Coke brings people together with love seats

Seat.jpgContinuing Coke's global 'Open Happiness' platform, Ogilvy Singapore wanted to create something that would bring people together and turn strangers into friends in the process. To achieve this they came up with the 'Love Seat', a specially designed bench, built on an angle that made it impossible not to slide.

Every time someone chose to sit on it, they would end up sliding into another person, creating an instant connection. The ultimate ice breaker, 'Love Seats' were placed in parks, universities and bus stops across the country, creating opportunities for countless new friendships to be made.

As this was a branding campaign and part of the global 'Open Happiness' brand platform, the task was to re-engage people in the brand. Over the first three days of installation Ogilvy saw thousands of bums on the seats, hundreds of new friendships made, 17 potential romances (phone numbers were exchanged, fingers crossed), oldest participant 65 years, youngest 3 years, 1 hissy-fit from a child when not allowed to play on the bench by mum, 0 splinters.


So said:

I would have made it slump in the middle.
Like roll-together.

BooHoo said:

And why should I sit on this uncomfortable seat with a stranger? Guys, please don't take creativity for granted. Anything and everything weird can't be creative.

seriously said:
Yikes said:

This makes the Hug Machine look edgy.

Coke Zero! said:

Bringing people together by making them sit apart from each other?
Another brain wave from The House of Ideas.
Remember you saw it here first, 'cause it sure as hell ain't appearing in any award show.
And don't get me started on how relevant or apparent Coke is in this 'idea!

Seventh Floor said:

Please stop. Just stop sending out this stuff. This work is a one off paid for by the award show budget. Ask Alvin Chin our production manager how much all these cost to fabricate.

ad lover said:

nice idea, but I doubt singapore government would allow anyone to build street furniture in the park.. post up the video please.

Best Use of Bench said:

Ogilvy entered this in Cannes already. Like the 171 other entries I doubt it even made a shortlist. We all saw the fisherman's friends bench. A very good and silly student idea. We should celebrate the original concept done by the students. And at the very least, give them a big bear hug. Congrats to Khai and the other Ogilvy offices winning the Network of the year without SG!

Re: Seventh Floor said:

What does it say about an agency when their own people start ratting on them.

BTW, pls re-shoot the bench with a couple of ogilvy interns (who look like college students)...this will add credibility that it really happened.

ad lover said:

you guys are sour grapes.. it is a nice idea even though it doesn't looks real.

Keeping it real said:

The great news is if you don't like it you can always leave? Maybe pop over to DDB and do some gold winning bike shop print ads??!!

Zero point energy said:

Might have been better for Weight Watchers.

Disbelief said:

Thousands of bums on seats? Thousands on a seat you can't sit on? Phone numbers exchanged? BS.

If it doesn't win something for Coke, try taking off the Coke logo and photo-shopping Weight Watchers in next year.

Re: Keeping it real said:

Q: What did the Bike Seat say to the Love Seat?
A: 'Don't look but here comes another arsehole.'

Done Again said: for Fisherman's Friend so end of story. If this is your only idea, just try again. There are more clients out there. All juniors need to start someplace so good on you. Just try again. I think sometimes you need to get some ideas out to get into the groove. We know this is as fake as a China made LV, but keep them coming. Surprised your ECD didn't see this and let you know it's been done already ma. Singapore needs more medal. Not this year but maybe next so hang in there.

One Impression said:

Coke Bench is not bringing anybody together here I'm afraid. We need one big group hug. (Oh no, do our comments count as digital impressions for the results in Ogilvy concept boards!)

last laugh said:

Hard to take any of these comments serious when it's coming from a bunch of scammers??!!

Pepsi said:

..but does it hug back?

Lost in Cannes, enter in London said:

Backy is jury president for non-traditional posters and what not in September. Look out for the Love Bench and the Hug Machine hitting some badly needed Goldie for Singers.

Mary said:

Ok stop this negativity: lets do a caption contest for that photo.

Best answer gets 50 points on the Khai Matrix.

My effort:'ll enjoy it even when your plane's going down.

Give me my 50 points said:

To know where your creative career is heading, sit here.

50 points said:

Coke Diet vs Coke

5000 points said:

James vs Steve

Agatha said:

My caption:

"Yes, we are a bit top heavy at Ogilvy."

GPS said:

What park is this in Singapore? I asked one of the Coke clients about it yesterday when we were at the media house and they just shrugged.

Non-Traditional Scamming said:

That isn't in any park in Singapore. There is no commercial advertising media in our parks other than poster sites at the entrance. Those are managed by ClearChannel. They conveniently omitted this from the Press Release.

On paper... said:

...this may have seemed like a good idea. In actual practice, most real people (as opposed to those corralled together to make submission videos) will find this doesn't really resonate with them, nor invite participation. The better work that Coke has done across the world (the Happiness Machine and others) is genuinely involving for real consumers, and that's the crucial difference.

Old Idea said:

I liked he big coke machine. Then it just got all desperate. We are dying for awards are we? We can all do so much better.

Stepping Stone said:

The BIG BOSS creative review we had of this work was worse than the comments listed here. But Cannes was the do or die all hands effort. It is very quiet here tonight. Hello? Anybody here?

Asian Dream said:

Does anybody think that Singapore Parks and Recreation would let Coke come and dig up it's land to plant this thing at Botanical Gardens or anywhere else? Does anybody see the danger of this bench hurting somebody?

Hello Coke said:

You can't do this in Singapore. Approvals for this would be such a headache. I wish that we could do something like this but there is NO WAY a government agency would approve this thing. Doubt the client approved it but you never know.

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