Mark Ashley-Wilson's Cannes Diary: part 1and 2

Picture 211.pngMark Ashley-Wilson is on the Cyber jury at Cannes this year. The digital director of Three Drunk Monkeys in Sydney will be writing a daily diary for Campaign Brief Asia....

Today was all about blowing into microphones and adding yourself into the scene via webcams - all good but no real ideas, just technology use. See a selection of tweets below from 5 different jury members which gives an insight into what we are thinking.
# For reasons that remain unknown to me, upside down emails are a bona fide trend this year
#Bizarre mash-up of the day: M. I. A's "Paper Planes" playing during a demo about the efficiency of a business email.
#Overkill part deux an email that needs q quicktime movie explanation
#New heights of over-explaining: Just seen a banner that's accompanied by a documentary.

# Seeing things that nobody should see. Like a fake youtube with a fake view count on it.
#blow, jury, blow!!!!!!about
#A viral entry with 30 views... leaving a leaflet on the street gets more viral than that!

# I just laughed out loud 5 times during one video. That's more than in 30 others combined. I smell metal!
#I can hear the sad sad sound of people blowing into microphones to activate online ads. The world is rotten.
#A 'viral' with 155 views. I view my own videos that many times just to check they've uploaded properly ;-)
#A clip featuring lesbians on the Internet with under 5,000 views. You'll only see that when judging 'viral' videos

# "The twist is..." It's not a good sign when you have to explain the funny part before someone watches your banner.
#Watching an entry from BISCHHOEFLICHES HILFSWERK MISEREOR. I'm glad I'm not the one answering the phone at their company.

# One of the best things I've seen all day and I don't have to blow into it -
#First 340 sites down (which is 1/5 of total entries as we were split into groups of 5) - let the madness of shortlisting begin!
#Inside the Cyber judging room at Cannes - and
#If I see another "upload your face" app within a microsite I'm gonna shoot my screen!


Mark Ashley-Wilson is on the Cyber jury at Cannes this year. The digital director of Three Drunk Monkeys in Sydney will be writing a daily diary for Campaign Brief Asia....

The Cyber jury were told not to tweet any news or gossip on any of the entries. After three minutes they started to filter out.

#Did they really say "this campaign uses the powers of digital technologies"??? Oh, how we LOLed...about 5 hours ago from web

#When something takes 20 mins to load, it hurts even more when it's s***about 6 hours ago from web

#Awesome brief: Launch a new supernatural energy drink that's named after Baron Samedi, a voodoo spirit who has the power to awaken the dead.about 6 hours ago from web

#Your slick production techniques do not fool me. You sir. Are a useless, pointless, piece of web-chuff #cannescyberabout 8 hours ago from web

#Deciding whether to have lunch or kill myself with a butterknife. Fucking microsites. #cannesabout 9 hours ago from TwitterFon

#Loading 3/5 80% - hang on if I'm 80% the way through 3/5 surely that's something else. I hate you!about 13 hours ago from web

#@bastholm has laid down the law at cannes - no twittering during judging - i just broke the law ;-)about 13 hours ago from web

More tomorrow

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