The Wade Brothers bring a unique 360 degree production approach to still and film projects

Well-known as conceptual photographers, David Lindsey Wade and Lyndon Wade recently began directing commercials and are frequently tasked with crafting all of a campaign's components.

Wade1.jpgTheir highly-acclaimed work for edgy British fashion company Fly53, for example, encompasses still photos for print advertising, broadcast commercials, and long-form videos for social networking sites, Fly53 microsites and fashion trade fairs plus POS materials for Fly53 stockists worldwide.
"Campaigns now need to rely on many different kinds of media and marketers are asking, 'how can we bundle production?' to yield print, motion and viral content all at once," says Lyndon.  "For a successful outcome clients need a single creative team with one goal: to develop a cohesive approach to delivering all media efficiently and cost effectively.  Fielding different teams for different media just doesn't work as well."

"A single agency creative team working with one '360º production team' enables both to maximize resources across the board" adds Lindsey.

"Even campaigns that plan to roll out various media components at different speeds - or that don't necessarily know all their media needs upfront - still benefit from the creative continuity of working with one production team throughout, with all the cost-saving benefits that go with it. By getting involved early on with the concept and problem solving with the agency and marketer, a single 360º production team can address issues from a consistent look in all media to how to roll out the campaign.  "We can explore how the various components play off each other and strategize the way to launch them so the story unfolds properly," Lyndon explains.
Wade2.jpgAs conceptual photographers, The Wade Brothers are experienced with productions of all sizes.  "We're not product shooters: We're used to big sets and directing lots of talent," Lyndon notes.  "We're accustomed to mixing CGI in print and shooting run 'n gun with an underlying story and purpose.  So our migration to video storytelling was pretty seamless."
But the Wade's expertise in print production means they are often able to implement a leaner, meaner approach to video production, moving swiftly and nimbly from set up to set up to capture all the assets required for multiple deliverables.  "As photographers who have moved to motion, we know what small crews can do," Lindsey points out.  "While we'd never cut corners in production to compromise quality, we're not locked into certain notions of crew size.  For instance, we recently did a one-day shoot for Microsoft that yielded six interactive videos and nine print ads, all with a hybrid still crew."
A single 360º production team is also able to allocate resources efficiently across media and avoid the kind of duplication that runs up the budget.  "We're able to utilize the same wardrobe and props, rent the same lighting fixtures, build sets for print and broadcast, hire the same support staff, stylists and players," says Lyndon.  "Even when we power down to switch out lighting, for instance, there's really no down time.  We're shooting continuously."

When agencies and marketers opt to take the 360º production team approach with The Wade Brothers, they're actually getting two directors who can pursue dual 360º production tracks simultaneously.
"It can be hard for one director to be responsible for so much imagery with such quick turnarounds," Lindsey acknowledges.  "Sometimes Lyndon and I split a project: We take a divide and conquer approach.  The team aspect both of us bring to a job can be a big part of the production."
"With so much more required from a campaign you often need more than one head on it," Lyndon agrees.  "With Lindsey and I, one of us can focus on capturing the print assets while the other concentrates on the live-action assets, yet we both have a cohesive thought process."
The expertise The Wade Brothers have already gained in two years of 360º production positions them well for the future.
"We've been able to adapt to the new production model more easily than many directors. We're in the forefront of the 360º approach. Advertisers are changing how they communicate with consumers, and we're excited about that. We want to support where the industry is headed as it moves into a new era," said Lyndon.

The Wade Brothers are represented in Asia by Redorfe Photography. You can view The Wade Brothers work on the Redorfe website and also their own Wade Brothers website.

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