O&M Singapore's Adrian Chan is the top creative in this year's Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings. Saatchi's Richard Copping is second

Adrian Chan colour.jpgOgilvy & Mather senior art director Adrian Chan has emerged as Asia's No1 most awarded creative in this year's Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings. Chan accumulated 1036 ranking points just 26 points in front of last year's No3 ranked creative - Richard Copping (ECD at Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore - pictured below right). Coming in at No3 this year with 995 points is BBH CD Ashidiq Ghazali (pictured below left), who recently moved from Ogilvy Singapore, where he was teamed with Chan. Creatives (or former creatives) from Leo Burnett Bangkok and Ogilvy & Mather Singapore fill the next 5 positions. Amazingly, 1533 individual creatives from across Asia are ranked in this year's Creative Rankings.

Ashidiq Ghazali.jpgRichard Copping.jpgReleased annually, the Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings tabulate all Asian winners and finalists at the world's most important International and Regional awards shows. Those shows are: Cannes, D&AD, Clio, One Show, AdFest, Media Spikes, AWARD Awards and Campaign Brief's 'The Work'. Like the various sporting rankings, Campaign Brief Asia's rankings are based solely on performances over the past two year period. Creative awards won more than two years ago are not counted in these tables. Points are allocated to the agency, writer and art director only. And it is important to note that no Craft awards from any international or regional show count in these Creative Rankings.

Here's this year's TOP 10.

    1    Adrian Chan    O&M Singapore    1036
    2    Richard Copping    Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore    1010
    3    Ashidiq Ghazali    BBH Singapore     995
    4    Sompat Trisadikun    Leo Burnett Bangkok    965
    5    Troy Lim    O&M Singapore    943
    6    Eric Yeo    O&M Singapore    941
    7    Noranit Yasopa    Lowe Bangkok    861
    8    Pipat Uraporn    Leo Burnett Bangkok    829
    9    Jagdish Ramakrishnan    BBDO Singapore    816
    10  Suthisak Sucharittanonta    BBDO Bangkok    798

Creatives ranked from No11 to No25 are listed here:

    11  Serene Loong    O&M Singapore    794
    12  Joel Clement    Saatchi & Saatchi Bangkok    735
    13  Eugene Cheong    O&M Singapore    732
    13  Thirasak Thanapatanakul    Creative Juice Bangkok    732
    15  Eddie Azadi    TBWA\Tequila Singapore    706
    15  KC Chung    TBWA\Tequila Singapore     706
    17  Kittinan Sawasdee    Lowe Bangkok    648
    17  Supon Khaotong    Lowe Bangkok    648
    19  Koichiro Tanaka     Projector Tokyo     630
    20  Tham Khai Meng    O&M Worldwide    622
    21  Jureeporn Thaidumrong    JEH United Bangkok    616
    22  Ronojoy Ghosh    Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore    585
    23  Joseph Cheong    JWT Singapore    584
    23  Tan Yew Leong    Leo Burnett Malaysia    584
    23  Yasmin Ahmad     Leo Burnett Malaysia    584

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  • A ranking of the Top 20 Agency Networks in Asia.
  • A very interesting ranking of the Most Creative Countries in Asia.
  • And country by country breakdowns of the Top Agencies and Top Creatives in each individual country.

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Anonymous said:

How sad that half the people on this list are ECDs. Step aside and let your teams shine.

Anonymous said:

Congratulations Adrian.

5-38 are you saying that ECDs can't do the work?

Surely you can realise what contribution CDs make to the process. In nearly every case my ECDs have deserved their names on my ads. It's often the difference between finalist and an award.

Anonymous said:

Hahahahaha!!! Awesome result. Gotta love this game.

Anonymous said:

Yes, great achievement Adrian. Well done. S

Anonymous said:

I think most of creative on the list deserve it

Anonymous said:

Before you criticize, 5:38 PM, learn the business.

Sometimes ECD's take on their own projects... and on those projects that they conceptualize, art direct, or write, they deserve credit as a creator not just a steerer.

Anonymous said:

big up yourself adrian... smugtastic pic btw.

Anonymous said:

Brilliant Adrian. Brilliant.

Anonymous said:

Great. Where's the rest of the list? I want to see who's 1533rd?

Anonymous said:

No wonder he's smiling. Good stuff. I am but envious!
Well Done.

From another Adrian. I'm probably down at 1633rd!!!

Anonymous said:

Juggi is probably is the only one who deserves to be at the top.

Anonymous said:

congrats to all...

and kim, when does the mag arrive???

Anonymous said:

well done guys. now we just need to see the media schedules on the campaigns yea. or is that gonna be a problem?

Anonymous said:

Responding to ECD credit: Agree ECDs do help, yet this is why Kim has a ranking for ECDs. I agree with your comments that ECDs may want to credit themselves, but on everything as art & copy! Perhaps one or two pieces but step aside guys, let your teams shine!

Anonymous said:

If you ran a rankings show like this in UK you'd get names like Paul Silburn, Justin Tindall, those 2 cds at fallon uk etc (may notn be exactly those names but you get the idea). However thanks to the ingenious premise of this ranking exercise, we've got a kid who's never done any tv ads, and all his ads are for dubious, small time client names as the hottest creative in Asia. Thats more than a little bizarre! I feel sorry for this guy as he has no idea of the expectations from him if he manages to get a job at another company for double his salary. They say there's nothing than a great ad for a product that can't justify the hype. We'll have to see.

PS. Nothing against the kid, he's just doing what his bosses tell him to do. Good luck!

Anonymous said:

Man poor Richard. He must be pissed.

Anonymous said:

hahaha obviously a lot of people here have never made this list.

These rankings are just a tabulation of what happens at the shows. Win awards - get points. Simple.

Well done Adrian and well done Richard. Well done all of them.

Anonymous said:

why would richard be pissed?
top 3 for the second year in a row. great for him and his cv. i'd take it any day.

Anonymous said:

by winning this, the kid at top isn't saying he's the greatest in the world. he just won it based on points in what should be an amusing little contest. let the boy have his glory. he only did what everyone else is doing. congrats number 1, enjoy, and don't listen to the whiners!

those who whine, i equate to some people i knew in art school. the 'fine' artists that would bawk when us ad students took paying jobs as 'sell outs'. then a few years later you'd meet one on the street who had taken a decent paying job at a design firm, and he'd immediately blurt proudly how much he was getting paid.

the point, is, whiners are usually just jealous.

Anonymous said:


Kinda unfair to criticize ECDs and CDs for showing up in the rankings without knowing for sure that they didn't actually work on the award winning pieces.

I know that great ECDs and CDs still want to do the work (aside from management). And even if they only spend a little time "working," their effort usually does translate to awards.

They didn't get those titles cause they suck. They got it because they can produce great work.

If they DID do the work, then they deserve to be on the list as much as anyone else. If they didn't and just slapped their names on it, well, as Kim Shaw said, it reflects on them.

So unless you have proof, you're just coming off as a sore loser. Someone who arrogantly thinks he's better than his or her ECD. (Even if you ARE better, it's arrogant to spell it out)

Speaking of scoring better than their ECDs, cheers for Adrian Chan And to the detractors, he's not bragging, he just did good work. Why try to pull him down?

Whether the work is scam or otherwise, is not for the rankings to decide. It's for the judges at award shows. So let Chan get his day in the sun. People will whine and bitch all the time, and I say... put up or shut up.

Me, I'm ranked somewhere waaaaaaay down the list. (I dunno when but last year I was in the mid hundreds) If I wanted to score higher, then I have no one to blame but myself. NOT the people who rank higher.

At least it ain't Roger Makak...

Anonymous said:

Dead right 1.43. Well said.

I love these rankings even though I do not work in the creative department. I love the fact that creatives pour over them and then throw the scam word around to justify their low ranking.

I also think it's funny that a CD, well ranked this year, was playing it very cool today over his success. I remember two years ago when he shot up these same rankings he was smiling and carrying around Campaign Brief for weeks.

Wish there was a ranking for suits!

Anonymous said:

Congrats Adrian!

Love the cute pic.

Anonymous said:

Does this ever translate directly into job offerings for these blokes?

Anonymous said:

"Does this ever translate directly into job offerings for these blokes?"

It used too, usually at hot places like Mother, JWt London, TBWA New York etc..

But then these agencies found that the stars could only do one kind of ad...the ones on which they had TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE control, working in a vacuum so to speak. Beyond that they had no game at all. So now they have wised up and are a lot more careful recruiting from Asia.

The kind of jobs these stars usually get are from Asia based CDs who want them to come in and win some more such awards and make them look good so they can get promoted to their next regional, global, inter galactic CD gig. Its all very strange, like some parallel universe where the purpose of why advertising exists is ignored, for personal gain.

Thankfully CB just reported that BUrger King Freakout just took the grand effie...that was a great reminder of why we're in this business...a great idea that ran and made a whopper of a difference.

Anonymous said:

find me a piece of work with Adrian's name solely. there should be an award for the best slasher and it shld go to him :)

Anonymous said:

11.33 - definitely it means job offers. 3 yrs ago I had a high position in these rankings and within 5 months I have two serious offers. I accepted one of them that saw an 60% increase in salary.

Anonymous said:

3:26 take your crybaby jealousy and negativity elsewhere.

advertising is a collaboration not a one man show.

thus the slash.


Anonymous said:

"11.33 - definitely it means job offers. 3 yrs ago I had a high position in these rankings and within 5 months I have two serious offers. I accepted one of them that saw an 60% increase in salary."

Consider yourself lucky 4.34 that headhunters here have mostly no idea of who or what they're recommending.

At least 2 of Asia's prominent headhunters are very average mid level ex account managers on the agency side. What gives them the acumen to decide who's the right creative for a job? NOTHING.

This is where they (and we) have CBs annual list of hottest creatives to thank. Knowing absolutely nothing about how ads are made, these headhunters plough through this list and start calling up the names from there.

Thats how it works right now. I ceertainly wish we had some headhunters with real measurable creative credentials, people who you could rely on to really understand a portfolio. Imagine some ex ae telling you with a straight face, " I like your tv but I think you're ambient needs a little more depth." LOL!

Anonymous said:

Well done Adrian!! You deserve it!

Ignore the whiners.

Cute pic.

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