Pepsi Philippines and the My Shelter Foundation give the gift of light this Christmas

GiftofLight.jpgPepsi Philippines is partnering with My Shelter Foundation, to install more solar bottle lights this Christmas. The campaign, devised by BBDO Guerrero, is designed to get spread support for the grassroots solar lighting campaign in The Philippines and beyond.
This seasonal initiative is one of the first under a new global identity for the project - called a "Liter of Light." A 'Give the Gift of Light' e-card being launched today allows individuals to donate directly to the project at Solar Bottle Lights provide an innovative minimal-cost, carbon-free lighting solution for low-income communities. Discarded plastic soft-drink bottles are filled with water and a small amount of bleach. The bottle then refracts the sun's rays to produce daytime lighting equivalent to a 55W electric bulb.

The project gained a special mention by UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christina Figueres at the recent 2011 World Climate summit in Durban, South Africa. She described it as "a practical example of battling the effects of climate change and at the same time overcoming poverty."
The simplicity of the idea has also attracted huge positive interest in the media with TV news coverage on the BBC, NHK and many other broadcasters. Many influential bloggers and online media have featured the project whilst it has also been presented at TEDx Mumbai and Dubai.
The Head of the Foundation, Illac Diaz said, "Basic lighting would seem to be a fundamental right for any community and yet too often in our crowded urban areas, it simply doesn't exist. By the easy application of previously-used plastic bottles we can create a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for basic lighting needs".
Sunil D'Souza, Country Head of Pepsi Philippines, also stated, "Through BBDO's efforts, Pepsi have already enjoyed a successful partnership with Illac and his team. We are looking forward to another 'upcycling' project in which we can develop a programme that can build partnerships with those who want to support, whilst at the same time providing access to help for those who need it most".
David Guerrero, Chairman of BBDO Guerrero said, "There has already been an enormous amount of interest, in this project and it is very satisfying that we together with our friends at MyShelter and Pepsi can help to bring this uniquely Filipino initiative to a worldwide audience".


Allan said:

Come on, BBDO.
Stealing an idea that was done already and claiming they though of it?
Man that's really low.

Btw, when they first though of it they were using Coke bottles. Watch the video.

Mr. You tube said:

Done before in Brazil. 2002

BBDO Guerrero said:

@Allan - Thank you for your comment. The news video you posted features the same person (Illac Diaz) - and organization (My Shelter) - we partnered with here. Pepsi and BBDO have been working with Illac for many years.

Pepsi is sponsoring this idea to allow more individuals to participate. We're not too fussy about what brand of bottles are used - the idea is getting the resources in place so more homes are lit.

Allan said:

Dear BBDO,

So you are admitting that you didn't think of the idea, Illac Diaz & his organization have been doing it on their own for a couple of years already and now what you have done is just promoted it.

The Fact is when Illac Diaz first though of it, did it and lit all that thousands of homes, you weren't around.

Thanks for the Facebook page BBDO.

Lastly, it's not uniquely Filipino initiative. It's great work that Illac Diaz is doing. But a mechanic in Brazil though of it in 2002 and it's been on youtube 3 years ago.

BBDO Guerrero said:

@Alan. Thanks for your sustained interest. We have never claimed to be the inventors of the bottle light. Pepsi is partnering with My Shelter to install more of them.

However, we've been involved with this project since 2009, when the first light was installed in the Pepsi Bottle School. (

Our role is to help spread the usage of the device - and securing the substantial involvement of Pepsi is an important part of that.

The design has evolved uniquely to fit local conditions. The needs are different here - as are the ways in which the technology is spreading.

In terms of the Brazilian experience, Alfredo Moser (the engineer) has always credited on My Shelter's own facebook page. (A liter of light) A page which, of course, they are maintaining quite capably by themselves!

Not Allan said:

Ok, so just dont enter it for awards then.

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