Sarah Silverman offers to 'Scissor' Sheldon Adelson, Romney's biggest financial supporter

Screen shot 2012-07-17 at 10.27.43 AM.jpgU.S. casino magnate Sheldon Adelson has committed $100 million to defeat Barack Obama. Sarah Silverman has a proposal for him...


Note: Unlike 'The Great Schlep' four years ago, Droga5 New York did not do this one.


Holy Shit said:

I cannot believe Obama approved this.

Marc said:

He didn't.

She just made it herself.

That's the kind of beautiful freedom the Yanks have....

Obama Barracks said:

Obama didn't approve it, it's done by an independent organization. Of course in Asia she'd have been thrown in jail before you could say "freedom of expression".

Meh said:

Freedom? To do what? Make stupid videos with no point. Ok then.

The first time she did it to get Obama elected, this time she's just doing this for herself.

Marc said:

Oh Meh...make sure you do a real good job on that junkmail today, it's really gonna be missed if you don't...

Albert Scamus said:

This video is not going to achieve fuck all. Adelson might probably chuck some more money at the Republicans after watching it because he might sense a weakness there. Big business is going all out to get Obama out so they can get back to their freewheelin' unsupervised ways of screwing with ordinary people's lives.

Of course Silverman will get a couple million hits in the process and improve her Klout score but that's where it ends.

Hey Albert said:

She's a comedian. Fucking take it easy, mate.

Take it easy said:

She's not being very funny...just an annoying tart....with 'naturals'.

I wish said:

I wish you had naturals...

Unschlepworthy said:

Agreed - I think it's true to say this is going to do less for Obama's campaign than the '08 Great Schelp video did, because this is just...mildly rude, without being mildly amusing.

Not too late though. The GS is back this year, and wants ideas:

(Even if you're not Jewish, I guess.)

There's gotta be something better than being mean to an ancient Chihuahua?

Kiss my naturals said:

Only fools give away their ideas for free. But I am sure the great scleps vaults will be overflowing with them anyway.

Albert Scamus said:

Total disaster from a communication standpoint....makes democrat supporters look like kooky and deviant someone called her from the Oval Office to tell her what a dork she's been.

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