A snapshot to the other side of Cannes - Thursday

Campaign Brief asked Josh Edge to wander the streets of Cannes to bring you a different perspective to the annual global adfest. Here's are some of the things that caught Edge's eye today.

IMG_0803.jpgOkay, so a few wheels are beginning to fall off the Cannes gravy train as we head into the final stretch - I'm hearing a LOT of wheezing coughs around town. Lots of reports of dropped cameras, broken phones, lost phones, all the usual nonsense. Thankfully, some of us are still maintaining a professional attitude, and I've held onto my camera long enough to keep filling cyberspace with more Cannes-related shenanigans.
Pictured left - This mighty vessel is, as far as I can tell, a bit of a Cannes secret, only recently uncovered by some cunning delegates. It's called a Girafe, which is probably because it stands 100 feet tall. You can buy it filled with Stella Artois for 32 Euro, or Leffe or 34 Euro. A bloody bargain, but susceptible to some pretty shonky pouring action.
Below, pic1: Of course, if 32 Euro begins to bite after 5 days in the South of France, there are a couple of other ways of making a quick buck or two...
Pic 2: And with the long absence of loved ones, it's always good to know that you can find comfort in the arms of a friendly Australian...
Pic 3: Alex is a great guy, but chucking a giant cardboard box on his head for a few hours might not have been the best career move in hindsight...


Below, pic 1: You know you're in Cannes when lovely girls are happily pouring you free Jagermeister shots (yes, they also do Jager Bombs) at 1 in the afternoon outside the seminar room.
Pic 2: Due to popular (Flickr) demand, here's a closer shot of the Interactive Schematic screen at the Grand Palais. Tre cool.
Pic 3: Not content to walk stupid little yappy dogs all over Cannes, the cutting-edge fashion victims of France now seem to have demanded their canines stuffed and hung over their shoulders.


Below, pic 1: This giant ice sculpture was brought in as part of an installation for Kofi Annan & EURO RSCG's seminar on Advertising For Climate Justice. The idea was that it would melt in the heat during the day, until it started pouring with rain and thunder at 5pm.
Pic 2: AKQA's annual Future Lions event is always a highlight for me, as one of the more exciting and inspiring awards talks. Hundreds of student teams from around the world compete to do an advertising campaign that couldn't have existed 5 years ago. You can check out their work at http://www.facebook.com/futurelions.
Pic 3: The crowds gathering for Kofi Annan and Bob Geldof's seminar in the Debussy theatre.
Pic 4: Kofi 'The Man' Annan.


Below, pic 1: Bob 'The Knob' Geldof. I'm kidding, he was a brilliant and passionate speaker, albeit about 20 minutes too long.
Pic 2: You can hire a scooter to hoon around Cannes for around 30-odd Euros a day, which is a great idea in the middle of the day. Getting caught in the kind of thunderstorm miles from home is definitely a possibility this year, though, with freakish weather being the order of the day.
Pic 3: One of the most blatant examples of false advertising I've seen in Cannes yet.


Below, pic 1: Even when you're walking home past sunrise, you've still got some pretty spectacular shop fronts to gawk at on your way.
Pic 2: And, of course, France being what it is, you can even grab a handy couple of extras for the trip back.


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