that earned the most kudos on Facebook were featured in our print and radio ads. So far this campaign has been recognised at One Show and also at AdFest, where it was awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze.
Tokyo6.jpgIn November 2014, ALT.vfx's Colin Renshaw, and Curious' Peter Grasse were invited as special guests to the Ciclope International Festival of Craft in Berlin. They left carrying awards for Post Production and Production Company of the Year.  

So when Curious Film and ALT.vfx received a second invitation to tour with the world's only film festival dedicated to promoting, advancing and applauding the best crafted advertising, they knew it was an opportunity to craft the world's best advertising events.
NIKON.jpgJWT Singapore has turned Grizzler into a canine photographer with Nikon's help. With a device developed to turn emotions into photographs, see how they managed to capture how one dog perceives the world by using his heart rate as a trigger for the camera.

Dentsu Aegis Network Acquires Majority Share in Flexmedia.jpgDentsu Aegis Network has acquired  Flexmedia, a leading digital advertising agency in Thailand. Joining one of Dentsu Aegis' eight global network brands - global performance marketing agency iProspect - the agency will be known as Flexmedia iProspect. The acquisition will significantly scale iProspect's digital credentials to become the largest performance marketing agency in Thailand and strengthen the already significant Dentsu Aegis Network business locally.
Peru Tsujinaka, Charlotte d'Amboise, Mikou Nakamoto and Aya Hamada Torch Award Winner, Ohayo at the 2015 New York Festivals Worlds Best Advertising Awards jpg (1).jpgNew York Festivals Torch Awards has announced the 2015 Grand-Winning Team at the New York Show held at Jazz at Lincoln Center's Frederick P. Rose Hall in New York City.

Charlotte d'Amboise, Broadway star and triple threat performer, presented the Torch Award to Team Ohayo for their creative 60-second spot campaign "Origami Paper" for the nonprofit The Project Solution.

Team Ohayo, Dentsu Japan members include Aya Hamada, copywriter/planner; Mikou Sakamoto, copywriter/planner; Teru Tsujinaka, copywriter/planner and Naoya Kudo,  copywriter/planner.
DDB_Tim Cheng.jpgEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium - which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week's Bestads guest judge is Tim Cheng, chief creative officer at DDB Group Shanghai.

Winner: Scrabble: Love Story. I loved this love story to wordplay. The girl met boy story told through anagrams tapped into the joy of Scrabble beautifully. The quirkiness of the wordplay such as pairing 'cab driver' with 'crab diver' gave it a whimsical tone that was enhanced by the almost symmetrical framing style of the film. Magical. READ MORE...
Dogs 2.jpgEvery year, the Yulin dog meat festival puts the little known southern Chinese town of Yulin into the headlines. It's one of the biggest public clashes between dog eaters and animal rights activists. At the festival, local residents butcher tens of thousands of dogs on the streets, and then eat the meat alongside lychee, believing the practice keeps illness at bay. On the contrary there's concern that many of the slaughtered dogs are strays and that their meat could contain viruses or poisons that could threaten human health if ingested.

Child.jpgChina's Social Assistance Foundation (CSAF) has launched a campaign against child trafficking that illustrates the brutality of the trade when children are portrayed as products for sale.

The chilling advertising campaign, produced by BBH China, reveals how ruthless and unsympathetic the child trafficking trade in China and launched on June 1st - Children's Day - when children are the focus of the world's attention.

2015 Future Bernbachs Hong Kong - Poster.jpgDDB Group Hong Kong has kicked off its inaugural 2015 Future Bernbachs Hong Kong summer programme. The agency officially opens its doors for selected students from 24 July to 21 August for a five-week programme designed to help future ad men and women explore their interest in the industry and give them an opportunity to put their creativity to use. Applications are open until 19 June 2015 and interviews will be carried out until 10 July.

"Bill Bernbach is one of DDB's three founders and a true legend in the advertising industry. We call our student 'Future Bernbachs' as an extension of our hopes and aspirations for them. DDB believes in creativity and humanity. We see people as the greatest asset for a creative enterprise. That's why we are focused on nurturing young talent for the creative industry of tomorrow, because that is where the next big idea will come from," said Clifford Ng, Executive Creative Director of DDB Group Hong Kong.

Ng added, "The advertising industry is one that carries certain responsibility, in that it has potential to directly affect society. Bill Bernbach once said, 'All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level.' We hope our students will learn to internalise this philosophy during their month-long stay with us, and strive to use what they learn at DDB to help make a difference in the world."
Rohit Ohri.jpgDentsu Aegis Network has announced the geographic expansion of Rohit Ohri's role.  Having previously led Dentsu in India and Asia Pacific South, Ohri (pictured) is now appointed CEO Dentsu Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) covering all markets in the region outside of Dentsu's home territory. In doing so Ohri relocates from Delhi to Singapore.

Nick Waters CEO Dentsu Aegis Network Asia Pacific said, "Rohit has done a fabulous job transforming Dentsu in India. Across Asia, Dentsu has an extraordinary track record of innovation and as the largest agency in the region has an unmatched depth and breadth of capabilities. Sano-san and myself are really looking forward to working more closely with Rohit to unleash the full potential of the business."

Commenting on the move, Hiroaki Charlie Sano, Executive Officer of Dentsu Inc. and CEO of the Dentsu Branded Agencies within Dentsu Aegis Network said, "Dentsu is an agency network with a long standing history and a strong footprint in Asia Pacific. Rohit shares our creative ambition and strong vision for Dentsu and the way we work with our clients. I'm delighted he will be taking on a more central position within the network to help guide the business outside of Japan".

Tony Harris BBDO 2015.jpgBBDO Worldwide has restructured its I&S BBDO Group. Moving forward, the group will be reorganised into three: I&S BBDO, BBDO J West and the newly-created BBDO Japan.

Tony Harris (pictured), formerly CEO of BBDO Guerrero in the Philippines, will be joining BBDO Japan as its new Chief Executive. He will report to Kazutoyo Kato, President of the I&S BBDO Group and Chris Thomas, Chairman of I&S BBDO Group and CEO of the Americas, who will continue in their roles.

Based in Tokyo, BBDO Japan will be responsible for managing BBDO's existing global accounts, as well as assisting those Japanese clients seeking access to BBDO's global capabilities. It will act as a complementary offering to I&S BBDO, which services Japan's domestic client base, and BBDO J West, based in Kyushu, which predominantly looks after clients in West Japan. It will also house Proximity Japan.

Both I&S BBDO and BBDO J West have experienced recent success, with new business wins and growth of existing clients. The agencies also have a strong awards track record with Gold wins at Cannes, Spikes and the Appies over the past few years. In addition, Masaki Honda and Tatsuo Ueno have been recognized by the JAAA  as 'Creators of the Year'.
McMother.jpgLeo Burnett Taiwan has launched the McMother's Day campaign for McDonald's on Taiwan Facebook. The campaign saw Mum's visiting their working children as a surprise on Mother's Day.

It resulted in a record-breaking result on Facebook with over 6.2 million views, 146,000 shares, 210,000 Likes, and 15,000 comments. Here is the link to facebook.
It also had over 1 million views on YouTube and almost 10 thousand shares.

YoungGlory_Main.jpgSingapore creatives have dominated the 2014/15 season of the global Young Glory competition, with two teams made up of participants from Y&R, TBWA, JWT and Ogilvy finishing in the top two places overall.

Y&R Singapore's team of four won the top prize and the joint team from TBWA Singapore and JWT Singapore came second overall.

The 8 month-long annual awards show sees teams from around the world respond to a different brief each month, in an effort to find the globe's most 'creatively consistent' emerging talent.

Panasonic wins Dentsu Advertising Grand Award

Dentsu.jpgPanasonic Corporation has been named the winner of the Dentsu Advertising Grand Award, taking the highest honor in the Japanese advertising industry. The recipients of the 68th Dentsu Advertising Awards were announced by the Dentsu Advertising Awards Screening Committee, an independent body. This was the 31st time that Panasonic has received the Dentsu Advertising Grand Award, but the first time since the company changed its name from Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd to Panasonic Corporation on October 1, 2008. The last time that the company won the award was in May 2008.

The winners of the top awards at the 68th Dentsu Advertising Awards are listed below.
VDA logo.jpgThe appetite for digital marketing skills has significantly grown in recent years, and there is a serious digital talent gap to meet growing demands for new media marketing skills. New research from VietnamWorks indicates that out of nearly 7,000 jobs for experienced marketing positions, 4,000 mentioned they need digital skills. There have been 196,593 job applications for digital marketing roles just in the last year alone (April 2014 - May 2015).

With almost 50% of a ninety million strong population online, digital platforms are fast becoming an efficient, creative and cost-effective way for brands to reach consumers. New jobs in the sector are being created every day but the talent gap has yet to be bridged. From IT to marketing to finance to business planning, digital marketing growth means that the scale of training and re-skilling will be need to happen quickly and become continuously dynamic in order to meet the demand of better industry digital practices.
GV Krishnan.jpgLohiya Industries, a key player in the edible oil industry in Andhra Pradesh has appointed Lowe Lintas Hyderabad as its agency. The agency will be handling the creative responsibilities for one of Lohiya's immensely popular offerings - Gold Drop, and also Gold Plus - an economical variant.  

On appointing Lowe Lintas Hyderabad, Mahaveer Lohiya, Managing Director, Lohiya Group said, "We have chosen Lowe Lintas Hyderabad for their in-depth understanding of the FMCG market, their ability to connect with the consumers at emotional and psychological levels and their highly vibrant creative team. I am sure that this association with Lowe Lintas Hyderabad will help us connect with our customers more intensely."
Narain2.jpgCheil India has appointed Sonal Narain as Chief Strategy Officer, based in their Gurgaon office, the regional headquarters for South-West Asia.

Narain (pictured left), who currently serves as Head of Planning at Ogilvy Singapore and is also Head of Ogilvy Change (the firm's Behavioural Sciences practice) is someone who is, by her own admission, 'obsessed by effectiveness in communication'.

At Ogilvy, she has been driving an organisation-wide agenda for effectiveness that has resulted in over 20 wins at all major awards at local, regional and international shows. She was also awarded Planner of the Year 2014 in Singapore.
NIKE87.jpgHong Kong is crazy about sneakers - it even has a street named after it. So to celebrate Air Max Day on Thursday March 26, Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong created interactive installations that invited guests to "Step Back in Time" in Nike stores and on the streets, showing how this iconic sneaker has been a part of popular culture since its debut in 1987.

Fuji.jpgInterface/FCB Ulka Mumbai has built a temple to save a mountain.

The belief in the concept is that this will prevent expanding industries from digging up the mountain either for soil or to build any other structures because nobody in India would dare destroy a place of worship.

Interface/FCB Ulka also believed that the building of a temple would draw the attention of society at large towards this cause. It was an activation which was done for Fuji Bikes which has a range of mountain bikes and more importantly a philosophy to overcome obstacles. This is an activation which they hope will become a movement to save mountains in India that are giving way to expanding industries.


Cannes Contenders: Cheil India

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

BROCCOLITUS FOWLLUS.jpgSamsung Refrigerators: New Species
Cheil India

Samsung's Smart Refrigerators boast of twin-cooling technology that ensures adequate supply of cool air in the refrigerator and the freezer, independently of each other.
This helps keep food fresh for longer and ensures that there is no mixing of odour between the food stored in the freezer and the food in the refrigerator compartment.
To bring alive this benefit in a dramatic manner, we chose to creatively show the downside of using an ordinary refrigerator and having food odours mixing to create unintended results: entirely new species being formed!




Cannes Contenders: DDB Sydney

How will Asia Pacific perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief Asia will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

macitbetter_PR[1].jpgMcDonald's: #Macitbetter
DDB Sydney
Everyone loves Big Mac Special Sauce. So for the very first time, we took the sauce outside the burger. We produced limited edition bottles, auctioning #001 on eBay. It sold for over $20,000. We then challenged Australia to 'mac' anything better with limited edition Special Sauce tubs. Which they did in their thousands, 'Mac'ing' everything from fish and chips to haute cuisine; better.
Eugene Cheong_sml.jpgMelvin Mangada_sml.jpgEugene Cheong, chief creative officer at Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, and Melvin Mangada, managing partner / CCO TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno Manila, will represent Asia on the LIA Print, Poster and Billboard jury.

Heading this jury is Matt Eastwood, worldwide chief creative officer at J. Walter Thompson. Eastwood joined J. Walter Thompson as worldwide chief creative officer in July 2014. Described by Britain's Campaign magazine as a "unicorn" in the communications industry, Eastwood has overseen some of the most innovative and recognizable creative projects in advertising today.
2150441433193736434.jpgThe Global Awards World's Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising 2015 competition is now open for entries.
Evolving healthcare and wellness trends inspired the Global Awards executive directors Michael Demetriades and Caroline Poon to launch several new categories for the 2015 competition including Best Use of Media: Technology and Advertising to the Consumer/Patient: Promotional Marketing.
Health Cha Shree Ganesh-thumb-420x236-186065.jpgThe 17th Annual International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards (The FAB Awards) were held last night at the quintessentially British - The Hurlingham Club in London.

The black tie and posh frocks affair was held in honour of the nominees and winners of The 17th FAB Awards, which recognises outstanding creative work done for the global Food and mccannhealthblackoolongtea.jpgBeverage Industry.

DDB Mudra Mumbai has scored a FAB Award in the Experiential Campaigns category for Mutralite 'Health Cha Shree Ganesh' and McCann Health Shanghai has scored a FAB Award for Black Oolong Tea 'See The Effect' in the Ambient category.
Abi Sekimitsu.jpgOgilvy & Mather Japan has appointed Abi Sekimitsu as Content Director of OgilvyOne K.K.

Working alongside Todd Krugman, President, Ogilvy & Mather Japan, Sekimitsu (left) will be responsible for leading content strategies for clients across all Ogilvy disciplines, and driving transformation for brands and companies.

Prior to joining Ogilvy, Sekimitsu was a journalist and editor at Reuters for 25 years. She set up Reuters's newsroom in Bangalore, India, a pioneering initiative that enabled Reuters to produce its news content offshore.Sekimitsu then went on to serve as Japan bureau chief, the first Japanese and first female to be appointed that role in Reuters' 160-year history. She was also Managing Editor at Microsoft, responsible for the Japanese digital content on the website, news app and smartphone.

WorkBook APAC backs Vietnam Young Spikes

WB-spikes9.jpgWorkBook APAC has taken up the sponsorship for the Vietnam Young Spikes 2015 Awards.  

The Vietnam Young Spikes Competition is the pre-selection competition for teams of young professionals to represent Vietnam and compete at a regional level, at Spikes Asia - that takes place in September in Singapore.
Rezeki 3.jpgLeo Burnett Malaysia released a new campaign for AIA PUBLIC Takaful spearheaded by a 3-minute film on rezeki ("providence").
Based on real life, the story chronicles a couple's agonising struggle after the wife suffers a miscarriage and is told that she will likely never be able to bear children. In their grief, they pray for strength, and are comforted by the beautiful rezeki they have in each other's love.
Creative Group Head of Leo Burnett Malaysia, Zaidee Zainal, explained that the campaign was developed based on the deeper spiritual understanding of rezeki.
business-problems.jpgBy Simon Veksner
Creative Partner, DDB Sydney

This post is basically the same as last week's - I just thought of a new way to write the argument. So if you've read last week's, you can skip this.

One day, Jonathan Topp-Guy - managing director of AdWow, one of the biggest advertising agencies in BigTown - had a eureka moment. Why were AdWow restricting themselves to solving crappy old marketing problems? It was just so damn limiting. Didn't they have the brainpower, the skills and the creativity to tackle real business problems? READ ON...
business ads wold articles new ads business wold opportunities finance ads wold deposit money ads making wold art loan ads wold deposits make ads your wold home good income ads outcome wold issue medicine ads wold drugs market ads money wold trends self ads roof wold repairing market ads wold online security ads wold tips skin ads wold tools wedding ads wold jewellery newspaper ads for wold magazine geo ads wold places business ads wold design Car ads and wold Jips production ads wold business ladies ads cosmetics wold sector sport ads and wold fat burn vat ads insurance wold price fitness ads wold program furniture ads at wold home which ads insurance wold firms new ads devoloping wold technology healthy ads wold nutrition dress ads wold up company ads wold income insurance ads and wold life dream ads wold home create ads new wold business individual ads loan wold form cooking ads wold ingredients which ads firms wold is good choosing ads most wold efficient business comment ads on wold goods technology ads wold business secret ads of wold business company ads wold redirects credits ads in wold business guide ads for wold business cheap ads insurance wold tips selling ads wold abroad protein ads wold diets improve ads your wold home security ads wold importance




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